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Updated 09:05 May 2nd, 2013
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OPENMP is disabled for better sculpt performance, if you want to test fluid/smoke check out the smoke/openmp build in the optimized section!

build on Ubuntu 12.10

tested on Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora 18




Commit by genscher :: r56469
Fix [#35173] Object's draw_type resets when removing smoke
New behaviour:
* On creation, smoke modifier only changes the drawtype for domain to WIRE.
* On deletion, smoke modifier does not change the drawtype.

Commit by nazgul :: r56468
Fix #35177: Press P Crashes Blender After Fracture of Cube
Root of the issue was fixed by Brecht in svn rev56441.
This change only prevents crash of files created in
blender before that fix, and also gives more useable
information about what's wrong (apparently, assert
here was doing nothing).

Commit by nazgul :: r56467
Fix #35182: VSE - speed control Trim duration (soft) end reset to 0
Was a regression in rev53509, whic hallowed manual edit of properties
which weren't supposed to be editing manually.
Added the same effects length update as in trnaslation code, so now
updating strip frames from py/interface will keep things consistent.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56466
avoid per-vertex mask layer lookups for dyntopo.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56465
fix [#35178] Autoselect-in-list for Vertex Group selection doesn't work.
disallow assigning values that don't exist into a text field with a search-box.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56464
interface: clear red-alert flag when editing a button, confuses and makes it seem the edited value is also wrong.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56463
don't show an 'X' next to never-null pointer search menus.
also set ShapeKey.relative_key to never-null.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56462
add missing call to update rv3d->persmatob, mostly this worked except with active-unselected object

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56461
remove re-allocations while building weight paint color array, move button to show weightpaint below other overlay
buttons in the 'Mesh Display' panel.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56460
fix [#34609] mesh.getVertex doesn't work as spected with poly.getMaterialIndex() and poly vertex indexes
revert r22906 (own old commit, was incorrectly trying to make vertex indices absolute)

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56459
make rna layer access less cryptic by using ARRAY_HAS_ITEM(), modified this to use unsigned offset.

Commit by blendix :: r56458
Fix 2D painting gave squares rather than a disk for the "Max" curve falloff shape.

Commit by lockal :: r56456
Fix double free error in OpenEXR when file cannot be saved

Commit by mont29 :: r56455
Some minor cleanup/polish...

Commit by blendix :: r56454
Fix #35081: opening .blend files with chinese characters not working. For
compressed files we were not passing the full wide char path to zlib, so not
all file names worked. Now we use gzopen_w available in new zlib versions.
Patch by Tamito Kajiyama, I added an extra check for the zlib version so it
keeps compiling with older versions for now.
For platform maintainers:
Part of this commit are zlib 1.2.8 libraries for windows 32 bit. We still
need update libraries for windows 64 bit and mingw. There's a readme.txt
and build.bat included with instructions on how to build.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56453
edge_inside_circle was doing redundant float -> int -> float conversion, also dist_squared_to_line_segment_v2 is
quite simple so remove radius checks.

Commit by mont29 :: r56452
Actually, this should do better, sorry for the noise :/

Commit by mont29 :: r56451
This should at least prevent crash in [#35172]...

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56450
fix error running ED_view3d_project_float_v3_m4 on 2d vec (thanks Sergey for pointing out!), also remove redundant
vector copy in knife project.

Commit by blendix :: r56449
Fix Show Brush button being missing from the UI for paint modes, the feature was
already implemented, it's in the Appearance panel now. Also added that panel to
the image editor now since it's relevant there too.

Commit by blendix :: r56448
Fix missing brush cursor redraw for texture paint when no pixels changed in the
image, no images need to be refreshed then but the cursors needs to be redrawn
still. Otherwise it gets stuck, especially annoying in unexpected cases where the
mask has reached the maximum for all pixels in the brush.

Commit by blendix :: r56447
Fix #35149: solidify modifier + vertex parent not working after going in and out
of editmode on the child object.
Problem was that the object custom data mask was not taken into account when
rebuilding the derivedmesh in some cases, which is needed for the derivedmesh
to contain the mapping back to the original vertices. Now this data mask is
used for any derivedmesh build that will be cached.
Also problematic was that the datamask for the active object was applied to
all objects in the scene, which caused the parent object to be recalculated
when it didn't need to be. Now this datamask is only used for the active object.

