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Updated 22:30 September 11th, 2012
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A Guide: for those who don't already know :)
Luxrender, Yafaray Engines are compiled from source @ compile time
Luxrender, Yafaray, VRay Exporters are updated from source @ compile time
Contribution addons are updated @ compile time
External addons are updated @ every 2 weeks or as the auther update it @ BA.org or @ Blender Python
Addons list's on this page are updated @ ~every month
-You can EXPAND the addons menus for more info on the addons included
-Built with Scons & MSVisualC++ SP1 & CUDA 4.2
-If you find a BUG in an addon, please report it to the addon's Auther.
-If you find a BUG in this build, please report it AFTER you make sure that it is specific to this build only.
-Sometimes things don't get compiled & the Last working one will be provided.
-If you press download and get a text file then simply open it and you'll have the Direct link to download,
that does happen as i upload on a better server when my upload rate goes low in the sink, so bear with me. :)
-If anyone needs a certain patch i'll TRY to add, just comment below :)
-For those who can't download the .exe file just Remove the .exe from file address and download.
Thanks: paula tejando, megasoft78, meta-androcto, crazycourier for their help, and all scripters for the wonderful scripts.


Whats new with the latest trunk:
-Many other minor updates
-harmoney phase 1 merged
-convext hull operator
-sculpt masking
-node groups enhancements
-skin modifier
-2D tracking
-outliner material drag and drop
-sequencer modifiers

Whats new with the latest patches:
-Occlusion Query Based Select


Whats new with the External addons:
changed repository log is from 551 to 558


With Libs:
LCMS, ZLIB, LZMA, LZO, JACK (x86 only)




Release addons: click to expand


Contrib addons: click to expand


External addons: click to expand


Archived addons: click to expand
In case if ANYONE needs it




Broken Patches: click to expand
and are here ONLY for reference
94 Comments so far. Leave yours.
17:05 December 28th, 2012
Hi bat3a!
I am like elieli, three months without your build, it is difficult!
Especially, when we use it anytime. I hope that you are well and you will build a new one.
03:50 November 9th, 2012
Hi, I'm worried It's been nearly two months since your last build. Can we expect new one?
regards Martin
09:16 September 10th, 2012
Thanks for build! But why You didn't include the RotoBezier add??? I need keyframing bezier points of curves!
Maybe there is another add with similar ability?? Thank You!
20:45 September 5th, 2012
I think I know @eway33. For Chinese mainland users the connection through normal network to dropbox download links are usually banned, so it's sometimes a hard time downloading your build (today it's banned when I want it ). It will be good if we can get your great build through the same way of the other builds.
04:11 August 23rd, 2012

Many thanks for the new build.

16:20 August 22nd, 2012
89 . bat3a (builder)
@mem & dito: i got some internet connection problems :)
01:22 August 22nd, 2012
Hi bat3a,

everything OK?

I am also already eagerly awaiting a new build from you.

12:45 August 20th, 2012
Hi there, bat3a! Are you okay? It's been a full month since you've posted any new builds. I hope nothing happened and you're just waiting for 2.64 to start making some new builds.

08:24 June 25th, 2012
86 . bat3a (builder)
@eway33: i don't know your problem unless you tell me the error!.
17:30 June 4th, 2012
Welcome back! I can not download, please help me.
mail: ncd.eway@gmail.com
Many thanks bat3a!
19:47 June 3rd, 2012
Posted in the 64bit thread, too - welcome back!
04:21 May 11th, 2012
83 . bat3a (builder)
@Antiman9: i tested yafaray and it works as expected, try to post your error.
08:49 April 21st, 2012
I'd also like to note that Yafaray STILL doesn't work. =( It was working flawlessly in older builds!
07:55 April 21st, 2012
I've noticed in the latest builds the fluid simulations crash almost every time for me, and I have no idea exactly why. However it always crashes with a "Visual studio runtime error" saying something like "Abnormal program termination!" perhaps I could debug the console or maybe find a crash log to assist in finding the cause?
11:57 April 1st, 2012
80 . bat3a (builder)
@bones79, Doc, johnnye99: strange, it was working before but now it doesn't, i tried megasoft's build too and same result, it seems a bmesh error!
@doraemon: although some of it's features are included, if you have batch against the trunk, i'll be happily patching it, otherwise you have to wait till i get my download cap. up so i can download the harmony branch and make a batch.
08:15 March 31st, 2012
Thanks for this excellent build!
It's possible to apply the harmony branch to this build?
Harmony branhc brings many improvements to the 3d viewport
15:47 March 30th, 2012
Yafaray is not yet compatible with the bmesh branch. I always have to download the latest from bat3a and see if its working yet.
10:25 March 28th, 2012
Same thing that bones79, since the r45090... :(

