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Updated 13:13 August 26th, 2012
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Commit by dingto :: r50221
* Fix scons compilation, by moving some arguments to the second argument list.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r50096
svn merge ^/trunk/blender -r50010:50095

Commit by aramis_acg :: r50056
- ext_assimp: merge https://github.com/acgessler/assimp-gsoc2012-fbx - fixes to cleanup the node hierarchy,
animation/armature bugfixes, binary reading bugfix.

Commit by aramis_acg :: r50055
- bf_fbx: cleanup import defaults, fix typos and UI descriptions.

Commit by aramis_acg :: r50047
- bf_assimp, bf_fbx: make assimp and fbx import settings accessible from the UI / add them to SRNA.

Commit by aramis_acg :: r50042
- bf_fbx: expose more of assimp's fbx import settings to Blender.

Commit by aramis_acg :: r50041
- bf_assimp: fix assign_material regression

Commit by phabtar :: r50026
Code cleanup

Commit by campbellbarton :: r50014
code cleanup

Commit by campbellbarton :: r50012
fix for incorrect clamping for rgb_invert() function

Commit by campbellbarton :: r50011
svn merge ^/trunk/blender -r49963:50010

Commit by campbellbarton :: r50010
fix for build error after merging

Commit by campbellbarton :: r50009
svn merge ^/trunk/blender -r49900:49963

Commit by campbellbarton :: r50008
svn merge ^/trunk/blender -r49800:49900

Commit by campbellbarton :: r50007
svn merge ^/trunk/blender -r49750:49800

Commit by psy-fi :: r49970
Texture Paint Alpha Masks
* Add rotation for masks
* Fix rotation for projection painting.
* For now mask acts only as stencil for the cursor (ie non projective)
This can change though based on user input

Commit by psy-fi :: r49964
Mask textures for texture paint
Cleanup options available for mask textures

Commit by psy-fi :: r49962
Fix update of mask overlay

Commit by phabtar :: r49961
[COLLADA]Mesh Controller improvements

Commit by psy-fi :: r49960
Texture Paint Alpha Masks
* Cleanup of panels

Commit by psy-fi :: r49929
Fix overlay for tiled mapping. This involves separating the overlay
generation code between alpha(brush curve, mask texture) and image
opengl textures and combining the two with multitexture combiners
(ancient functionality that should work everywhere). It still needs some
testing but result is now as expected.

Commit by aramis_acg :: r49909
- merge https://github.com/acgessler/assimp-gsoc2012-fbx - this exposes the import settings of the fbx importer
via the regular aiConfig interface.

Commit by psy-fi :: r49818
Isomap unwrapper
* Robustness: Avoid nan in sqrt calculation
* Do a much simpler calculation of projected point.

Commit by psy-fi :: r49817
Isomap Unwrapper
* Substitute geodesic distance calculation method with one found in
"Computing Geodesic Distances on Triangular Meshes"
by Marcin Novotni and Reinhard Klein.
At last we have a good result! :)

Commit by phabtar :: r49814
[COLLADA]Morph Controller Import.

Commit by aramis_acg :: r49805
- bf_fbx: add settings parameter to entry point, enable the assimp log pipe by default.

Commit by aramis_acg :: r49802
- bf_assimp: solve this awkward 90 degree rotation. I had initially disabled it because it screw up armature and
skinning, but this is not resolved.

Commit by phabtar :: r49796
[COLLADA] Morph export fixes and fiddling.

Commit by aramis_acg :: r49795
- bf_assimp: merge https://github.com/acgessler/assimp-gsoc2012-fbx - support for binary fbx files, arbitrary
rotation orders, more supported camera and light options, improved error reporting, lots of bugfixes.

Commit by psy-fi :: r49794
*Fix quadratic equation solution formula (hadn't used this since high
*Add some debug prints

Commit by psy-fi :: r49791
Isomap unwrapper
* Calculation code for geodesic distance based on two neighbours. Still
not functional. Based on "Computing Geodesic Paths on manifolds" by
R.Kimmel and J.A. Sethian. with slight modifications (obtuse angle
triangles are split instead of looking for suitable vertex in the graph)
The result is still not good, hunting for bugs.

Commit by phabtar :: r49783
[COLLADA] Morph animation export intro.

Commit by phabtar :: r49780
[COLLADA]Morph Controller export.

Commit by phabtar :: r49778
[COLLADA]ControllerExporter , Re-factor from ArmatureExporter

Commit by phabtar :: r49771
Morph target export to COLLADA fix

Commit by psy-fi :: r49752
merge with trunk 49750

Commit by psy-fi :: r49749
Isomap Unwrapper
* Add code that determines the distance based on nearby vertices, if any
of them have had their distance calculated. That has been achallenge as
can be seen from the loads of debug code that went into it.

Commit by psy-fi :: r49748
Isomap Unwrapper
* Testing: Make distance update step depend on two triangle vertices.
Calculation is not yet done, still this test is essential to make sure
the algorithm will converge.
* comment cleanup

Commit by psy-fi :: r49747
Isomap Unwrapper
* Cleanup, separate common code to function

Commit by phabtar :: r49744
Morph controller geometries export.
Export of mesh shape keys for Morph controller targets.

Commit by vino :: r49722
Functions to allow overriding of the color of a button. Use these functions to make the white and black color
picker buttons white and black.

Commit by psy-fi :: r49676
Cleanup, remove isomap old O(n^4) distance calculation method

Commit by psy-fi :: r49614
merge troonk revusion 49612

Commit by psy-fi :: r49577
Isomap Unwrapper
* Update graph distance as well if needed.

Commit by psy-fi :: r49569
Isomap Unwrapper
* Fix, pass squares of distances to eigen solver
* Use a heap instead of a stack to get the next vertex to iterate
through in Dijkstra graph search algorithm. This is needed because we
may follow a non-optimal path and not get the nearest path between
vertices. This introduces the O(n*log(n)) performance (was more like
simply O(n) till now, but unfortunately, it was incorrect).

Commit by psy-fi :: r49549
Isomap Unwrapper
* First part of optimizations found in paper:
"Texture Mapping using Surface Flattening via Multi-Dimensional Scaling"
by Gil Zigelman, Ron Kimmel and Nahum Kiryati
(Multi-Dimensional Scaling is actually isomap with another name).
Implemented Dijkstra graph search algorithm that drops distance build
times from n^4 to n*(n*logn). The paper also describes a better distance
calulation algorithm so it seems like we shall soon see ISOMAP in its
full glory after all ;)
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