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Updated 11:08 November 14th, 2013
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Blender 2.69



My build of Blender 2.69.x!



With CUDA Acceleration. Kernels: sm_20, sm_21, sm_30 and sm_35.

Status: BCon - 1

New features after 2.69 Final:


Blender 2.6x Docs: Manual
Bmesh: Info
Cycles: Manual
Mesh overhaul: Docs
Blender 2.6x Bug Tracker: Report Bugs

All Versions:  Release Logs
Release Notes: 2.69
Commit Log - January - 2013: Here
Commit Log - February - 2013: Here
Commit Log - March - 2013: Here
Commit Log - April - 2013: Here
Commit Log - May - 2013: Here
Commit Log - June - 2013: Here
Commit Log - July - 2013: Here
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Commit Log - September - 2013: Here
Commit Log - October - 2013: Here
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Commit Log - December: Here

Scripts Catalog: Here

Contrib scripts are now activated by selecting TEST under user-preferences / addons

Build Info:
MSVC 2008 Express, Scons and CUDA toolkit 5.0:
Build Profile:

*** Graphic Formats ***
  WITH_BF_PNG = True

*** Video Formats ***
  WITH_BF_QUICKTIME = False # SDK Not Installed

*** Audio ***
  WITH_BF_SDL = True
  WITH_BF_JACK = False

*** Modifiers ***

*** Rendering ***

  # Cycles #
    WITH_BF_OIIO = True
    WITH_BF_OCIO = True
    WITH_BF_BOOST = True

  # CUDA #
    WITH_BF_CYCLES_CUDA_BINARIES = True # I can't test, don't have a CUDA enable graphics card.
    BF_CYCLES_CUDA_BINARIES_ARCH = ['sm_20', 'sm_21', 'sm_30', 'sm_35']

  # CPU #
    WITH_BF_OPENMP = False # MSVC 2008 express doesn't support MP.

  # Display #

*** Libraries ***
  WITH_BF_FFTW3 = True

*** Blender Features ***

*** Import / Export ***

*** Misc ***
  WITH_BF_DDS = True

*** Build ***
  BF_DEBUG = False

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19:53 November 25th, 2013
62 . BrianSzep (builder)
@ jeremyS

Hi. Not sure. I am waiting on the new instructions to build with the new system. I personally don't use 32-bit anymore as I finally upgraded to a 64-bit computer. The old computer is still running so I might.

12:44 November 23rd, 2013

are you still planning to work in your builds uploads after the repo migration?

i could try again to build it myself, but tbh never got a stable build.

thx for your work all these years!
21:59 February 26th, 2013
60 . BrianSzep (builder)
@ Deatharrow92

17:35 February 24th, 2013
is this works with GPU Cude kernel 1.3 ?
13:14 February 13th, 2013
58 . BrianSzep (builder)
Hi Cx1,

There is no test file. What I would like tested is the CUDA acceleration of blender. You must have a CUDA enable graphics card for this to work. I don't have have one.
The sm-20, sm-21, and the sm-30 are for various CUDA cards. Your card needs to support one of these.
There is no special scene required. Anything you create in blender will work. You will also need to be using the cycles render engine.

10:07 February 12th, 2013
Hi, i am a new one, but would like to help with this and test the new versions, too.

But i have a few questions:
1. I searched all the addon´s but i can´t find a TEST... Do i need to "install from file?"
2. What means: 'sm_20', 'sm_21', 'sm_30' Can somebody tell me about, where or what to configure?
3. Do i need to render a special scene? Is there a planed .blend file to download, or can i simply try anyone of mine?
4. Which configuration is of interest? Do i need to do special configuration before rendering?

Greetings cx1

My configuration

CPU: i3770 ~4,1 GHz
GPU: Nvidia Quadro 4000
RAM: 16 GB 1600 Mhz
14:11 January 13th, 2013
Non-Progressive Rendering ins Cycles http://dingto.org/?p=690
I think it worth mentioning in new features' list.
00:13 December 30th, 2012
55 . BrianSzep (builder)

I don't use the Game Engine. You might want to see if anyone else has reported that problem at blenderartist or the bug tracker.

