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Updated 06:03 August 22nd, 2012
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Tomato Branch with Updated Tracking (Planar Tracker, Tripod Rotation Tracking and more) and the new Mask Tool for Masking Images or Movie Seq, as well some cycles developements.

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01:38 August 8th, 2012

Are you also getting even more errors after updating to the latest sources from bratwurst branch? I changed to build with scons now and I'm getting these:
Compiling ==> 'stack.c'
source/blender/blenlib/intern/stack.c:43: error: redefinition of typedef ‘BLI_Stack’
source/blender/blenlib/BLI_stack.h:31: error: previous declaration of ‘BLI_Stack’ was here
Compiling ==> 'storage.c'
scons: *** [~/blenderbuild/build/darwin/source/blender/blenlib/intern/stack.o] Error 1
Compiling ==> 'string.c'
scons: building terminated because of errors.
04:22 August 3rd, 2012
5 . bashi (builder)

still getting errors compiling it...
13:11 August 2nd, 2012
Hey bashi,

what about the bratwurst branch? Did you have any progress there?

05:16 May 21st, 2012
Ok, thanks for the reply and the tip. I've been building with scons on account of some troubles with cmake, otherwise I'd be using that. I'm on 10.6.8.

I ran into the malloc.h problem at first, did some looking online, and found a similar fix.

The error it was failing with had somethng to do with an include in the MacOSX10.5.sdk (not sure why it used 10.5 instead of 10.6, must have been a setting I didn't set right), but most of the error was a bunch of numbers and abbreviations that went way over my head, being the novice that I am. Usually I can figure out enough to at least give a good description of the error, but this one was extra cryptic and beyond me.

Anyway, the good news is this is kind of a moot point, I updated from svn and tried again and it built just fine for me.
So, thanks again for the help, and for the tomato build in the meantime!
02:23 May 19th, 2012
2 . bashi (builder)
You're welcome. I'm building with scons. On 10.7.3 with xcode 4.2.1 i had to set [gcc-4.1] to [gcc] as well as [g++-4.1] to [g++]. (around Line 84)

Second it did not find malloc .h - so i added:

CFLAGS = ['-I/usr/include/malloc'] (Line 314)

i think this was it.

You're building with xcode or scons? What is "but it keeps failing with an error." This error?
16:05 May 18th, 2012
Thank you for the build! I've been trying to build the tomato branch on my mac for the last day or two, but it keeps failing with an error. Have you had any trouble with this?
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