44664 working perfectly.
03:52 March 28th, 2012
Is anyone else having trouble enabling Yafaray? For weeks now I've been getting errors due to missing libstdc++-6.dll and libyafaraycore.dll
15:33 March 17th, 2012
75 . bat3a (builder)
@74 . : it is fixed now, re-download.
16:07 March 12th, 2012
74 .
I've noticed that the latest version is missing the yafaray addon, they aren't even in the addons menu. What happened to this build? Yafaray was the #1 reason I use this build and #2 because it has the best tools, but For some reason this one doesn't display anything involving Yafaray (even in user preferences/addons) and I am severly disappointed.
13:03 March 12th, 2012
73 . bat3a (builder)
@rthriller: just change the extension to .7z instead of .exe and revert it back after download.
04:01 March 12th, 2012
Hi bat3a!
Still can't download cause of the .exe thing!
Can you please zip the exe or provide two links (one exe and one zip)?

07:07 March 10th, 2012
71 . bat3a (builder)
@johnnye99: i think it's fixed now.
11:22 March 3rd, 2012
This is my favorite build type! It has everything, plus more. In the last few releases in cycles, I noticed that various torus objects render black when the object smooth shading is on. If I add a subdivision it renders normally. I can live with that.
08:16 February 19th, 2012
69 . bat3a (builder)
@artao: all flags that i know of are enabled, including sse2, ss3, ss4, but i don't know if msvcsp1 does use them all or ignoring!
04:44 January 30th, 2012
sorry to bug you so much.
just a quick question this time. As I see a build labeled as an SSE2 build, I am curious if THIS build also is? I assume so, but you know what they say about assumptions ... ;)
also, I guess I'm not really sure how that would affect blender. any help on that level? i assume (again) it makes it faster. noticeably tho?
16:59 January 28th, 2012
well, I tried what you said after downloading your most recent build, but the "Occlusion Query Based Selection" won't stay turned off. Pretty minor pita, as I said; the vray thing is even more inconsequential.
thanks for the response and great build!! :D
06:50 January 28th, 2012
66 . bat3a (builder)
@artao: try deleting your config file, or load factory defaults. about disabling vray-addon, unfortunately you can't, unless you delete from the start-up folder in scripts.
03:23 January 27th, 2012
.. again ..
for some reason unchecking that won't stick when I save user defaults. thus i have to re-un-check it every time i start blender or open a new file. just a minor pita and curiosity that may be fixable.
02:05 January 27th, 2012
I just downloaded your most recent build. My selection problem persisted. I looked deep into several areas of the user preference before I finally noticed a new checkbox "Occlusion Query Based Selection" which was checked by default. I unchecked it and my problem went away. I hadn't seen this mentioned anywhere else, so I bring it up here.
Thanks again for the builds!! :D
19:43 January 26th, 2012
... now that i've got it downloaded and tested a bit ...
Seems that with this build I can't select objects in the 3D view, only the outliner. That's a total killer, makes it unuseable for me.
But, I really wanted Luxrender and some of the addons you include, SO ...... I copied the entire 2.61 folder into a different SVN (backing up of course the original) and LO! viewport select works again, as do the majority of the addons.
HOWEVER. In so doing, I lose the furthest right section in User Preferences > System .. i.e. the OpenGL light controls, the Color Picker Type selector, and the Custom Weight Paint Range .... ... nothing I can't live without, especially as the 'N' panel OpenGL light controls are far more convenient and still there.
Not sure what's up, but thought you might like to know. ... ... Also, curious ... how do I disable the V-Ray stuff? I don't have and never will have V-Ray. not a big deal, just like to keep menus and dropdowns uncluttered. :D
thanks for the build!! :D :D :D
08:30 January 26th, 2012
62 . bat3a (builder)
@Arhiwall: yafaray don't support render border (i think)
@Spirou4D: does this differ from the one in the contrib addons?, if yes is it bug fixing contact the devs mailing list and they will be happy to include your fixes, or a new feature in that case rename to some new and submit it here i'll try to add.
@artao: glad to know, just read the guide.
18:30 January 25th, 2012
never mind, i get it now. sorry. didn't read. XD
18:28 January 25th, 2012
It's showing a 0k download, is this then too old and out of date? is there newer?
23:54 January 22nd, 2012
As a couple other people have experienced, I'm showing a 0Kb download, and the downloaded file size is 48k ... is this just some weird temporary issue with Graphicall? it seems other people are able to download the file, or the comments would be FULL of 'unable to download' comments.
02:18 January 19th, 2012
@bat3a I have this new update of space_view3d_enhanced_3d_cursor.py version2.80 corrected NEW
14:08 January 17th, 2012
Hey bat3a..I love your build..thanks VRay renderer is now working back again, also thanks to Bdancer for his work on this exporter...appreciate your hardwork.....
14:47 January 8th, 2012
56 . bat3a (builder)
@agrestcs: please read the guide at the top of the page.
12:17 January 8th, 2012
Problem to dowload - Download! ~0KB after click dowload file (48 kb) :(
09:15 January 8th, 2012
54 . bat3a (builder)
sorry for the late answer!
@trypac: that was from the reroute noodle batch, removed till updated by the auther.
@Shadowlich & Okami: you need not the installer, as i include only the internal renderer not the external one, just change the the engine to internal and it will render right in blender.
@Spirou4D: i think it is a BAthread for zmj100 i think, the problem is all his good scripts are addressed in the same thread.
@ecgilboy: recent api changes did this to the exporter, bdancer is notified and waiting for a fix.
@rthriller: sorry man i can't, as some people want the installer and i can't do it without an *.exe.
05:11 January 4th, 2012
Can you please zip the files? I am behind a proxy that filters .exe files.
Thank you.
20:48 January 3rd, 2012
Hi Bat3a,