Commit by kjym3 :: r56446
Fix for [#35116] Freestyle StringUtils::toAscii breakes non-ascii path values.
Just removed all calls of StringUtils::toAscii() as well as the function definitions.

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56445
Fix for bug reported by Thomas Dinges on IRC: OSL script node was not initializing the data_type variable for
shader sockets and so tried to set a non-existing float RNA property, leading to failed assert.

Commit by dingto :: r56444
Cycles / OSL:
* Add a few more OSL templates to the Text Editor, so people can use some of the OSL only shaders and closures.
* Temperature (Kelvin) to RGB converter
* Wavelength to RGB converter
* Ramp closure (Phong and Diffuse)
* Toon closure (Diffuse and Specular)

Commit by blendix :: r56442
Fix missing brush texture mask in texture properties, for cycles. Handling this
properly with blender internal is probably for after release, when we can add
the same system to gather textures from brushes, modifiers, force fields, ...

Commit by blendix :: r56441
Fix #35171: crash rendering cube with two subsurf modifier in some circumstances.
Problem was actually integer overflow in the requested data layers (1 << 31) does
not fit in an integer, it only goes up to (1 << 31) - 1.

Commit by blendix :: r56440
Fix #35166: texture paint mask texture stencil not scaling properly.

Commit by mfoxdogg :: r56439
[Bug #35108] Shortcuts 3dsmax blender 2.67RC
Quad View: ALT + W
Switch Wireframe / Solid: F3
Render: F10
Properties: F12
Ortho / perspective View: P
Zoom to selected center: Z
Select/ Deselect all: CTRL + A
in changing A hotkeys ctrl-a hotkeys are now ctrl-shift-a and GameEngine is now ctrl-alt-shift-p

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56435
replace error reports with poll() function for editmesh select ungrouped

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56434
fix for select ungrouped vertices not flushing, also group select menu items more logically.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56433
use 'normal' orientation rather then 'local' with individual origins to use the per-element axis-matrix.

Commit by blendix :: r56432
Fix projection paint clone/soften/smear no longer working with textures,
Moved the code after the masking check so we can skip the texture lookup
if the pixel is done, is a bit faster. Also hide the color wheel for these
tools, only did it for 2D paint in previous commit.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56431
style cleanup

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56430
fix [#35164] UV unwrapping crash blender
(own fail with misuse of alloca)

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56429
remove headers from FRS_freestyle.h

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56428
holding ctrl when using arrow keys in the text editor didn't navigate newlines.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56427
fix for missing slot in edge bisect bmesh operator.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56426
fix for exception in console auto-completing an object with __getitem__ but no __len__ (BMEdge).

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56425
fix for yet another off by one error in console code, could crash deleting words (but mostly it was hidden by
guardedalloc), hopefully the last of this kind in console.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56424
remove direct freestyle data access from bmesh, was crashing and this should really only be done via customdata
layer support.

Commit by psy-fi :: r56423
Fix tiled overlay not matching up with stroke result in 2d painting.

Commit by psy-fi :: r56422
Fix: Overlay was getting invalidated too often in image editor making
refresh extremely slow.

Commit by psy-fi :: r56421
Fix: texture alpha masking not functional after recent commits. Mask is
used to see if area has been covered by brush, so exclude the texture
alpha and texture alpha masks from mask comparisons. Coming next:
texture masks for 2d painting.

Commit by dingto :: r56420
Properties Editor / UI:
* Render Passes -> Passes, same as Cycles.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56418
fix for setting int customdata layer names not ensuring uniqueness.
also use generic layer name callbacks for vert/edge/face/poly/loop.

Commit by blendix :: r56417
More painting fixes:
* 2D image painting with textures that contained alpha did not work correctly,
  had been broken for a while.
* 2D image panels texture (mask) panels showed wrong buttons for texture overlay.
* Texture map mode 3D now also uses masking, like Tiled and Stencil the texture
  does not move along with the brush so it works fine.
* 2D image paint View mapping did not work correct, especially noticeable with
  Rake rotation.
* Masking is now disabled for the smear tool, this can't really work because
  the original image is constantly changing and gave artifacts.

