» 2.78c: Self-collapsing Panel behavior
Updated 15:49 September 22nd, 2017
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This is just the stock 2.78c but I reversed the behavior of the control key when I click on a panel.  This means all the open panels will close except the one you click on, by default. Use the control key to add more open panels.

This is more consistent with how multiple selections generally work elsewhere.


This was an idea I tried and actually found useful!  I now get irked when I use a different build.


Hope you find this useful.  I can understand where this might disrupt somebody's practiced workflow (a little check-box in Preferences to toggle this behavior would be ideal).


NOTE:  Sometimes, when you click on a panel, you will see a second random panel open up.  This seems to be related to the Drag-Collapse operation, although I'm not sure why it is random.  With this mod I'm not even sure Drag-Collapse is useful so I may try to disable it (but it will still need to work on things like lists and columns of checkboxes)

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11:32 November 2nd, 2017
1 . Matthew Carson (builder)
Geeze, 227 downloads and not one comment (even negative ones are appreciated).
So here is the first comment:
"Wow, this is so awesome, wish they would do this in the trunk build!"
Ok, so I'm a little biased...
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