» MyPaint + 1.0.0 + Official Release
Updated 07:16 November 23rd, 2011

MyPaint 1.0.0 has been released.

This was compiled on Fedora 16 64bit

It is a standard build so should work on most 64bit linux systems. Just run usr/bin/mypaint.


- A configurable toolbar has been added with dropdown widgets for colour, brush, and brush settings.
- Floating tool windows can now be docked into a sidebar inside the main window.
- A “Lock Alpha” mode has been added for brushstrokes, and there are now some basic layer compositing modes.
- Mouse and stylus buttons can be bound to different actions via the preferences.
- There’s a new scratchpad tool which can be used for thumbnails, notes, or recording brushstrokes and colour choices.
- Finally, there have been numerous little improvements and bugfixes to MyPaint’s speed, user interface, and its brush collections.


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02:31 November 26th, 2011
I'm running LMDE and I just downloaded the source from the MyPaint site and followed the instructions in the README file. Everything worked just fine.
06:59 November 24th, 2011
2 . ZooRocket (builder)
My only suggestion would be to install the dependencies.

Required: pygtk, python, swig, gtk, numpy, pycairo(>=1.4), libpng
03:47 November 24th, 2011
Nice Job!
I love MyPaint
I have only one request, I cannot open in UBUNTU and LMDE, have you nay advice?
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