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Updated 18:41 January 7th, 2012
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A Big thanks to all that have supported addons & the "collection" builds. Thanks!

Windows 64 SVN Build.  Based on Fastest Build by alb3530

Luxrender dev build & Luxblend included & active by default.

Scripts Note: For other os you can get the GNU Tarball for the external scripts here:

Scripts Collection

You can also browse the External SVN here:

Blenderpython on Sourceforge 

Note the Assimp Import is win 64 only.


New default Dark Theme! Theme Preset collection from Bart Crouch's thread included.

Meta's Material Library 100+ premade materials (now included in Materials Library menu!)


Contrib scripts added from:


New Folder addons_contrib > 261/scripts/addons_contrib

Dynamic Spacebar Menu Enabled by Default.

Startup.blend in new folder Config in 261 folder > 261/config

config folder allows you to save your startup within this build for full portability!!!!


External/Upload/User scripts.


New Folder addons_extern

3d View Scripts

to do

Add Curve Scripts

particle tracer by Phil Cote

string it by Phil Cote

add_curve_rectangle  by Carbonic Wolf

Add Mesh Scripts

add_mesh_airfoil by David Wehr

add_mesh_futurism by Oscurart

add_mesh_ogive by Julien Duroure

add_mesh_single_vert by meta-androcto

add_mesh_Pencere by SayPRODUCTIONS (Window Gen!!!)

add_mesh_sove by SayPRODUCTIONS

add_mesh_teapot & mesh torus knot by Anthony D'Agostino

Suicidator City Generator by Piiichan
New! City gen! BA thread here: City Gen

Add Surface Scripts

add_surface_object by flokkievids

Animation Scripts

add_fc_noise_modifiers by Liero

trace_connect_objects by Liero

connect_particles by Liero

drag_time by Benjamin Walther-Franks

ghosting by Liero

grow_radius by Liero

particle_trace by Liero

handwriting tool by meta-androcto

scrub_time by Benjamin Walther-Franks

sketch_time by Benjamin Walther-Franks

slow-parent by Liero

time_offset by Liero

unbake_f_curve by Liero

Compositing Scripts

Compositing Node Presets by ruesp83 (example/buggy)

Developement Scripts

break_point by Christopher Barret

addon_dependencies by Littleneo

Help Scripts

browse_svn_scripts by meta-androcto

Import/Export Scripts

to do

Materials Scripts

Material_Library by Mackraken

wire_frame_render by Liero

Mesh Scripts

mesh_bevel by Chromoly. thanks to mont29

mesh_bump by macouno

mesh_edge_unbend by Chromoly. thanks to Alex G

mesh_fake_knife by Chromoly. thanks to Alex G

Discombobulator by chichiri

fast_loop by metaliandy

Mesh Mangler by Phil Cote

mesh_select_tools by macouno, hacked by meta-androcto

object_align by

Random Verts by Oscurart

mesh_index_select by Liero

mesh_self_shadow by macouno

solid_wire_mesh by Yorik & contributors.

sure-uvw_map by Alexander Milovsky

topokit by dustractor

mesh_arbitary_rotate by zmj100

mesh_arch_tool by zmj100

mesh_edge_fillet by zmj100

mesh_edge_slide by zmj100

mesh_face_inset_fillet by zmj100

mesh_image_tools by Littleneo, kilon

mesh_inset_edge_chain_loop by

mesh_lethe by zmj100

split_solidify & more scripts by zmj100

mesh_vertex_align by zmj100

mesh_vertex_slide by zmj100

Object Scripts

3d_pix, 3d_pix_animato by Liero

object_3_point_lighing_sets by Erich Toven

object_aggregate by Liero

align_to_active_object by Chromoly

armature_to_mesh by Liero

raw_mesh_to_text by Oscurart

laplace lightening by teldridge

mextrude by Liero

make_threaded_mesh by Oscurart

object_rename by Oscurart

object_to_weightmaps by Oscurart

Chain Maker by Oscurart

copy_vertex_location by Oscurart

Rope Maker by Oscurart

Oscurat tools  & more scripts by Oscurart

parent_empty by Liero

parent_mesh by Liero


texture_paint_plus by Bart Crouch 

bone_weight_copy by Jester_v01

Mitsuba render export

io_smd_tools by Tom Edwards, EasyPickins

Liero Scripts

zeffii scripts

Chromoly Scripts Repair thread


Assimp file import Script by MathiusF

more to come & more scripts/links to follow.

Special Thanks to Dobz & Chromoly & Macouno & the Blender Python scripting community!




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22:22 January 8th, 2012
11 . meta-androcto (builder)
you could try these builds which mirror mine + patches http://www.graphicall.org/79
or d/load the extra scripts & paste into 2.61 folder:
I don't build myself, I only build upon, adding in the external libs, note that assimp import may still work on 32bit system.
19:24 January 8th, 2012
Dear meta-androcto
Could you consider uploading builds for us 32 bit guys? Thanks
18:44 January 7th, 2012
9 . meta-androcto (builder)
sorry about that, it was a bug in cycles, all fixed now.
12:41 December 30th, 2011
When trying to render in "New Window" in cycles mode Blender crashes every time. Blender shuts down completely. But other than that it's awesome thank you!
10:18 November 18th, 2011
Waiting impatiently on a new version of your build which has CUDA and ocean modifier, i love that that dark theme!
17:24 November 10th, 2011
6 . meta-androcto (builder)
hi, thanks for the comments.

This build is based on the "fasted build by alb3530" then the scripts & extra modules are added manually.
I'm sure he will get the libraries sorted out.
10:54 November 10th, 2011
re: Revision 41708, meta nice build but it lacks CUDA for Cycles..(it only has openCL)
could you recompile and re-up please? CUDA is in the latest one..
look at the latest "tungerz" build.
05:47 September 20th, 2011

I am getting errors such as

ImportError: No module named va.mesh
ImportError: No module named urllib.parse
ImportError: No module named macouno

am I missing something ?

Cheers and thanks for the builds
10:48 September 15th, 2011

i have try this one, but lux performs computing with CPU... no GPU !!!!
when i launch a render alls my cpu are runing , my gpu are still sleeping.... why ?

10:50 August 25th, 2011
Yes you are right these builds are great, and would be highly missed if you did'nt do this anymore. I love the blender family. Nothing can beat it. Thank you very very much .. Lakeland FL.
08:04 August 16th, 2011
Thank you for another terrific build! I've been using your builds since 2.49 and they never disappoint.
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