15:33 December 27th, 2012
All the latest builds after 53173 have problem in the game engine. None of the glsl 2dfilters seem to work properly. They show up as a distorted picture in picture kind of a thing.
11:38 November 29th, 2012
Yep, it was some bug with "old" Preferences. :) After resetting to factory defaults I got no crashes.
21:54 November 22nd, 2012
52 . BrianSzep (builder)
@ Moolah,

I tested build 52414 and I wasn't getting a crash at start.


PS New build available! :)
12:03 November 21st, 2012
hmmm... strange, this build is crashing at start.
12:00 November 21st, 2012
Hi, Brian!
The new Bevel is here too ;)
00:11 October 7th, 2012
49 . BrianSzep (builder)

Fixed! :)
04:09 October 5th, 2012
Hi, Brian!
Seems that the name of the package is still *_263* and the description is old.
19:32 September 3rd, 2012
WinRar reports 715 errors and I can't seem to get this version....any help?
13:31 August 27th, 2012
Not sure if this is related to this build or generally in the current state of Blender (haven't used any other builds in ages), but when using the Mirror modifier with Clipping on, extruding faces that are clipped tends to crash Blender.
11:37 June 11th, 2012
Well! I cleared the cache and it worked (using Firefox+free download manager).
This did not strike me as a possible solution because the actual download was happening in FDM rather than in FF.
16:39 June 10th, 2012
44 . BrianSzep (builder)
Hi Narayan,

I downloaded, decompressed and ran it fine. With almost 2000 downloads no else complained about it not working. I would try a different browser and clear all your caches. New version uploaded now.

Hope you get it figured out,

00:09 June 10th, 2012
Hi Brian,

I am having difficulty in downloading your versions since last three days.

I tried Firefox, DownloadThemAll and Freedownload Manager with the same result. The download aborts at about 11% (DownloadThemAll shows "size mismatch" error).

Probably a problem with the uploaded file?
10:05 May 13th, 2012
sorry, found it. it was only a few centimetres away ;)
Do we really need a new window menu for just two options when fullscreen was better in the corner anyway? oh well :/
09:50 May 13th, 2012
System console is gone?
16:32 April 9th, 2012
edited build name according to the rules. cheers
04:50 April 7th, 2012
@justposted: I upgraded my 7Zip from ver 4.65 to ver 9.20 -- It worked.

@BrianSzep: Thanks for the timely Bmesh builds.
00:45 April 7th, 2012
@acall: no problems extracting 45449 with 7zip here. Maybe Brian has fixed it, or maybe it's something at your end. I sometimes find that drag and drop causes errors, whereas right click Extract Here works. Worth a go.

@Brian: thanks for the builds.
22:30 April 6th, 2012
On 45449 when using 7Zip to extract I am getting errors while extracting certain files.
Everything was OK on 45437 and all of your previous Bmesh 32 Windows builds.
11:54 March 20th, 2012
Don't see a bug report link, so >_>

By default Blender tries to compress files when saving them, I don't know if this was disabled in this and it's just my preferences that didn't match, but when compress file is checked while saving a .blend, blender returns Error: "Failed to open .gz file" and saves the file as .blend@ which can't be opened in blender or at least not with a layout (the files can be appended though).

I deselected the default compression setting in preferences and now I can save like regularly.
15:00 March 7th, 2012
35 .
@BrianSzep (comment 2.):
Fake Knife - http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Modeling/Fake_Knife
14:48 March 7th, 2012
34 .
Hello, I have a question, how can I make this version of Blender 3D compatible with Unity 3D engine.
Because when I dissolve edge inside blender it make one entire face without broking connection.
But when I import it to Unity 3D the face is broken.
- What should i do to change import setting and make BMesh work with Unity 3D? Thank you!
07:52 March 7th, 2012
33 . BrianSzep (builder)
@ gekax73,

Remember, features are not complete with Bmesh.

02:14 March 6th, 2012
strange bevel
02:13 March 6th, 2012
04:34 February 1st, 2012
Collada in 32 bits??? How you did it?

09:11 January 25th, 2012
Nice build,.but something important.for.BGE its missing: Harmony branch. If thats get in thid branch then this would be the best branch around here.
13:28 January 23rd, 2012
Whoops, "title", not "description". :)
13:27 January 23rd, 2012
It means "did you really have to include every new feature added to blender in the last two months and add it to the description, making it extend across three lines?" ;)

It does attract attention, though...
17:15 January 22nd, 2012
26 . BrianSzep (builder)
@ SpongeBob

What does ??? mean.

