» GYES Blender 2.61.4 For MacOSX 10.7 (Lion) 64 bit
Updated 12:47 January 31st, 2012
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This the latest release of blender trunk coming included with my GYES add on. It targets 64 bit MacOSX 10.6 . Bare in mind you no longer need to dowload this build to get blender with gyes. Gyes is in contribute and because contribute is in trunk any blender build comes with Gyes included. However I decided to continue building blender just for the fun of it. Thank for making Gyes so popular.

 Gye has grown so big , containing over 1400 lines of code (used to be 2000 lines of code but I decided to simplify it) that became impossible for me (and very messy) to mantain docs through youtube videos or my blenderartists thread as the feature set was changing faster and faster so it I did the proper thing and create a detailed documentation about it in blender wiki. The wiki contains the very lastest docs for the very latest updates of Gyes. You can learn everything about it in the following link .




This build DOES NOT come included with the meta-androcto material library with 130 materials ready to be used and abused both by  meta-androcto .You can get the library from this build here ----> http://www.graphicall.org/82

I will most probably include the library in a future build.  

You will find a blend file called matlib.blend if you open this will give you access to the material library and of course you can use GYES to create infinite variations of those materials in few seconds. You should watch my video in the thread that I have linked on how to do use GYES. In a few seconds GYES can create hundrends of variation of all those materials, keep in memory all variations including the original material. You can of course save your new randomised materials to your own blend files.

 Here is a screenshot with the GYES together with the material library.


Gyes is no longer developed but I am still taking small feature requests and make sure it work with all current blender versions. 

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