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Updated 23:18 May 26th, 2011
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This is a build of Blender 2.49b with modifications making it more suitable for CAD editing:
- added API support for pen-pressure (graphic tablet)
- added API support for Background-Image
- patch for bug in non-uniform-scaled matrices
- bigger workspace up to units (oposite to 2.000.000 in standard version)
- number of objects in the scene up to 50.000 (oposite to 2.000 in standard version)

Note: there are neither changes in Blender UI nor new edit tools exposed to the user.

You may need this build to run CADtools script in full-feature mode.
More details on www.cad4arch.com/cadtools/

This build is compiled with MinGW/Scons for WindowsXP-32bit
for Python 2.6, without: FFMPEG, QUICKTIME.
The CAD-patch was applied to newest sources from here:
with libraries from here:

You need an installation of Blender2.49b on your system.
Copy all files from downloaded zip-archiv into Blender installation folder.
You may want to preserve the original files there through renaming or moving to other folder.

Bug reports and feedback are welcome,


2010.07.17 added missing file pthreadGC2.dll (reported by Syziph, thanks)
2011.03.02 new download link
2011.05.02 reloaded to new graphicall.org system
2011.05.21 update: added API support for pen-pressure (graphic tablet)
2011.05.27 update: fixed missing dependances in previous build

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06:15 May 27th, 2011
5 . migius (builder)
last build was incomplete, please get the one from 2011.05.27
13:03 May 22nd, 2011
migus thnx for build i'll try it.
AlexDS gnu_gettext.dll is in blender 249b 32 bit version. I have W 7 x64 and in this build are some Python issues. I have 32 and 64 Python installed and mess up with PATH so this build find python, but some scripts not work. When change Python folders there is C runtime warning, but build work, and some scripts to (i tested only Unfold and Bevel scripts today)
18:05 May 21st, 2011
3 . migius (builder)
AlexDS, sorry, this is a 32bit version here.
I have no resources to build and test on other platforms now.
On my todo list is compiling for Linux32, but have not started it yet.
22:45 May 2nd, 2011
i have win 7 64 bit, wanted to install, got this:

The program can;t start because gnu_gettext.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstlling the program to fix the problem.

what's wrong?
11:55 May 2nd, 2011
wouldn;t be better to have this on Blender 2.5 ? :D
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