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Updated 11:13 April 26th, 2013
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blender freestyle, compiled on mountain lion

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13:18 January 27th, 2013
7 . aloyr (builder)
Yoyo, I've asked a few of my Mac friends to download and run my build. So far, none were able to reproduce the issue you reported... Could you confirm that you are not running the build from within the DMG file?

04:53 January 24th, 2013
6 . aloyr (builder)

Ah! One change I did notice a while back was that now you NEED to move the application out of the DMG file. I provide a convenient shortcut to your /Applications folder right from the DMG, so you can click-and-drag to it. Before I used to test my builds from within the DMG file and now I can't do this. Something changed in the codebase that requires write-access to the blender app folder, which can't happen with the DMG file.

I also changed the freestyle build app to blender-freestyle, in case you want to keep that and a normal blender app on the /Applications folder.

Please try that and see if it works for you.

04:47 January 24th, 2013
5 . aloyr (builder)
yoyo, can you be more specific? i test my builds before uploading (aside from using them regularly) and they work fine on my 2 macs. i am running osx 10.8.2.
18:44 January 20th, 2013
since a while all your builds doesn't work on my mountain lion
20:51 January 12th, 2013
this is great build, thank you aloyr ! ^__^ maybe just one bug i found though, it fails to render in Placeholders mode. It re-render the existing frame.
17:25 July 7th, 2012
2 . aloyr (builder)
you're welcome, stephenthomas0!
06:10 October 25th, 2011
A great big thank you :) The latest freestyle build before this was quite crashy. Haven't pushed to the limits yet, but so far, so good :D
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