Vray renderer is not working after build 42813...it displays white background only after the render process...any clue??
02:00 December 23rd, 2011
Hi Bat3D,

Where can I have some explanation about the Arch tool Addon, please?
07:14 December 20th, 2011
Hi bat3a ! I have the same "material node/blender internal" problem of trypac.
14:47 December 19th, 2011
Were is the luxrender installer
10:31 December 18th, 2011
I have a problem with material nodes. Material node is invisible.
02:44 November 18th, 2011
47 . bat3a (builder)
@elhzar:i didn't get your problem, if you post the error i could help.
@tablaman: error confirmed,not specific to my build, anyway it seems it is fixed in the recent commits, download again.
@Stefancelmare: no i did not use any optimizations, do you have a reference for that i could use, thanks.
09:26 November 17th, 2011
did you build cycles with optimizations? can you? it seems slower than some early cycles-only builds.
Love your builds
02:00 November 16th, 2011
i'm not able to add nodes for a material
in this build.
00:59 November 12th, 2011
Hi, I was in user preferences enabling any addons and when I enabled Luxrender, blender sayd error and felt... Okay, but main problem is: when I want to start this trunk again, blender in half of starting say error again, and fall. I tried to unwrap archive again, but it always felt. Know sb what can I do?
17:48 October 2nd, 2011
43 . bat3a (builder)
@Moolah: contact the blugin auther.
@JohnyBGooD: it's broken, and most broken addons don't get included.
@SPIRIT: now some broken addon are still in the external folder, and laplacian smooth is beyond merge tricks (needs update from auther).
@thanks but no, and the error is confirmed, i'll try to remove it.
@Momso: i think it's fixed in the recent build.
@JohnyBGooD: pardon me, i'm busy nowadays, and it's not easy to play with something i'm a newbie in.
23:02 September 29th, 2011
Hi. Can you please return back chromolies vertex slide script.
21:39 September 27th, 2011
R40635 32bit build has a bug which left-clicking can't select object with Maya preset.
13:06 September 27th, 2011
Should I keep reporting the busted skin modifier? I know it's unmaintained...but..here goes nothing
Markedroot verts dissapear, pressing Z crashes blender...oh well.
14:12 September 22nd, 2011
addons that can not be enabled: cursor history, cursor contol, cursor memory, dynamic edge fillet' MHX MOCAP, import-export inkscape and metasequoia, recalculate bone roll, and luxrender! also the laplacian smooth patch seems that is not aviable, i tried to make shortcut for that algorithm but it didnt work! can you add it to this build please? its the everyday tool for modeling! thanks!
02:10 September 22nd, 2011
Hi. It is good build, i always use your builds for work. But i am interested in gamekit engine and i have not fountd it in this build.
11:18 September 15th, 2011
Dynamic Edge Fillet is broken. I can't turn it on - writes some error in the console.
07:57 September 11th, 2011
@Bat3A: Shift+b : Thanks very much for your interest. Indeed it's a subject of a BA thread. I am writting one....
17:48 September 10th, 2011
35 . bat3a (builder)
@Spirou4D: still don't understand you, but it seems this is not my build specific, you could start BA thread or submit a bug + fixed the mitsuba issue.
@Stefancelmare: fixed.
11:59 September 9th, 2011
About the shift+b extract-render, see the same feature with Blender v2.49b. The extract-render is exact from the point of view.
08:51 September 9th, 2011
One small issue, the Skin modifier has no "set root" button in the modifier panel, only a text line "object:skin_root_set".
this makes the modifier useless (i can't seem to make it work at least).
Hoping it can be fixed, Cheers!
04:54 September 9th, 2011
Ok I have found the error. In your Blender rev40043, you must corrected the name of the addon folder: "mitsuba05" to "mitsuba"
04:24 September 9th, 2011
Sorry but "Mitsuba Exporter 3.0 Addon Added (v05)" don't run! You can't actived it in the Addons Blender User-Preference panel.
04:15 September 9th, 2011
@Spirou4D: tested shift+b, and it worked OK, i didn't understood the zoom issue?
This feature is for render a zone of a genuine renderview but with shift+b, the view zoom on a area but the camera change of position et the extract-render is incorrect!
So I don't see why THIS shift+b exist?
03:53 September 9th, 2011
29 . bat3a (builder)
@Spirou4D: you should check the addon page 1st, another link if you didn't find it http://bartoszstyperek.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/mitsuba-exporter-0-5/
02:38 September 9th, 2011
Hi Bat3a,

