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Updated 17:39 October 16th, 2012
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    -r51357 | Status: Testing | 3D View -> Transform Autokey Object Outline Color Indicator

Update: This should be portable now. Those nasty little dlls got me. :B

Diff: http://www.pasteall.org/36311

When transforming objects in the 3D View while Autokey is enabled, the objects' outlines are pink instead of white.

Earlier tests used a dark "error message" red; this did not contrast well with non-active selectioned objects.

Autokey Example

Feedback Questions:

Is this noticably different from the default transform outline?

Is this intrusive to the UI, and how so?

Does this communicate that autokey is enabled, and if not then how should it be changed?


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16:42 October 25th, 2012
Agghhr - just read what I wrote and I hardly understand anything myself :) Anywahy - what I meant is the alternative outline color could be red and seen at all times while autokey active.
16:35 October 25th, 2012

1. As far as associations go - purple doesn't associate with red autokey button. And autokey button can't be purple, as it will imply some additional meaning above recording. So the only option I see is red outline.

2. Auto-key button should become all red (inverted icon colors) when "on" as it is impossible for a newbie to understand what's the reason behind all those motion "glitches" if it is activated by accident or was left so an opened blend file OR the red dot could be bigger. As it is it doesn't stand out in the interface.
Alternatively there could be Record icon drawn in viewports while in autokey mode because one may don't get to see the timeline.
It would be kind'a disturbing greyness of default blender interface that many people like, but take a look at 3DSMAX - all in all it is awful, but when you activate autokey, a while portion of interface becomes red (frame around viewport&timeline if I remember right). It is disturbing indeed, but it is one of major settings so it should be prominent when active.

3. The outline changes color only while transforming for me. I'd like to know the transformation will be recorded beforehand. Probably that would substitute suggestion mentioned above.

Again that's IMHO only.
17:43 October 16th, 2012
2 . NicholasRishel (builder)
I knew I was forgetting something, it *should* work now. :)
13:22 October 16th, 2012
The application failed to start because libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll was not found.
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