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Updated 13:57 February 19th, 2012
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Built with MCVS 2008+ Express and Scons. 


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09:46 February 7th, 2012
14 . BrianSzep (builder)
@ - c@mesigue
Check out DemoHero's builds. I'll look into building 64-Bit builds.

@ - berooo
I am not a developer. Please report all bugs at the link I provide in the build description.

04:41 February 7th, 2012
the mirror modifier clipping deos not work while vertex smoothing, and obj import does not work too, and rotation scalie and move snap does not work while holding ctrl
07:37 February 5th, 2012
And 64bit, when please ?
08:43 January 17th, 2012
r43436 - vertex bevel dont work. console error: 'RNA_enum_set: MESH_OT_extrude_verts_indiv.type not found'

please verify so i would bug repport this
21:39 January 13th, 2012
Thanks, it's working now. (I think triangle display thing happens differently now though but maybe that's just my imagination)

I saw the bug report thing the very second I posted that message, but this site doesn't seem to have an edit/delete comment option.
01:37 January 12th, 2012
9 . BrianSzep (builder)

If you look at my description on the build you will see a link where you can report bugs. I have updated the build which has a weightpaint fix.

00:26 January 12th, 2012
I apologize, but I'm new here and never used blender error submission and this is also like my first time using a beta/whatever. I came here for n-gon support and I am not disappointed.
I had just tried Silo for a few days and loved the simplicity and easy customization to be almost like blender UI but the software crashes+dieing/dead-development was unbearable and then I found out about bmesh which'd completely remove my need to find another modeller (which saves me a lot of trouble of trying to learn another program since I'm already so use to blender).

Anyway since I don't know how to officially report bugs, I'll just post here and hope that someone sees it (while I try to find out how to make an official bug report)
1. Weight Paint mode causes Blender to crash.
2. Mirror modifier causes all faces to display as triangles upon editing.
04:36 December 23rd, 2011
BrianSzep thank you for your answer this will be a pleasure to try your built for 64 bit
20:22 December 21st, 2011
6 . BrianSzep (builder)

Look for builds by Demohero. He does 64-Bit builds. Maybe someday in the future I will do 64-bit builds but not right now.

09:22 December 21st, 2011
good evening
Why is it more Bmesh available in 64 bit?
thank you
14:33 December 15th, 2011
4 . BrianSzep (builder)
Extracted fine for me with winrar32. Maybe bad download?
06:38 December 15th, 2011
"archive corrupted" error
I've tried to extract it with 3 different software.
16:06 December 1st, 2011
2 . BrianSzep (builder)
(ctrl + F) is fixed now! :)
04:49 December 1st, 2011
Thanks Brian!.

In the edit mode the shortcut Faces (ctrl+F) causes Blender crash.

I reported it.
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