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IfcBlender is an addon for Blender to import IFC files (wikipedia). IFC is an open exchange format for building and construction data, that contains both geometry and semantic and topological information.

IfcBlender is based on IfcOpenShell, the free open source IFC implementation written in C++.

Installation instructions:

  • Download the appropriate IfcBlender archive for your system
  • Install the Blender add-on by clicking on File > User Preferences > Add-ons > Install from File... and by pointing Blender to the archive downloaded above
  • Enable the Blender add-on by clicking on File > User Preferences > Add-ons > Import-Export > Import-Export: IfcBlender
  • You can now import .ifc files by selecting Industry Foundation Classes (.ifc) from the File > Import menu

What's new in r33?

  • The option to import the hierarchical structure (Project>Site>Storeys>Spaces>Elements) into Blender using parenting.
  • Some metadata is stored in the custom properties fields.
  • The option to choose to use either the entity's Name or the GlobalId for the Blender object name.
  • The conversion progress is displayed using a progress bar in the console.
  • Some minor bugfixes and improvements.

What's new in r37?

  • Conversion logs are stored in Blender texts
  • Bugfixes, bugfixes and bugfixes

What's new in r39?

  • Now really with conversion logs
  • Some more verbosity in the console window
  • Fix for IFC files coming from AutoCAD Architecture

What's new in r42?

  • Improved support of IfcMappedItems
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

What's new in r51?

What's new in r86?

What's new in r162?

  • This is IfcOpenShell version 0.3.0!
  • Updated for Blender 2.65
  • Allow opening of non-latin filenames on Windows
  • Potentially faster processing of files that can not be parsed sequentially, i.e. that require many random access operations throughout the file
  • Fixed a bug that caused IfcCircleHollowProfileDefs to be processed incorrectly
  • More robust processing of IfcCompositeCurves if no plane angle unit is provided in the file
  • More robust processing of IfcTrimmedCurves with tolerances on trimming by IfcCartesianPoint and, if possible, falling back to trimming by IfcParameterValue

What's new in r208?


IfcOpenShell IfcBlender

IfcOpenShell IfcBlender

IfcOpenShell IfcBlender

Binaries are built using visual studio 2010, linked against a static runtime library and OpenCascade Community Edition 0.10.0 (https://github.com/tpaviot/oce/).

Visit http://ifcopenshell.org!

7 Comments so far. Leave yours.
06:58 December 27th, 2012
7 . aothms (builder)
Hi orzech, thanks for reporting this and sorry for the late reply. I will make sure this issue gets fixed in the next build. Thanks
04:42 August 11th, 2012
I find problem. When I import from ArchiCad file named with Polish letters (ł,ą,ż,ź...) I have message "Unable to parse .ifc file or no geometrical entities found". I don't know whether it is problem with Blender, whether this importer.
PS: Sorry for my English.
00:38 September 21st, 2011
5 . aothms (builder)
Thanks for testing. Meta-androcto, thanks for hunting down that bug. :)

Just an additional remark, feel free to drop by in our forums (https://sourceforge.net/projects/ifcopenshell/forums) and post bug reports (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=543113&atid=2204966) and feature requests (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=543113&atid=2204969) to help improve IfcOpenShell.
07:07 September 20th, 2011
sorry, my bad, caught a bug in an earlier blender revision.
This works really well.
complex or large file size imports may be a little slow, be patient if needed.
05:57 September 20th, 2011
great thing! works fine for me :-)
05:40 September 20th, 2011
Furthur testing,
you need to add a remove doubles function for import.
05:36 September 20th, 2011
It would be nice if you put the files into a 'Package'
If you create a folder io_ifc, then make an __init__.py to initialize the script.
(you can look at existing io scripts to see how)
This makes the script more user friendly, easier to install & distribute.
It would be great if you could drop in to IRC freenode #blenderpython for a chat.

Tested as working in Blender 2.59.2 svn rev: 40335
Import was very slow & computor intensive on a 2.5meg file taking several minutes to import.
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