When you say "Mitsuba Exporter 3.0 Addon Added (v05)" it's false, please.
If you see the version of this addon "name": "Mitsuba",
"version": (0, 2, 1),
"blender": (2, 5, 6),
"api": 35669,
It's the same as for Mitsuba v0.2.1.
This addon don't run with Mitsuba v0.3.0.
Jacok Wenzel does not want to work on a correction of this plugin. But who????
11:58 September 7th, 2011
@bat3a: Since r40004 my proposed 3d mouse patch is in trunk.
So now i only have to wait for a new release of yours which is >= r40004 to get my beloved new functionality. :)
21:02 September 6th, 2011
26 . bat3a (builder)
@Arhiwall: can you test it in other build and see if it is only in my build, if not that is a either a bug in the trunk or the addon.
@zanyman & Joster101: yea, i know of this issue,but i think it is fixed.
@thinkinmonkey: as you can see my build is experimental and that because of integrating many patches and that does include the errors they genrate as well.
@Spirou4D: tested shift+b, and it worked OK, i didn't understood the zoom issue?
@beta-tester: i can't just download and include them, as it wont make any deference than you downloading them, unless i compile them freshly @ each build of mine, which is what i'm trying to do but have no success so far.
@stoneage: check the build-guide in the top of the page.
@quakeman: the patch is assigned to Mike Erwin and in the process of being implemented.
@slok1901: it seems as a luxrender problem, you should check the lux-forums.
08:15 September 6th, 2011
I can't render with the Luxrender. If I start the render, it will brake up and the result is black. Would anybody help me please? :-)
12:29 September 2nd, 2011
Thanks for these excellent builds.
It would be nice if you could include the 3d mouse patch which extends the really needed option to invert each axis on it's own. It is available from the patch-tracker at http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?func=detail&aid=28415&group_id=9&atid=127
04:15 September 2nd, 2011
The file does not download? The page states the file size is 0 and the downloaded data is 56 bits
03:16 September 2nd, 2011
today - Mitsuba 0.3.0 is released
01:18 September 2nd, 2011
Hi bat3a,
Great Thanks for your job.
I have a Traceback too: shift + B for border render don't run, the zoom view is different that the full render point of view.
05:08 August 30th, 2011
Hi bat3a,
first of all, thanks for your build, second, I have to report a bug with your build, because the official version 2.59 is ok: if you have a mesh, put Suzanne (Add Monkey), then you put a material, then an image, then you set the image as diffuse and normal, and you change display to GLSL, your build crashes.
It crashes only when there's GLSL on and there's a texture as normal.
Could you tell me why?
21:37 August 28th, 2011
@Joster101: Good catch. Thanks. I've also noticed that the keyboard shortcuts for rendering have been changed for each renderer. For example, BI doesn't have any keyboard shortcut, yafaray has F12 and luxrender has Ctrl+F12
11:14 August 27th, 2011
@zanyman: I had the same problem before and I found it only happen when you enable more than one external renderer addon.
So now I just enable one at a time. Hope this could help.
20:25 August 23rd, 2011
F12 to render works the first time, but then stops working. No error message. Closing and restarting blender doesn't help. Consistently works only the first time after opening Blender. After that, render can be done only through Render->Render Image or by clicking button on the Render properties.

