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Updated 16:42 January 4th, 2013
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This is a build of the bge_components branch. More information on components can be found here.


Some videos:

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07:57 April 30th, 2011
Thanks! I will try it xD
01:07 April 30th, 2011
2 . Moguri (builder)
You need to choose a class from the module. In the case of movement, one of the classes is ThirdPerson. So, to use the component, you add:
23:20 April 29th, 2011
Hi moguri!
I´m having some problems, i can´t add any component yet.
when i try a build-in component like "movement.py" in that text box and press "Add Component " i get that error:
"No suitable class was found for a component at movement.py"

Even when i copy that script in blender text editor i get the same error.
And in Text editor if i remove the ".py" from the name and press "Add Component" the blender crash in the same time.

My configs:
Windows XP SP2 , Geforce 9500GT DDR2. Using this build.

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