» Blender 2.49b, Python 2.6, win 32 bundle scripts, default scene, massive super build!!! 2.49b
Updated 03:20 October 27th, 2011
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Fully portable win 32 build. Blender 2.49b

Python 2.62 has been intergrated into the main Blender folder.

This is my working Blender Version 2.49b.
It's focus is including many extra scripts & plugins.
I have also included my material library & some cool presets for you to use
All embedded in Blender so you can use everything right away.
The Base for this Version is Blender 2.49b .zip for Windows 32 from www.blender.org.

In File Paths you will need to set the Texture Plugins,
Set the file path to this version of Blender's Plugins/Texture Folder.

* Screens (SR:) & Scenes (SCE:) have beed Added & Changed.
Have a browse through & see how the layouts work.
I have not used horozontal menu's anywhere.
This makes things more compatible with Blender 2.50,
when you open a scene in 2.5 saved in this version.
( or any 2.4 files )

=___ Scripts ___=
There are many Extra Scripts included.
Firstly you can press the
* Spacebar Menu in the 3d view.
The Add/Mesh menu is greatly expanded, including Ladder, Gears, Pipes, Pyramids,
Diamond, Sqorus (hole in the wall) & more prmitives.

By Default you can see the Scripts Window.
If you work your way up slowly through the Scripts Menu,
you will see the empty menu's are now populated with Scripts.
Lots of them.
Some scripts should be run in a scene designed for them.
Make Human & L_System_trees in the Wizards Menu are best run in their scenes.
You could then in the Object Menu/Make Links to add the models to your scenes.
Make Human will ask you to find baes.mesh.
this is in .blender\scripts\bpydata\Make_Human\mh180targetspack Folder.
Treegen Textures are in the Wizards Folder.
L_System textures are in the.. well you get it.
The More Render Options script results need to be viewed in the image editor,
then saved to reuse.
In the .blender folder there's an Example Scripts folder,
Unzip the files & run the blend files to use the scripts.
check out the pynodes & city script & more.
Scripts have been Modified so you MUST PRESS the 'Q' Key to Exit script interfaces.

In the .blender Folder ther's a folder called Script examples.
These scripts must be run in their folders for them to work.
(unzip them first)

Scripts may work within their own limitations.
Pushing High Vert Counts on some scripts may or Will cause Crashes.
* Save Your Work Often!

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13:08 November 2nd, 2011
Meta Androcto, Hello...
I have always kept the 2.49 branch on my system to allow use of some elements that haven't yet been ported to 2.60. I thank you for you continued efforts, as this compilation is a gem. Thank you.
08:40 October 28th, 2011
Wow Meta, what an amazing gold mine you have just shared with us.

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