» Blender 2.61.0 - Fastest Build - (Patched to fix [#29671] Issues with .mts video files)
Updated 16:01 December 26th, 2011
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Experimental build, for test only....


Patch by Sergey Sharybin.


Tested video now is OK here.... 



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22:49 December 28th, 2011

Thank you very much for the build i tested it and it is playing well, now it is a little bit faster than before and now it is rendering fine and i can use the source file from camera, which is a good thing for me.
Still testing because i found some parameters that i can not change without having strange behaviors in VSE like the strobe setting.
20:59 December 22nd, 2011
Hi there,
Thank you for the build. I downloaded it and it has no more twinkling but the video played like it was an impressionist painting
No difference using proxy and timecode or not: Playing it has the same behavior.
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