05:38 January 22nd, 2012
"Blender 2.61.3 with Addons_Contrib, Cycles CPU / Multi GPU, More Cucumber, Object Tracking, Remesh Modifier, Carve Booleans, Onion Branch UV Tools"

16:26 November 13th, 2011
24 . BrianSzep (builder)

Probably is slower as I build this without multi-processor support and with SSE optimizations only. It allows this build to be used across a greater number of CPU's.
15:11 November 11th, 2011
I have a Cycles only build and after some simple test scenes your build seems slower. Is it me or is anyone else seeing this! CPU ONLY for both builds ,same scenes, tis one is verry slow.
08:39 November 10th, 2011
Where is the movie clip editor from the tomato branch? I seems like tomato is not merged
20:05 November 9th, 2011
21 . BrianSzep (builder)
I'm sure they will! ;)
14:44 November 9th, 2011
Ah, I found out why. I hope they add it soon!
14:15 November 9th, 2011
Does anybody know why there isn't a CUDA option in cycles anymore? OpenCL doesn't render properly.
09:05 November 2nd, 2011
Very nice build! Thanks a lot!
Needs Bevel script badly :( Not very crucial since I can use 2.59 with it... But if this will be possible maybe I'll detect some new bugs on 2.6 that is good for all.
05:51 October 10th, 2011
Hey. Could you add vectex plugin:

11:25 October 5th, 2011
16 . BrianSzep (builder)
Hi meta-androcto,

When I do a addons-contrib script check out it creates the addons sub folder automatically. Does the build system not do that now?
04:25 October 5th, 2011
you have some file structure wrong for contrib addons.
the correct structure should be 2.59/scripts/addons_contrib/
the contrib scripts should be here to show up in the addons menu.
thanks & thanks for supporting Blender Addons.
16:35 August 31st, 2011
I just downloaded your build I don't know if this is a bug or something that is missing from the building process but I cant paste a posse on the opposite side of my rigg, if i hit the little blue arrow button after i selected and stored the posse I want to mirror nothing happens.
12:08 August 31st, 2011
13 . BrianSzep (builder)
Hey HolyEnigma,

Yes, you were right and build 39808 had a few fixes for the Pepper Branch merge. Today's updates seem to be mostly house keeping.

20:42 August 30th, 2011
here is the fix..

please recompile and reup...thanks
13:18 August 30th, 2011
render the default image, then in the image editor click image/"save as image" it defaults to .exr
and if you change it if wont save the image..

changing the default image type, in the "output" doesn't do anything it keeps reverting to .exr on save..

something has been broken since about 39500 or so.
12:47 August 14th, 2011
Rotation tab in particle settings does not work, in all 2.59 buils, and in last 2.58 (I checked only for Windows).
10:55 June 30th, 2011
9 . BrianSzep (builder)
How is that working out now with win7?
12:55 June 29th, 2011
and yeah... you were right....

my pagefile was ridicously small btw, i've not issues with Blender only but all my RAM-consuming-apps -.-

i just switched to win 7 from Xp

best regards!!

11:47 June 24th, 2011
7 . BrianSzep (builder)
Hi Jeremy,

Have you tried a smaller image? If that works then I would say you are running out of memory.

09:21 June 24th, 2011

there's smth fooling i wanna ask just to know if i'm right...
the thing is that when i try to open an image node in the compositor Blender crashes (the image is about 5184 x 3456 px)

is that i'm running out of RAM? blender stops inmediatly a viewer node is attached. so may be it's my machine that lacks smth.

leaving that 'lil issue aside, your build works great and i stick whit that.

keep the good work!!!

07:27 June 4th, 2011
Hey what happened with the builds that came with soft shadows on blender game engine?
15:11 May 28th, 2011
4 . BrianSzep (builder)
Thanks Jeremy.
02:51 May 28th, 2011
thanks for your work dude!!!

*nod to the dust*

keep the good job!!
13:55 May 15th, 2011
2 . BrianSzep (builder)

I'll add them if they are fixed and working with the current SVN. Where can they be downloaded.

00:54 May 15th, 2011
There's missing some addons from Chromoly. I found edition of blender with his plugins (eg. fake knife, advanced ruler) on my hard drive ( http://kursblender.pl ). Please add it to incomming edition of Blender with addons.
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