» Blender 2.63 + 2D Mask Rasterizer in Compositor *proof of concept*
Updated 14:03 March 30th, 2012
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build with part of new 2D Mask Editor.


This build does NOT have the mask editor itself, rather, it has the mask rasterizer inside the compositor. The masks are rasterized on the fly, but all the "curve masks" are hard coded.


This means this build is *NOT* useful for production, or any other kind, of real work. It is only for demostration purposes to get feedback on usage in the compo.


Instructions to use:


1.) Open any scene

2.) Enable Comp. Nodes

3.) Under "Input" class, add "User Mask" node

4.) Connect "User Mask" node to a viewer or whatever else

5.) You can select from a list of masks (which will be the ones you draw in MaskEditor in final version) to see different masks rasterized on the fly

6.) Hope you enjoy :)

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