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Updated 09:42 April 13th, 2012
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I have been trying out and looking for various 2D Animation softwares out there for linux. There are not many and the best one I have been using is Pencil, but its still not that great. I heard about the animation branch of MyPaint awhile ago but have never looked into it until now.


It is not currently being actively devloped and the last commit to the code was back in July of 2011. Despite that, it works great and I am looking forward to using it.


I changed the build file so that the config folder is now set to /home/*username*/.xsheet-mypaint/. That way it will not interfer with any other version of MyPaint already installed. Also included is a README.Animation file that goes through what is included with this branch.




Built on Ubuntu 12.04

Compressed in 7z

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06:56 July 29th, 2013
How to install this on Ubantu ?
04:04 November 24th, 2012
Thank you, its soo great, you have a idea of build for 64 bit system?

Thank you very much!
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