» Blender 2.79b + Fracture Modifier by Martin Felke (scorpion81)
Updated 23:17 March 18th, 2019
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Blender build with Fracture Modifier and recent changes.


SHA256: 12d27b118d3f92f06d7026bd8952f94fe9e170358a83163b382c8e625595ce12



Tutorials: http://blenderphysics.com/fracturemodifier/learning-series



Report bugs here:



or in #blenderfracture on IRC (Freenode) to scorpion81 (main coder). 



You can find customized builds for Linux and Mac on: http://kaikostack.com/fracture



Here is what you can do with it:



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06:46 August 9th, 2018
Hi Martin,

When rendering in the viewport the build usually remains functioning, but when rendering (f12) it always crashes on windows. The only exception for this is to disable the fracture modifier preview for every single object. When rendering is complete the build crashes anyway.

Is there an update for this issue?

Specs: Windows 10 64x - GTX 1060
11:10 February 28th, 2018
3 . Kai Kostack (builder)
The metaball vertex weights feature is now in the build, too.
09:08 February 28th, 2018
Hi, I implemented a first attempt of this in commit


But note this is not part of the FM 2.79a release which happened yesterday, you would need to compile a build on your own for now.
Also note the commit comment about the "norming" of weights (0..1) to size factor -0.5 ... 0.5 (in order to allow negative mballs at certain verts)
You can "correct" the scale by setting the base size to 2.

Hope this helps,

11:16 February 26th, 2018
Thank you, I really love the Remesh's Metaball option! Do you think that is possible to use vertex groups for metaball radius? Maybe assigning also a negative value to some vertices. This would really make it even greater.
Btw thanks for your work!

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