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Updated 14:48 June 8th, 2012
(2013)  2,207

47622 Log Message: ----------- Make planar tracking much faster. - This makes planar tracking around 2-3x or more faster than before, by rearranging how the sampling is done. Previously, the source patch was sampled repeatedly on every optimizer iteration; this was done for implementation speed, but was wasteful in computation. - This also contains some additions to Ceres to help deailing with mixed numeric / automatic differentation. In particular, there is now a "Chain::Rule" operator that facilitates calling a function that takes Jet arguments, yet does numeric derivatives internally. This is used to mix the numeric differentation of the images with the warp parameters, passed as jets by Ceres to the warp functor. There is also a new "JetOps" object for doing operations on types which may or may not be jets, such as scaling the derivative part only, or extracting the scalar part of a jet. The Ceres patches are aimed at upstream. - A new function for sampling a patch is now part of the track_region.h API; this will get used to make the preview widget properly show what is getting tracked. Currently the preview widget does not handle perspective tracks. Known issues: This patch introduces a bug such that the "Minimum Correlation" flag does not work; if it is enabled, tracking aborts immediately. The workaround for now is to disable the correlation checking, and examine your tracks carefully. A fix will get added shortly.

built on mint 11 same as ubunt 11.04

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17:01 June 8th, 2012
Any 32 bits realease?
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