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08:00 November 20th, 2017
error import .stl
system info https://yadi.sk/d/20osDycp3PsCWT
12:41 August 10th, 2017
Eevee does not plays sequences in world enviroment in realtime?
14:35 May 9th, 2017
hello, i try to install but a problem occours, when i lounch blender 2.8 immediatly crash i have a window7 64 bit nvidia geforce325M cuda intel i5
where is the problem?
12:13 May 9th, 2017
Hi ,

I realy have some problems with viewport. When I Change the material settings in eevee to full transparency I get strange viewport effects. like an echo effect or overlaying effext. Same when I try to split the viewport. Is there an option i can disable or enable in blenders settings maybe to get it work and do some more testing? Or any other thing I could do to play with this builds? I like i ;) Thanks!

Have an "old" 660 Ti
06:06 April 4th, 2017
11 . tungerz (builder)
@ Wilhelmina Murray,
Code is here. https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/B/repository/master/
Building guide. https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Doc/Building_Blender
Using Git guide. https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Doc/Tools/Git

If your wanting to test 2.8 on Linux, Mac or Win, it is now available on blenders buildbot @

20:09 April 3rd, 2017
Man, could you please can tell me, where to download the code? I wanna try to compile it on linux, but I thought I don't have permission to the branch on the git.blender.org/blender2.8.git
17:45 March 28th, 2017
This version crashes upon opening. There was a message that said it requires OpenGL 3.3
10:14 March 23rd, 2017
8 . tungerz (builder)
@ Piet,
Development is still in a very early stage, even plans on the UI may are may not change, what to add to the release, for example EeVee for a pbr viewport @ https://code.blender.org/2017/03/eevee-roadmap/
Not to fear my friend, great things are in the works.
12:43 March 22nd, 2017
Hi tung,

I realy can`t figure out what the difference is between all th other 2.8 Branches. So maybe.. it is just an idea... maybe just describe more in detail what has changed and maybe about things we can play with and test things. I did test some oder # builds where are much more things work but not inside this build anymore. For example the edge visibility in modern viewport.. it was working in previous versions.. Not in this one. Don`t know.. Also all that Links.. no news inside there. Maybe it is to much in development and no one has tiem.. but I realy can`t figure out what kind of developent is going on there. Anyways.. thanks realy a lot.
05:31 March 8th, 2017
6 . tungerz (builder)
also good to check the thread links above to get in on development and discussion. Also another good link is https://rightclickselect.com/p/ for searching for or posting feature request :)
14:33 March 7th, 2017
I just wanted to report, to say that it loads, but that only. And I mentioned 2.78 just to say that my config and drivers are ok. I knew all what you tell me. I thought it valuable to state that it is slow or it hangs. Sorry if I seemed to expect something working.
But thanks anyway for all what you do for us. Cheers.
14:02 March 7th, 2017
4 . tungerz (builder)
2.8 branch is a major work in progress, for projects or deadlines use a stable 2.78
This early in the stage or status of the 2.8 branch would only be for testing.
There will be loads of work going into it by the devs, as we get closer to 2.8 release :)
The best possible feedback to be expected at the point is Does it load? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Cheers (ô¿ô)
08:08 March 7th, 2017
Hi, Tungerz. Was curious about 2.8. Spent the whole day trying to download your 12184. Got it at last. Disappointed, everything less than slow, hanging. 2.78 rocks...
05:09 February 13th, 2017
2 . tungerz (builder)
Doesn't look nodes have been merged yet, though I believe it will be well received.
So far merges seam to be Render Layers and Clay Engine.
03:02 February 13th, 2017
Hello Object Nodes from Lucas Toenne whether built into Blender 2.8???
Feeling talkative?
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