» YafaRay 0.1.2 Beta 6 + Blender 2.64a Exporter Addon
Updated 12:05 October 23rd, 2012
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Hi All,

this is a build Yafaray external render addon.


You have to download Blender 2.64a Official from:



and follow the instructions in the following video:

Installation tutorial: YafaRay 0.1.2 + Blender 2.62 from YafaRay on Vimeo.



Please report any issues to the following thread:



Happy Blending!

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03:48 January 8th, 2012
27 . megasoft78 (builder)
Hi Guys,
for any issue is better to post it on YafaRay forum :
or ask for help on irc channel:

10:52 January 7th, 2012
I have LinuxMint 11 64bit.
I can't open this build. I have installed the latest nVidia drivers and the CUDA toolkit 4 via PPA and,still can't open it:
./blender: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15' not found (required by ./blender)
What exactly is wrong here?
Can someone please tell me what to do to open this build?
Thank you.
10:00 January 7th, 2012
Any way of making it work under Maverick?
14:15 December 12th, 2011
hey gabriele, the dependecies libs for windows ( i need 64bit) to build blender + yafaray you posted are not available anymore. where can i get them?
thanx in advance
05:05 November 1st, 2011
I have a little problem with the last version, when trying to write in the form field of "dimensions": after the number some symbols appear, as you can see here:
Thanks in advance
19:22 August 21st, 2011
Hey, glad to see a new yafaray build out there, just requested builder status so I can provide Yafaray builds whenever I build (I always build the latest of both).
14:00 July 30th, 2011
Whn you have 2 or more objects in the scene,
The material panel crashes when you try to apply a material with Yafaray.
12:24 July 2nd, 2011
My issue has solved. This build won't run on newly installed Ubuntu, you will need to install Blender 2.49 under Ubuntu Software Center. After that, this Blender build can start correctly.
20:11 July 1st, 2011
ok..found the problem, had to go to File - User Preferences and under the add-ons tab enable Yafaray.
16:43 July 1st, 2011
I don't see the drop down box that allows me to select Blender Render/Blender Game/Yafaray.
00:07 June 30th, 2011
Why doesn't it work on my pc?

I've just reinstalled my computer to Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit and updated using Update Manager. I've downloaded and installed correctly the libraries mentioned on the installation requirements. After extracted the file, I clicked the blender executable file, but nothing happened. I checked the file and it's already marked as 'allowed executing file as program'.

Is there still any requirement? My pc is Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz with 2 GB memory and Geforce 9500GT. I was using Ubuntu 10.10 and other blender 2.7 build, it was working correctly.
04:05 June 28th, 2011
This build rev.37542 is very unstabile and the menu is somehow frozen, I don't now if I check some option or uncheck couse everything is already marked from the start:(
08:53 June 24th, 2011
somehow the outliner does not seem to work in this build.
09:42 June 19th, 2011
Something wrong with build buttons dont update for example layer on off, or check uncheck settings
03:32 June 12th, 2011
I had exact same download problem as in post #9 today. Succeeded using Opera instead Firefox.
07:39 May 19th, 2011
thank you for build
18:35 May 17th, 2011
Yes, it works now :)
14:16 May 15th, 2011
10 . megasoft78 (builder)
Hi bntser,
can you try to download it now?
I just upload again.
I hope it works now.

13:56 May 15th, 2011
I'm having trouble downloading this build. I get about halfway through at a good speed, then it drops and I end up with a corrupted archive. I've tried at least 10 times. Could you please fix the download?
08:31 May 1st, 2011
It works fine in Ubuntu 11.04.
04:41 May 1st, 2011
I did use that guide, but I didn't build it to /opt/ I built in /Home/Applications/, though adding the symlink only results in a different error. I also installed Python 3.2 from a .deb from the Maveric ppa, but that creates libpython3.2mu.so.1.0 in /urs/lib, not libpython3.2m.so.1.0

I guess using 11.04 is what causes the difference, though for now simply copying the yafaray addons folder to my own Blender build seems to work fine.
I can't update to 11.04 yet as I still have some work to finish up, but I will catch up later in the summer. Thanks for continuing to upload builds, I appreciate it.

22:32 April 30th, 2011
6 . megasoft78 (builder)
Hi stoneage,
I upgraded my Ubuntu to 11.04 because it contains Python 3.2 in the repository.
If you upgrade yours you should be able to use it.

22:09 April 30th, 2011
5 . megasoft78 (builder)
Hi stoneage,
have you follow this guide to build Python 3.2?

Let me know.
15:18 April 30th, 2011
Hmmm. I copy the Yafaray addons folder to my own Blender build, -r36391 and it seems to be working successfully :)
15:08 April 30th, 2011
EDIT - creating a symlink results in this error:-
./blender: symbol lookup error: ./blender: undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS2_FromString

Maybe I should wait until I have upgraded to 11.04?
15:01 April 30th, 2011
Hi megasoft.

Where does this build look for Python3.2 ? I have built it from source in a custom Dir and I have installed a .deb from the Maverick ppa, but always get this error:-

./blender: error while loading shared libraries: libpython3.2m.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Searching my filesystem results in ; 'File not found', while Synaptic tells me I have libpython3.2mu.so.1.0 in /urs/lib

Running on Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit
00:19 April 30th, 2011
Edited the tittle according to the guides http://graphicall.org/about
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