» Blender 2.60.3, Est's VFX build + Alembic 5
Updated 04:51 November 15th, 2011
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Blender 2.60.3 SVN, with Camera tracking, Dynamic paint, Ocean modifiers, Alembic exporter,

dynamic Python 3.2, Disney's partio, Matt's 3Delight addon, Cortex libraries,

Cortex addon to import / export meshes and vertex caches, and example python scripts.


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04:56 November 15th, 2011
3 . est77 (builder)
I disabled cycles instead. I couldn't fit everything in the 50 mb limit.
I'm using the development version of OpenImageIO here, not the tagged 0.11 release.
20:51 November 14th, 2011
Can you please include your version of libOpenImageIO.so.0.11 in the lib folder? My compiled version is does not work for some reason.
18:23 October 21st, 2011
I am very excited by this build! I think these tools prove how easily Blender can fit into a studio's pipeline. I hope this gets more buzz than it already has.
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