» Blender 2.64 + Addons Contrib + Oscurart Addons Update + CUDA Kernels + OpenCollada
Updated 19:37 October 13th, 2012
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Blender trunk + addons contrib & external + OpenCollada + Oscurart Tools v3.0 + Cycles CUDA + OceanSim + FFMPEG 0.10 


 This build have numpy python.


* Collada update 

* Custom splash : http://oscurart.blogspot.com/2012/01/3d-model-welcome-sopa-and-bigbrother.html 

* Oscurart Tools v3.0

Oscurart Tools Add-on info: www.oscurart.blogspot.com 



Oscurart Tools looks like this (outdated image) :

Oscurart Tools



Demo Video (subtitles in spanish):



Oscurart IO txt raw meshes data info: www.oscurart.blogspot.com




Oscurart rope maker:



Oscurart Chain maker:




Randomize Vertices:



Make Thread Mesh:




Copy Vertex Location:



Copy Mirror Constraints





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12:12 October 20th, 2012
I'm getting a LOT of CTDs with this build. But then I'm finding 2.64a official isn't as stable as 2.63 was either. Not as many CTDs tho.
13:53 June 20th, 2012
This is SO FUCKING GREAT BUILD!!!! Thank you, new node for keying is just outstanding. I'm astonished like hell!
Thank you very much, this is BIG change to full pro direction!
17:58 May 4th, 2012
what are the dependencies for blender under debian testing?
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