Commit by ton :: r56416
Bug fix #35151
NLA editor: the channel list and the main area were not perfectly aligned, and could
jump a bit around. Easy fix.

Commit by nazgul :: r56413
Fix compilation in release mode with strict flags

Commit by ton :: r56412
Bug fix #35143
Animplayer treated .tif extensions as movie files, so that didn't work.
Added another hardcoded check for it, like for png tga exr jpg etc.
Why FFmpeg thinks .tif is a movie... that's for another day :)
Quicktime QTKit did same btw.

Commit by blendix :: r56411
Fix another part of #35141: there was no way to reset the stencil transform after e.g.
scaling it along one axis, now there's a Reset Transform button.
The Image Aspect button is now also hidden unless the texture is an image texture.
And also hide the color wheel for painting tools that don't use colors.

Commit by blendix :: r56410
Fix #35141: stencil and 3D texture mode did not work with 2D image paint.

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56408
Fix for #35147, view in backdrop and image editor in compositor don't work anymore. The active_viewer_key which
sets the active node tree to use for the viewer image was not initialized in do_versions yet.

Commit by nazgul :: r56407
Partial fix for #35108: Shortcuts 3dsmax Blender 2.67RC
Made keyap use the same select_or_deselect_all operator
as used for maya keymap instead of tricks with deselect_all.
Solves issue with selection in editor mode (reported as #3
in the original bug report).

Commit by nazgul :: r56406
Changes for updated operators

Commit by blendix :: r56405
More image painting fixes:
* 2D image painting support for masking to limit the max contribution of a stroke
  to a pixel, to get it working compatible with projection painting. Not strictly
  a bugfix, but the inconsistency here was annoying.
* Fix python errors in Texture Mask panel in image editor, was missing overlay
* Clamp paint mask to 0..1 in case some texture exceeds it, this could give black
  pixels due to integer overflow.

Commit by nazgul :: r56404
Fix #35144: Image editor is not updateing if in new window
Was a regression in own optimization on which viewer node to
update -- need to check all the windows' screens, not just
active one.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56402
fix [#35156] Edge slide gg shortcut brings up wrong settings.
switch operator types from transform, this would normally be problematic, but transform operators share callbacks
so it can be supported.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56401
fix for an issue raised in [#35154],
the cross icon to clear a field wasn't working within popups.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56400
use const vars for UI arrays.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56399
fix [#35154] Python: UI issues with invoke_props_dialog()
- highlighed buttons that were never pressed could be activated by accident when canceling search popup.
- canceling a search popup on a popup would close both.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56398
convert macro PASS_EVENT_TO_PARENT_IF_NONACTIVE into a static function. (having flow control in a macro is bad
practice), own doing.

Commit by blendix :: r56397
Fix for previous noisy stroke fix, mask didn't converge to the right strength
value, formula should have been simpler actually.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56396
fix [#35150] Crash when bmesh operation called from within a Panel draw()
accessing a bmesh from python would reallocate all customdata layers.
add an assert to BM_data_layer_free(), when its called unnecessarily since its reallocating all layers.

Commit by blendix :: r56395
More build fixes for visual studio 2012.
Patch #35019, #35131 and #35152 by Jurgen Herrmann.

Commit by blendix :: r56394
Fix collada module build for visual studio 2012.
Patch #35153 by Jurgen Herrmann.

Commit by mont29 :: r56393
Do not report formatting mismatch between org and translation when message is fuzzy (but "fix" it anyway if asked so).

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56392
move modal view3d keymaps out of main list of keymaps into the view3d section.

Commit by blendix :: r56391
Fix #35140: texture paint would give 'noisy' strokes and poor results for strokes
crossing themselves.
Again an old issue, the code that was limiting the max contribution to a pixel by
doing a max() operation, which is very sensitive to the spacing of the stroke dabs.
Instead we now use a formula does adds up on repeated dabs but approaches the
maximum brush value slowly and never exceeds it, which gives nice smooth results.
mask_accum = mask_accum + (sqrt(brush_max) - mask_accum) * sqrt(brush_max) * mask;

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56389
select loose wasn't working very usefully if you only wanted to select loose verts, now select loose verts/edges/faces
depending on the selection mode.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56388
update sphinx docgen
was missing context property attributes - context.mode for example. add RNA properties into context docs.
also minor updates
- exclude freestyle if its not enabled.
- add missing context member.

