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Updated 04:29 July 28th, 2012
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Commit by apinzonf :: r49323
Solved the problem of displacement due to the scaling applied when the volume is preserved.

Commit by howardt :: r49302
Fix bevel for some cases where not all edges processed.
(Fixes a case reported in #blendercoders by vitos1k)

Commit by howardt :: r49291
Undid part of 49299: removed bridge again, since it
causes instant crash on startup when building with
msvc2008 and scons.  Will need to debug on that
combination before re-enabling bridge.

Commit by howardt :: r49288
Stop bevel from crashing, and restore bridge_edge_loops
operator (problems introduced in r49093 svn merge).

Commit by apinzonf :: r49095
Changed the names of the parameters, based on suggestions from the community.

Commit by apinzonf :: r49093
svn merge ^/trunk/blender -r48645:49085

Commit by apinzonf :: r49088
Reconfiguration on intern parameter for reduce spikes.

Commit by redtriangle :: r48946
implement linear shape of bevel

Commit by redtriangle :: r48879
add UI for bridge
fix error with calculate normals

Commit by apinzonf :: r48820
LaplacianSmoothModifierData Structure Member Alignment.

Commit by apinzonf :: r48814
Add internal constraint for reduce spikes, based in length of edge.

Commit by apinzonf :: r48747
svn merge ^/trunk/blender -r48645:48746

Commit by redtriangle :: r48733
recovery bridge operation define

Commit by redtriangle :: r48699
first version of bevel algorithm

Commit by apinzonf :: r48654
Add volume preservation flag in UI

Commit by apinzonf :: r48652
Style cleanup: Rename modifier functions.

Commit by apinzonf :: r48651
Style cleanup: Rename functions.

Commit by apinzonf :: r48650
Style cleanup: Rename bmesh ops.

Commit by apinzonf :: r48648
svn merge ^/trunk/blender -r48609:48645

Commit by apinzonf :: r48617
Merged w/ Trunk: r46810:48609

Commit by apinzonf :: r48606
Windows is now using Boost 1.49 - Updated Scons config files.

Commit by apinzonf :: r48602
Add ./editors/include to project

Commit by apinzonf :: r48598
Windows (msvc 2010) is now using Boost 1.49 - Updated cmake file.

Commit by redtriangle :: r48500
bridge initial commit

Commit by lfrisken :: r48392
Edge Snapping now re-implemented using new snapping system, and working

Commit by lfrisken :: r48374
Removed a debug printf statement

Commit by lfrisken :: r48373
Fixed some bugs with vertex snapping, and re-implemented edge snapping.
It's not quite working yet, but should be soon.

Commit by lfrisken :: r48310
Made some changes to the way the snapping system handles different types
of mesh data.
Re-implemented vertex snapping using the new snapping system! There are
a couple of bugs with this recorded in comments for
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