Problem appears to be only when using Blender Internal and LuxRender. Doesn't happen with Yafaray.

Not a big problem, just a minor inconvenience.
00:22 August 21st, 2011
Hi! Excellent Build, but there is one trouble in it, and in previous build: Shift+B (Render Border) is not works and Blender crashes when Yafaray finished.
16:44 July 30th, 2011
15 . bat3a (builder)
@holyenigma: i don't why this happens ?!! SO i re-uploaded :)
@Stefancelmare: - The advanced array modifier is very out dated and somewhat big and needs updating -The Skin Modifier has one problem from adding it to my build (it can't compile with blender player), although i tried to contact Nicholas but no use :)
10:41 July 30th, 2011
Hello and thank you for your builds! Could you add the advanced array modifier or the skin modifier in your next build? (or both)
For the 38800 build I followed the dropbox link and got an error (invalid link(. Can you fix it pls?
15:48 July 29th, 2011
The .txt file says 64bit this says 32bit.. and the dropbox gives me a 404Error...
So... whats goin' on?
09:21 July 20th, 2011
12 . bat3a (builder)
@brikbot: thanks, as for the broken addons it's up to their authors to fix.
15:35 July 11th, 2011
FYI bat3a: you have both add_curve_sampling and mesh_inset_extrude in both addon_external and addon_contrib.
Also the "Import MikuMikuDance Format", "Import-Export Metasequoia Format", and "Paint Layer Manager" add-ons seem to be broken.

But all in all, you put together what have to be the most complete build's. They're appreciated!
10:30 June 25th, 2011
10 . bat3a (builder)
@pomsar: try other recent builds, if they crash report but in blender bug tracker, and wait ...
@slok: i checked and it seems that the exporter is broken in recent api commits, and so waiting for the yafaray crew to update ...
09:31 June 25th, 2011
Hi bat3a. This is a very usefull build but I can't enable the YafaRay Exporter...
It is on the Addon Menue but if I'm clicking on it -> nothing happens... Could you help me?
01:12 June 8th, 2011
Hi bat3a, the last build i can use is 36900. Recent build crashes at start (windows says there is probleme with python32.dll). Have you any idea what to do?
My system: AMD turion64 X2 mobile, Vista 32bit.
22:28 June 7th, 2011
7 . bat3a (builder)
@pomsar:@mattyz: thanks
@delta: i will try to compile it
@Willian Pietrowski: try to clear your browser cache and redownload
10:21 June 6th, 2011
I can't Download this... My Download broken always... What make I ?
16:42 May 29th, 2011
Hey bat3a... Big fan of your work, keep it coming! I've got your last build on my office PC and I'm waiting to update the whole system once you get the Ocean Sim back. Do you have any idea how long that will be? Thanks again!!
06:01 May 21st, 2011
Hey Bat3a! The Smalllux 2.0 devel1 for win32 is available to download from luxrender forum already with blender exporter so if you could implement it just to test it would be cool:)
07:31 May 19th, 2011
Thanks for the excellent build!
12:38 May 17th, 2011
2 . bat3a (builder)
@pomsar: ocean modifier removed as there are critical conflicts, i'll re-add after the authors update
02:42 May 5th, 2011
Hi bat3a! In this release (36488M) I don't find the Ocean in the "add modifier" menu.
Feeling talkative?
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