Commit by nazgul :: r56387
Fix for --debug-ffmpeg not giving enough information

Commit by dingto :: r56386
Cycles / SCons:
* Fast math compiler flag was set for Cycles, but not OSL.

Commit by nazgul :: r56385
Changes to image draw method options
It's now default to 2D textures, and no AUTO mode at this
moment, since detecting which method is the best not so
Image drawing could manually be switched to GLSL for tests
and feedback, but for default GLSL is not so much great.
Reason of this is huge images, where operations like panning
becomes dead slow comparing GLSL vs. 2D texture.

Commit by miikah :: r56384
Fix [#35110]: Dynamic Paint does not paint accurately in baked "Image Sequence" on Armature-Posed-Mesh
Dynamic Paint was also being calculated during "orco" mesh generation, causing image sequence baking to use orco
derived mesh instead. This likely affected vertex type surfaces too in some cases.

Commit by mont29 :: r56383
Usual UI messages fixes...

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56382
avoid calling BKE_brush_alpha_get() when project painting onto each pixel,
also increase the epsilon for ruler thickness offset.

Commit by dingto :: r56381
Fix for [#35146] Move Clip Editor: "T-key panel" bug

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56380
project paint unnecessarily split of texure checks into separate checks, calculating the texture coords when
outside the falloff.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56379
don't use GPU_extensions for BLF, its not initialized when using the blender-playanim and not really needed.
this reverts part of 55995

Commit by nazgul :: r56378
Fix for non-linear float buffer displaying on raw display

Commit by nazgul :: r56377
Tweak allocation vars for XYZ space for more accurate GPU transform
Also extend 3DLUT edge size to 64 (1 meg of memory) to increase
transform accuracy as well.

Commit by nazgul :: r56376
Fix #35139] Output panel options are not taken into account when you safe your render (JPG)
Was caused by svn rev53181, and it worked before because
image buffer didn't have quality set and in this case
fall back to scene settings happened.
Now or render result quality from scene settings is always
used, image buffer's settings is ignored.

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56375
Fix for #35134.
The node link operator had a feature to automatically expose sockets in node groups when ctrl+shift+clicking on a
node socket, which would create a node group input/output node. This was intended as a shortcut but conflicts with
other features such as socket selection and viewer creation. It is also hardly necessary now that input/output
nodes have an extension socket, which is much easier to use. Removed this expose functionality completely.

Commit by ton :: r56374
Bug fix:
Labels in UI were not drawing greyed out when disabled.
Bug in post 2.66a commit to make greying out buttons draw much nicer.
User reported Addon menu was not clearly showing disabled Addons anymore.

Commit by nazgul :: r56373
Fix for a typo in scons configuration

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56372
minor adjustment to vertex color baking, tag the meshes directly, no need to do via the objects.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56371
cmake - warn when an option is turned off because of boost being disabled.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56370
tweak for epsilon of intersection check, was too small for some cases.

Commit by sergof :: r56369
bullet: Fix avoiding collision response between static/kinematic objects
Sent patch upstream.
Fixes [#35115] Character physics type fails collision with static type with an action on 2.67 rc

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56368
fix for reset brushes curve setting a flipped curve

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56367
fix for inserting a color-curve point.
- was reading outside memory bounds checking the 'x' point.
- inserting a point to the right of the last point would add a point to the very left instead.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56366
fix for bug with edge-slide doing UV correction when the faces connected to one of the sliding edges dont have
contiguous UV's (or vcols etc).
resolve by using faces adjacent to the ones directly connected to the edge that sliding.
This isnt a prefect solution but it resolves the common case where an edge slides along a UV seam.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56365
simplify projectEdgeSlideData(), was doing unneeded looping, remove and remove need for visithash also.

Commit by dingto :: r56364
Fluid UI:
* Display Simulation threads only, when built with OpenMP.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56363
warning cleanup: assignment to unused vars, r56359 changes how brush falloff is used slightly but this isn't so
important so just remove falloff adjustment.

