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Updated 09:57 November 8th, 2011
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Blender 2.59.5 + Cycles for Win 7 x64, Built with Cmake + MSVC 2008
Props go to DingTo for building the x64 libs needed to build x64 on Windows 7.

Here are DingTo's builds.

Thank you my friend.


Users may need to download and install the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package" to run builds for now.

To use Cycles, enable the addon, or run File > Load Factory Settings to get a scene that should render.


Nvidia CUDA GPUs

Built with CUDA Kernels 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1


Requirements for GPU Rendering:


Nvidia:  Any CUDA capable GPU with at least driver 280.*




ATI: Any OpenCL capable card (4xxx series or later...) with catalyst 11.8 or later (I have no ATI card to test with.)

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Cycles build Logs   Revision 36351 to Current
Logs Since the last build:


Revision 41664
Correct syntax for static, since we invoke g++ as linker and we have to pass it to ld

Revision 41661
Cycles now uses correct libs on MinGW

Revision 41657
* Disable precompiled cuda binaries, always do at run time
* Change preview samples default to 10
* Hide volume panels since they don't do anything yet

Revision 41651
Cycles: svn merge -r41627:41650 ^/trunk/blender

Revision 41628
Cycles: svn merge -r41613:41627 ^/trunk/blender

Revision 41617
Cycles: svn merge -r41531:41613 ^/trunk/blender

Revision 41599 
Cycles: procedural texture nodes reorganization. This will break existing files
using them, but rather do it now that I have the chance still. Highlights:

* Wood and Marble merged into a single Wave texture
* Clouds + Distorted Noise merged into new Noise node
* Blend renamed to Gradient
* Stucci removed, was mostly useful for old bump
* Noise removed, will come back later, didn't actually work yet
* Depth setting is now Detail socket, which accepts float values
* Scale socket instead of Size socket


Cycles Demos:
Blender Integration Demo by: Brecht @ BlenderFoundation
Blender Cycles GPU Rendering Demo by: mpan3
Cycles Tutorials:
Learn Cycles = by: Greg Zaal
Introduction to Cycles by: Andrew Price


Built with Cmake + MSVC 2008 Pro on x64 Win7
Blender 2.60.2 + cycles_x64.Win7-41652

Happy Blending + Cycling...



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02:23 November 14th, 2011
@hamstaq : " have Radeon HD 5970 and I get kernel error when using GPU renderer."

So do I !! Does anyone know why ?
10:40 November 9th, 2011
Add material glass to a cube, then try to add a texture. This makes it crash and burn :(
15:34 November 8th, 2011
first of all thanx for all the work u guys r doing
i have one question i was using one of ur earlier versions and fixed a scene but when i try to load it to this version of cycles blender crashes
do i have to start over?
02:08 November 7th, 2011
Well, I'm a little confused.
In this build(Tungerz), it says in the description that for GPU render on an ATI card you need a "4xxx series or later...".
But on DingTo's build page it says you need a "5xxx series or later...".

Is this a difference in the actual builds or has someone made a mistake ?
I need to know because i currently have a 4xxx series card, and i really don't want to have to buy a new card just to use GPU rendering.

My card is a 4890
03:58 November 6th, 2011
I have Radeon HD 5970 and I get kernel error when using GPU renderer.
17:04 November 5th, 2011
Hey thanks! I looked into getting the latest drivers and now I can see the options, my new problem is that is says "failed loading render kernal" when trying to render with gpu (lol), anyway thanks, at least I'm making progress!
15:45 November 5th, 2011
24 . tungerz (builder)
Hi SupeRobotLazerTiger,
Ahhh..... Opencl still work in progress, don't think ati supports cuda at the moment (I may be wrong.)
I will post more updates on this when I can talk to Brecht, to be for sure.
14:07 November 5th, 2011
I am running win. 7 64 bit and I am using an ATI card (firepro v5800).
11:26 November 5th, 2011
22 . tungerz (builder)
Hi SupeRobotLazerTiger,
Just to be sure, what os are you running Windows... xp,vista,7? x32 or 64?
What 3d workstation graphics card are you running? Are you running the latest drivers for it? 280. + ?
Wierd, but hope to help you get it running.
15:55 November 4th, 2011
Thanks for the reply, my problem is that the option to choose between cpu and gpu isn't under the integrator option for cycles, I can render an image or animation, based on the speed and cpu usage it's using the cpu by default like it should. I'd like to use the gpu feature, but I have no idea where it is, I have loaded factory settings and made sure the box was enabled in user preferences. FYI i am using the blender that came with the build, and I also downloaded an older build, but still had the same result.Is this a problem with file directories or something? I wish I knew what I did wrong
10:56 November 4th, 2011
sheesh tungerx you beat me while i was slowly making a long post! LMAO!!
10:52 November 4th, 2011

1. make sure you Cycles enabled in the file/user preferences/addons

2. make sure you have Cycles selected as the current render engine at the top.
(Engine to be used for rendering)

