» Blender (Ubuntu 11.10) + Photon Mapping Irradiance Cache + Yafaray 0.1.2 + Exporter
Updated 00:58 December 8th, 2011
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Hi All,

this is a build of Blender (32bit) trunk integrated with Yafaray external render.

This build integrate experimental features like:

  • Photon Mapping Irradiance Cache


Installation required:

sudo apt-get install libpython3.2 libopenal1 libfftw3-3 libilmbase6 libopenexr6 libavformat52 libavdevice52 libswscale0

Extract where you want and use it!


For additional informations check these links:

Happy Blending!

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12:15 March 3rd, 2012
Could you build an ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) version? Just if it's possible, and you if you have some freetime. Thank you very much!
05:37 December 22nd, 2011
Thanks ! I tried to install Yafaray for a long time, and now it works :)
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