Commit by mont29 :: r56362
Fix for "new" Cycles handling of textures, UI code assumed all texture users use "texture" as prop name, but at
least WeightVG modifiers do not.
Fixed by adding a "texture_user_property" member to spacebuts' context, and using it to get the prop identifier
in ui script.
Thanks to Brecht for its advice!

Commit by dingto :: r56361
Fix [#35127] Layout -> Frame doen't exist anymore

Commit by blendix :: r56360
Fix #35121: cycles 3D viewport render pause button not working during render.

Commit by blendix :: r56359
Fix #34233: bad alpha blending for 3D texture painting. Same changes as the
previous fix for 2D image painting were done, and also:
* For brushes that do masking (keeping the max contribution to a pixel limited),
  the alpha from textures is now part of the mask. In many cases the logic
  worked out the same and where it didn't it used to cause artifacts.
* Color interpolation for smear and soften tools now happens in premultipied
  space, to avoid bleeding of RGB colors from zero alpha areas.
* Fix a few cases where byte <=> float conversion was not doing the proper
  straight <=> premul conversion.
* Replace some float division by constants with multiplications, is faster.
Note: float texture painting seems to have some issues updating the OpenGL
texture, but issue was already there before this commit.

Commit by ton :: r56358
Keeping my commit count high!
Previous GLSL code had error, the if() statement had to be negated.

Commit by ton :: r56357
GLSL display of float buffers with alpha:
Previous version worked, now a version with simplifying this GLSL code.

Commit by ton :: r56356
This glsl shader works for OCIO with alpha. OSX iMac with ATI.
There's no logical reason I can find... but I commit it because many others have
the same error, so we can check.

Commit by ton :: r56355
Bug fix #35117
Sequencer: Properties region didn't have the general Sequencer keymap, so it didn't
respond to "Nkey" to hide the region.

Commit by ton :: r56354
Bug fix #35124
Outliner was drawing "Animation" category even when no actions/strips/drivers existed.
Would happen after adding Action and unlinking it.

Commit by moguri :: r56353
BGE: Fix for [#34383] Blender crash Steering actuator 2.66 -> 2.59 -> 2.66. Reported and fixed by HG1.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56352
fix for crash while drawing editmesh with weights in rare cases when the length was set but array NULL.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56351
fix for out of bounds memory read when running wire-frame tool on empty mesh.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56350
minor changes, BLI_uvproject_from_view was doing matrix multiply for no reason, quiet float/double warning.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56349
BLI_strlen_utf8 was doing size_t / int conversion unnecessarily.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56348
remove unused function: projectf

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56347
add vertex color smooth operator.
Since the bug was fixed that made blur brush _not_ blur all verts, there is no way to blur vertex colors after baking.
While this was hidden it was useful especially for baking vertex colors.

Commit by nazgul :: r56346
Solve possible uninitialized variables usage in sequencer draw function

Commit by nazgul :: r56345
Fix for fix in alpha de-premul
We do not need to premul shader result, opengl
is already configured for straight alpha.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56344
quiet warning, color blend c file was missing own include, also minor style tweaks.

Commit by nazgul :: r56343
Premultiplication in OCIO shader went wrong,
it used to apply alpha on source color after
conversion, not on result.

Commit by nazgul :: r56342
Apparently better not to use values like 1.0f in GLSL code
Fix from debug session of self and Ton, was affecting OSX
builds, making GLSL display transform not working on this

Commit by nazgul :: r56341
Print error log to the console if OCIO shader compilation failed

Commit by nazgul :: r56340
Some color space issues in sequencer:
Sequencer was always trying to do GLSL color space
conversion, not respecting user settings at all.
This failed a lot when RGB curves a used in color
management settings.
Now sequencer will fallback if GLSL can not be used
and will also respect user settings (however, draw
pixels are not supported, sequencer always uses 2D

Commit by ton :: r56339
"Bug" & usability fix, own collection.
Color Pickers in Blender support precision editing with holding Shift key.
Unfortunately, on first click the picker cursor moves to the mouse position,
making the precision dragging quite useless.
Now, if you hold Shift, the picker editing will only apply the delta motion
of your mouse drags, making it much nicer for fine tuning of color grades
in Sequencer or Compositor.

