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Updated 05:20 March 30th, 2012
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The Blender Candy branch includes new features the the BGE. It is being developed by mokazon and martinsh.


Features Included:

Realtime SSS(Subsurface Scattering)

Area Lamps

LogicBrick Link Highlighting

Mipmap option for material (reload textures for it to take affect)


Planned and WIP Features:

Volumetric Lights and shadows

Parallax Maps

Composite nodes


Patch File:



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Area Lights

Subsurface Scattering


 LogicBrick Link Highlighting

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08:16 April 24th, 2012
Excuse me for being noob but how use / apply the file BGE_patch.patch?
11:42 April 1st, 2012
@mokazon: thanks for providing a patch with each version :)
14:29 March 30th, 2012
any plans to merge it with Harmony branch? ^^
10:23 March 22nd, 2012
2 . mokazon (builder)
well, I can't compile on linux as I dont have linux. You can compile it yourself however. There is a patch file in the above post. Also, you can checkout the actual branch on SVN for more up to date builds.

09:58 March 22nd, 2012
Pretty neat!
Any plans for a Linux build? Atleast the source.
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