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Updated 22:37 January 19th, 2012
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W00t! New build!


What's new:


-Jens has fixed the Pylux issues we had last week. (We hope. Let us know if anything else isn't working). Also, the LuxBlend packaging issues should be fixed. (as always, luxblend is here for the convenience of the blender users, as they are many. If you use another 3D app, you can just ignore the luxblend26 folder)


-LordCrc and Omniflux have fixed a couple of bugs, namely issues where the queue would be cleared when it shouldn't be, and issues with random seeds. They also fixed up the "warning, stop render and start a new one?" message, it no longer has yes/no buttons. :)


-LordCrc also fixed a missing clamp that could cause a negative spectral color during certain extreme RGB conversions. Finally, he also tweaked the auto-linear tonemapper to only computer luminance based on pixels that have already been rendered. Should improve its accuracy early on in the render, particularly when using random/lowdiscrepancy samplers

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23:41 December 19th, 2011
sweet :)
I'll try to use it for my next comercial project. :)
it's a really simple project so it should be alright :)

thanks a lot :)
15:55 December 8th, 2011
Thank you! I am not sure if that a bug per se. And I don't know how much improvement SSE4 bring to Luxrender... or how many people are using an old macbook pro like myself which would justify to turn off this optimization... I was really intrigued by the fact that Luxrender was loading correctly but breaking down on rendering.

Thank you !
12:19 December 8th, 2011
6 . J the Ninja (builder)
Ouch. It seems that bug still lives after all. Ok, good to know. Future weeklies will have that option disabled. Thanks! :)
09:57 December 8th, 2011
My issue was coming from the fact that my CPU doesn't support SSE4 - I compiled luxrender with OSX_OPTION_LTO set to OFF and that solved the issue.
09:28 December 7th, 2011
Thank you for the prompt reply! And you are right about the core 2 duo I think I get the culprit. My macbook pro (MacBookPro3,1) have an older T7700 CPU which doesn't support SSE4 while your CPU (P8600) support SSE4.1
While I was looking at how to compile my own version of luxrender I noticed the following flag (default to ON)
"option(OSX_OPTION_LTO "Build with LINK TIME OPTIMISATION ( MAY BREAK NON-SSE4 MACS COMPATIBILITY )" ON) --> performs LTO on all binaries except LuxRender ( due Qt )"
This should explain why luxrender open (Qt) but crash with an "EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION"

Thank you again for the built and your answer, I really appreciate it. I totally understand if you prefer to keep the OSX_OPTION_LTO to ON for performance reason. In this case I will just try to compile my own version (this doesn't sound too bad)
07:26 December 7th, 2011
3 . J the Ninja (builder)
It should support all Core 2 Duos, and works fine on my C2D macbook pro. Its C2D is the P8600 though, which is a second generation C2D. Do you know your exact CPU part number? If not, what model macbook pro do you have? (in Lion, this is just on the system overview page. Apple > About this Mac > More Info)
05:37 December 7th, 2011
Thank you for the built J the Ninja! Unfortunately this built crash every time I am using pylux or when I try to render a scene. And yet Luxrender open normally. I first I suspected an issue with snow leopard so I updated to lion and I am still running in the same issue. I now suspect that your built is using some instruction not found in my intel core 2 Duo macbook pro. As the crash report mention: Exception Type: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL) .

Can you confirm if your built support or don't support the intel core 2 Duo CPU?

20:32 September 12th, 2011
Thank you j!
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