Commit by blendix :: r56338
Fix #35113: solidify modifier not preserving clamp option on duplicating the
object or modifier.

Commit by blendix :: r56337
Fix part of #34233: bad alpha blending for 2D image painting. This is a very
old issue, the formulas here were never quite right, should all work ok now
with byte and float images.
Some differences:
* Colors with zero alpha from the background will never have an influence, so
  you don't get alpha fringes when painting over such areas. This does give
  hard edges when looking at the RGB channels alone, but there's no way to
  avoid that and fringes at the same time, same behavior as other painting apps.
* Add/Subtract/Multiply/Lighten/Darken now leave the alpha channel unchanged
  and work only the RGB channels, again same behavior as many other apps.
* Erase/Add alpha now compensates for premultiplied float images to keep the
  straight RGB colors the same.
Next: fix projection painting.

Commit by moguri :: r56334
BGE: Small fix to allow clip alpha to work with alpha shadows.

Commit by blendix :: r56333
Fix #35102: crash with experimental cycles displacement feature due to
uninitialized memory usage.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56332
fix for own commit r56204, wasnt checking edges exist before adding.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56331
real fix for [#35097], (curve cap flipping).
previous commit was incorrect, the face flipping depended on the orientation of the curve.
fix by passing the bevel direction to the fill function so we can have a reliable front/back.
This also gives some speedup for all curve filling since we can avoid calculating the normal since its already known.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56330
fix [#35097] only one curve cap is visible while backface culling is enabled - (again)
also replace array copying with memcpy.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56329
fix for regression where tessface weren't recalculated when running loopcut outside of a macro.

Commit by nazgul :: r56327
Fixes for color management:
- Sequencer preview was clamping float buffers
- ACES color space wasn't correct, was noticeable when
  applying display processor from linear space to display.
- Extended sRGB LUT to sRGBf from nuke-default config.
  Makes sequencer behave much better in sRGB space.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56326
fix for recent commit that allowed incorrectly flushed face selection.

Commit by nazgul :: r56325
Revert 56319, misunderstood API
This was completely skipping BA step when point
goes behind the camera.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56324
edgeslide fixes/tweaks
* re-executing edgeslide was using initial mouse coords only.
* allow negative smooth
* allow more then 10 cuts in RNA limits.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56323
add support for macro redo if all operators in the macro have an exec()
this fixes [#35079]

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56322
add exec() to loopcut so it supports redo.

Commit by sergof :: r56321
game engine: Use 0.04 as default collision margin
0 is to unstable as a default.

Commit by nazgul :: r56319
Fix for BA possible move bundles behind the camera
In some cases (was noticed on not good enough keyframe
pair) bundle adjuster could have moved bundles behind
the camera.
This could indeed lead to lower rewprojection error but
this is just pointless thing to do.
Now added check to residuals functor which will return
false to Ceres in cases point moved behind the camera
to prevent such issues.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56318
fix/feature [#35085] Loop cut slide
Loop cut slide now works with multicut.
issue is that since edge slide now supports more configurations, cases where loop-cut-slide silently failed before,
now slide (albeit in an awkward way at times).
Fix this my adjusting the selection of after loopcut so edge slide can properly operate on it.

Commit by blendix :: r56317
Fix image painting not adding alpha when 2D painting in the image editor. This
code got lost after the optimizations in revision 55033.

Commit by nazgul :: r56316
Fix 35091: Blender internal does not render face texture alpha
Issue was introduced in svn rev54374.
Now made it so image's flag from imagewrap*() argument
is checked instead of using tex->ima, which seems how
this functions were supposed to work.
Doublechecking on this change is really welcome!

Commit by blendix :: r56315
Fix preview render not starting in some cases, now starts the preview rendering
job if no render result is found and no preview render job is already running.

Commit by aligorith :: r56314
Bugfix [#34645] NlaStrip Tweak Mode - No automatic action length sync on exit
Originally I was thinking of not restoring this functionality (see report for
further details). However, upon rechecking the code, it seems that there was
actually a define set up for this already, but which wasn't actually hooked up
yet. So, this commit basically exposes this option ("Sync Length") which ensures
that when exiting tweak mode on a NLA Strip, that strip instance (and not other
users of the same action) will be updated to include the newly added keyframes.
This option is not enabled by default, and shouldn't really be needed in most
("intended") workflows.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56309
fix for out of bounds memory access in solidify modifier (hidden by guardedalloc).

