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Updated 10:17 February 19th, 2017
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Note: to use this version you have to uninstall older versions of the addon. To do this you may have to disable AN first, then restart Blender and then remove the old version. Alternatively you can delete the addon folder manuall while Blender is closed. More information can be found here.


This is a development build of Animation Nodes. Not many people have tested this yet, so it might contain a few bugs.

If you have any installation problems, please tell me. I never distributed platform dependent addons before.

Issues can be reported here:


or in the BlenderArtists forum:



On Windows you can try to install this if it does not work: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48145


Changes since last build (today: 15.10.2016)

- Curve Object Output node accepts individual Spline and Spline List
- new Prepare Polygon Transformation node
- new Extract Polygon Transforms node
- new Transform Polygons node
- new Separate Polygons node
- Vector Math node accepts lists as inputs
- Grid Mesh node has two options: "Step" and "Size"
- Text Object Output node can modify the vertical align property
- auto-inserted Get List Length node is collapsed by default



Changes since last build (today: 29.10.2016)

- new Object Controller Falloff node (name might change)
- inputs of Point Distance Falloff changed
- new Wiggle Falloff node
- vectorize Offset Matrices node
- new Invert Falloff node
- vectorize Vector from Value node
- vectorize Compose Matrix node
- vectorize Direction to Rotation and Rotation to Direction node
- new Delay Falloff node



Changes since last build (today: 16.11.2016)

- vectorize Offset Matrices node
- speedup Vector List Math node
- new Wiggle Falloff node
- inputs of Point Distance Falloff changed
- new Object Controller Falloff node (should make some things easier in the future)



Changes since last build (today: 14.02.2017)

- the Separate Text Object node supports that the letters have different styles now (font/size/..., but no underlining)
- preserve selection order in Get Selected Objects node
- fix project on bezier spline node
- new distance output for Project on Spline node
- extend ID Key capabilities (not ready yet)
- Object Mesh Data node supports other object types like Curves, Text, .. (performance is not great with those but it can be very useful in some cases)



Changes since last build (today: 17.02.2017)

- new Invert and Offset input in Object Controller node
- vectorize Random Euler node
- new Random mode for Index Mask Falloff node
- new Get Vectors for Polygon node
- new Polygon Indices List from Lengths node
- rename Find Close Vertices node to Find Close Points



Changes since last build (today: 19.02.2017)

- New Offsets and Interpolation input in Delay Falloff node
- New option in Offset Matrices node to specify wether the given matrices are the start or end state of the animation (makes creating falloffs easier)
- Add some of the missing Falloff nodes into the menu
- new Evaluate Falloff node
- vectorize Object Attribute Output node


There are still quite a few unfinished areas in this build. However to get started you can try to reproduce the things I show in these videos:


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02:56 April 4th, 2017
That's really nice addon. I would like to use now but sadly it doesn't work on 2.78. i couldn't install it.
01:24 February 25th, 2017
Hello Jacques,

Thanks for this great add-on.
An idea: as in Cython that could be really powerful to allow AN to be in the modifiers stack! Using maybe a more global solution for example a 'script modifier'...
07:27 February 14th, 2017
Hi Jacques
And you will introduce Particle Nodes in the project ???
03:37 January 17th, 2017
Hi Jacques!

Thanks for this amazing add-on, i'm using it for a while now, and just found out, the latest builds can be found here. However, i've installed this version, and can't find any of the new nodes. Seems like, it has the same features as the master on Github.

I've downloaded the 12112_animation_nodes .zip.
10:30 November 1st, 2016
3 . Jacques Lucke (builder)
this is just a regular addon. you have to install it like any other addon. It is NOT a completely new Blender build (just check the file size, it way to low for that)
05:03 November 1st, 2016
this cython branch is a branched blender right?, so this AN version wouldn't work in todays master branch right?
17:56 October 16th, 2016
Thank you very much for creating this amazing tool.
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