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Updated 05:16 May 8th, 2017
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Note: to use this version you have to uninstall older versions of the addon. To do this you may have to disable AN first, then restart Blender and then remove the old version. Alternatively you can delete the addon folder manuall while Blender is closed. More information can be found here.


This is a development build of Animation Nodes. Not many people have tested this yet, so it might contain a few bugs.

If you have any installation problems, please tell me. I never distributed platform dependent addons before.

Issues can be reported here:


or in the BlenderArtists forum:




Latest commit which is included in this build: https://github.com/JacquesLucke/animation_nodes/commit/d94d158f0ad1596b785c047f183f01f226447f26


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03:35 December 7th, 2016
Thomas: thanks

thinkingpenguin: im using ubuntu 16.10 x64 with blender 2.78a and it works with no problems
20:16 December 1st, 2016
Which version of blender do I need?
it doesn't work on 2.78.

I have tried it on windows as well on 2.78a, it doesn't work.
12:34 November 24th, 2016
2 . Thomas Beck (builder)
kopias, done! :)
05:15 November 18th, 2016
is there a chance to update linux build ? :)
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