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56308
add subsurf limits, in RNA, there were none, but subsurf would assert at 29.
Checked and subsurf level 11 gives over 3 million faces from a single triangle. So use this as a limit.

Commit by nazgul :: r56306
Fix #35082: Blender Freeze when change smoke domain setting
Issue was introduced by svn rev56273 and was caused by
both smokeModifier_do and smokeModifier_reset (which is
called from smokeModifier_do) do mutex lock/unlock.
This lead to quite undefined behavior caused by the same
thread released mutex twice.
Solved by not locking mutex from inside routines calling
from smokeModifier_process -- mutex is locked in parent
function anyway.

Commit by blendix :: r56305
Fix a few more cases where an operator should not show in the search menu.

Commit by blendix :: r56304
Fix #35080: freestyle Fill Range by Selection operator giving error when invoked
without a linestyle.

Commit by blendix :: r56303
Fix #34172: cycles BVH build crashing in some rare circumstances on 32 bit linux.
The problem was (again) the x86 extended precision float register being used for
one float value while the other was rounded to lower precision. This caused the
strictly weak order requirement for std::sort to be broken.

Commit by sergof :: r56302
game engine: Use bullet's default contact processing theshold
Blender's old default of 1 was too small here.
Now we don't override the default.
If it's really needed to use a smaller value here, the property should
be first exposed in the ui, but don't think this is necessary.
Fixes [#35076] Dynamic objects have periodic glitch in velocity when on an incline

Commit by sergof :: r56301
rigidbody: Code cleanup
Remove outdated comment.

Commit by mont29 :: r56300
Fix [#34545] Render layer name is unwantedly translated in composite node editor
Some enums' items actually are generated from data (like the render layers of compo nodes), so they should not be
translated. Added a PROP_ENUM_NO_TRANSLATE new RNA flag to tag those enums (only found those for nodes, but may
be more of them around).
Also fix similar issue in main list of render layers (Py UI code! :P ).

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56299
style cleanup

Commit by lockal :: r56298
minor fixes for freestyle
- update copying code for linestyles to copy gaps
- update copying code for freestyle line modifiers to copy mapping flags and seeds
- fix drawing code for Material modifiers after a recent refactoring

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56297
individual inset was missing relative option.

Commit by blendix :: r56296
Fix freestyle crash due to freed memory access. The render data needs to be
freed first, and then the scene that it used.

Commit by blendix :: r56295
Fix part of #34640: vertex color blur brush would average face corner colors
at vertices for the entire mesh, which meant that discontinuous face colors
would be lost for unrelated parts of the mesh too. Now only vertices within
the brush radius will be affected.

Commit by blendix :: r56294
Fix #35077: cycles incorrectly rendered an empty with dupligroup that was
dupliverted by its parent.

Commit by blendix :: r56293
Fix part of #34640: colors darkening when using the vertex paint blur tool.
The problem was that vertex colors only have 8 bits of precision, and integer
division always rounds down, so after some color blending iterations everything
gets darker. Instead use integer division that behaves like round() instead of
floor() for blending operations.

Commit by gaiaclary :: r56292
fix:#35073 face normals calculation used wrong mloop index

Commit by nazgul :: r56291
Fix #35074: Image editor shows color banding on rendered images (even with dither set to 2.0)
Mistake in one of changes to GLSL display function,
missed fallback mode in case dither is non-zero,

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56290
ruler tweak: don't, snap to edit-object, because it didnt work well when modifiers are applied in editmode.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56289
ruler snapping
- draw snap circle to make it more obvious when snapping succeeds.
- when not in wire-view, snap to the surface when adding new rulers.

