» Blender 2.79b + Fracture Modifier by Martin Felke (scorpion81)
Updated 15:28 June 27th, 2018
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Blender build with Fracture Modifier and recent changes.


SHA256: 0d4473a0c434355ea8ad97cd645efa6b700f619059cafbfb866fd45e7a96595b



Report bugs here:



or in #blenderfracture on IRC (Freenode) to scorpion81 (main coder). 



You can find customized builds for Linux and Mac on: http://kaikostack.com/fracture



Here is what you can do with it:



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11:10 February 28th, 2018
3 . Kai Kostack (builder)
The metaball vertex weights feature is now in the build, too.
09:08 February 28th, 2018
Hi, I implemented a first attempt of this in commit


But note this is not part of the FM 2.79a release which happened yesterday, you would need to compile a build on your own for now.
Also note the commit comment about the "norming" of weights (0..1) to size factor -0.5 ... 0.5 (in order to allow negative mballs at certain verts)
You can "correct" the scale by setting the base size to 2.

Hope this helps,

11:16 February 26th, 2018
Thank you, I really love the Remesh's Metaball option! Do you think that is possible to use vertex groups for metaball radius? Maybe assigning also a negative value to some vertices. This would really make it even greater.
Btw thanks for your work!

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