» Blender 2.65 X64 + Addons Contrib + Oscurart Addons + CUDA kernels
Updated 07:55 January 8th, 2013
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Blender trunk + addons contrib & external + Oscurart Tools v3.0 + Cycles CUDA + OceanSim


Compiled in MSVB. 
OpenMp -- off. 

 * Collada update 

* Custom splash : http://oscurart.blogspot.com/2012/01/3d-model-welcome-sopa-and-bigbrother.html 

* Oscurart Tools v3.0

Oscurart Tools Add-on info: www.oscurart.blogspot.com 



Oscurart Tools looks like this:

Oscurart Tools



Demo Video (subtitles in spanish):



Oscurart IO txt raw meshes data info: www.oscurart.blogspot.com




Oscurart rope maker:



Oscurart Chain maker:




Randomize Vertices:



Make Thread Mesh:




Copy Vertex Location:



Copy Mirror Constraints





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21:28 January 12th, 2013
Say. I've been a devoted fan of your builds for awhile now .. under Linux. I notice you haven't made any Linux builds in awhile. I'm hoping you haven't abandoned Linux.
Thanks for your builds!!
16:33 April 9th, 2012
edited build name according to the rules. cheers
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