3. right under the outliner, click the camera icon.. there you wull see a thing called "Render"
if its closed open the tab with the triangle.. next to "Device" it has a selection for CPU or GPU
(CPU is default)

also, of note in the "Camera icon location" is a setting called 'integrator"
click the triangle nect to that one, and you can increase the samples of a rendered image
default is only 10, which will leave a very grainy noisy picture..
set it to like 300-600 or more depending on what you are doing)
10:46 November 4th, 2011
18 . tungerz (builder)
@ SupeRobotLazerTiger,
You have to do either of 2 things...
A.) go to file/load factory settings/ or
B.) go to file/user preferences/render/ Render: Cycles Render Engine click the box on right to enable
Either A or B will get you to a setup to be able to render with cycles.

Hope that this helps :)
19:25 November 3rd, 2011
Hi, sorry for being a noob, but I don't see the gpu,cpe render option anywhere in the cycles render settings like I do in all the tutorials, I have a 3d workstation graphics card and I am dieing to use it. Any help would be incredible, thanks.
23:41 November 2nd, 2011
Works fine here (nvidia quadro 600) My only concern is the unusual font/ui settings.. font is ok, but once i hide a window-header i can't get it back anymore (no little minus button there).
13:19 November 2nd, 2011
I uderstand that cycles can choose only the card connected to monitor. Is there any ideas in future to choose from multiple videocards installed like octane render does? It would be nice to render on one videocard and work with another - no poor perfomance of the viewport!
12:33 November 2nd, 2011
14 . tungerz (builder)
@ Rouslan,
Thats because the intel hd3000 does not support Cuda, The Nvidia gtx560ti does.
12:02 November 2nd, 2011
I receive cuda error when monitor connected to intel hd3000. Everything is ok when monitor connected to gtx560ti.
11:45 October 31st, 2011
12 . tungerz (builder)
@ kidarcade

The gtx 260m has 112 Cuda cores and it is 1.1 Compute Capability.
If you have updated your nvidia drivers to the latest release. You should be good to go.

06:59 October 31st, 2011
Does anyone Know if my laptops nvidia card works. ( gtx 260m ). I'm new to the hold Cuda gpu and don't know if it is working or not. Please help...
11:04 October 29th, 2011
10 . tungerz (builder)
@ damo60,
quadro fx3800 has 192 Cuda cores, should render great... Mine is a Geforce 9600 gso with only 96 Cuda cores, I can understand mine being slower than cpu but not yours... unless your cpu is a super computer.
16:08 October 27th, 2011
has anyone been able to get this to work on a quadro fx3800? Mine is rendering, but it's no faster than the CPU setting. I have the latest quadro drivers and Cycles will render on the GPU setting, its just no faster than CPU. Ideas?
12:49 October 24th, 2011
8 . tungerz (builder)
Hi holyenigma,
I will save a copy of revision 41113 for ya, (You should to, if there is ever a version of it you trust) if you ever need it let me know and I'll send it to ya :)
Won't be to long and it will be in the trunk :)

14:55 October 22nd, 2011
could you not update(http://graphicall.org/670) Revision 41113

Thats the one that works :)
i wish we could edit our posts on here.. sheesh.. :)
14:53 October 22nd, 2011
tungerz, Cycles Being what it is, since we know this one" works",
could you not update(http://graphicall.org/670)
And just make a new one or something, when you go to make updates?
this way we always have "safe point" and a file link we can confidently point people to.
when people update the same link(and its something like cycles, sometimes it becomes broken)
14:42 October 22nd, 2011
Finally this works! 8600GT CUDA Works Finally for rendering, over twice as fast as my dual core AMD Opteron )

however, when trying to use composting nodes to change materials,
while in rendered view the computer is very laggy and unresponsive,(i have to use CPU mode)
while in rendered view the video card should still be able to function the menus and things,
im not sure if its because my video card only has 256MB of video memory.
06:53 October 22nd, 2011
4 . tungerz (builder)
@ flipkidh,
As long as the onboard graphics is cuda / opencl compatible... it should be able to, but I also think that you would find limitations on resources and never gain the full benefit of gpus as they have their own memory, but never know still early in development, who knows what around the corner :)

18:44 October 19th, 2011
Will Cycles ever be able to use the integrated gpu that comes with almost every pc now?
16:16 October 17th, 2011
2 . tungerz (builder)
Hi telemmaite,
I just rebuilt cycles, no other changes, just to see if there was a glitch in my build, altho... both worked for me :/ Wierd...
I'm running a Q9600 cpu w/ a nvidia 9600 gso card (Needs updating bad!!!!!!! :p ) w/ 280.26 drivers...
Hope that this renders well for ya :)
03:31 October 17th, 2011
CUDA nvcc compiler not found.Install CUDA toolkit in default location...
Drivers 280.26 GTX 470. I have 4-5 different builds only this one is causing the error not finding my CUDA. I render fine with GPU and cuda in any other build but this one. Any suggestions?
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