Commit by aligorith :: r56288
Bugfix [#35075] Physics Panel of Particles Fluid is Truncated
Some RNA Properties were not updated in UI scripts after a recent refactoring
there removing "use_" prefix from some of the boolean properties (strangely
though, while every other property attached to SPHFluidSettings.flag has gone
from "use_factor_blah" to "factor_blah", use_factor_density still keeps the old

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56287
ruler snap adjustments
- when in wireframe mode: don't snap to faces, instead snap to the closest edge/vertex.
- when not in wireframe mode: snap to the front-most element (was a problem that it could snap to an edge/vert
behind the face)
- reduce the distance for selecting ruler points, was too easy to accidentally drag a ruler.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56286
fix [#35072] View name of 3Dview is clamped in Japanese
just increase size of string to allow for utf8 chars.

Commit by xercesblue :: r56285
Fix #29932 Left Shift + Numpad 1,2,3 not Aligning to Active
Intermediate Shift+Key messages were resetting modifier flags.

Commit by blendix :: r56284
Fix build error with scons + msvc, needs pthread include.

Commit by blendix :: r56283
Fix two more high DPI / retina draw issues with running jobs in info header and
the node tree name in the node editor.

Commit by blendix :: r56282
Fix #34806: rigid body world settings were not copied with a full scene copy.
Now copying a scene will also duplicate groups that consist entirely of objects
that are duplicated with the scene. The rigid body world will then also pointers
to these new groups.

Commit by blendix :: r56281
Fix crash going to a scene with no camera, with an inactive 3D viewport space.
The regions of the space are stored in a different place depending if it is
active or if another space is in use. The code here was iterating over both
but it should be only one because the other might contain regions of another

Commit by blendix :: r56280
Fix rigid body world Solver Iterations not showing in UI and throwing python error.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56279
minor fixes
- build with netbsd works again.
- select uv more/less was crashing when called outside image space.
- node RNA property update was crashing when not called in node space.

Commit by blendix :: r56278
Fix #34714: cycles viewport render would restart when minimizing and unminimizing
a maximized Blender window in Ubuntu Unity. The window size would slightly change
as part of the unminimize effect.
Now cycles waits 0.2 seconds before restarting rendering after a viewport resize,
also a bit less flickery when changing the 3d view size in Blender itself.

Commit by blendix :: r56277
Fix cycles build error, RNA C++ API did not properly handle output parameters.

Commit by blendix :: r56276
Fix flickering black tiles in preview render, after viewport render commit, it's
nicer when the new preview draws over the old one.
The code was changed so that the render result is freed all the time because
freestyle manipulates render layers. Now it only does it when freestyle is
enabled so cycles and regular blender internal can still avoid it.

Commit by blendix :: r56275
Fix blender internal preview rendering continuously restarting after recent
viewport render changes.
Actually was an older issue that would cause unnecessary preview render restarts
if the render result was not allocated before it was drawn. Now the render result
is being reallocated each time for freestyle which made the issue worse.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56274
rna api function scene.ray_cast now returns the object and its matrix (incase its a dupli).

Commit by blendix :: r56273
Fix #34783: smoke simulation crash when changing frame while preview rendering.
Added a mutex lock for smoke data access. The render was already working with a
copy of the volume data, so it's just a short lock to copy things and should not
block the UI much.

Commit by blendix :: r56272
Fix #35068: bpy.ops.node.output_file_add_socket() now works on the active node
if there is no "node" in the context, for scripting convenience.

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56271
Fix for #34739 and #35060, avoid ambiguity in compositor viewer nodes.
The design changes coming with pynodes for the node editor allow editing multiple node groups or pinning. This is
great for working on different node groups without switching between them all the time, but it causes a problem
for viewer nodes: these nodes all write to the same Image data by design, causing access conflicts and in some
cases memory corruption. This was not a problem before pynodes because the editor would only allow 1 edited node
group at any time. With the new flexibility of node editors this restriction is gone.
In order to avoid concurrent write access to the viewer image buffer and resolve the ambiguity this patch adds an
"active viewer key" to the scene->nodetree (added in bNodeTree instead of Scene due to otherwise circular DNA
includes). This key identifies a specific node tree/group instance, which enables the compositor to selectively
enable only 1 viewer node.
The active viewer key is switched when opening/closing node groups (push/pop on the snode->treepath stack) or when
selecting a viewer node. This way only the "last edited" viewer will be active.
Eventually it would be nicer if each viewer had its own buffer per node space so one could actually compare viewers
without switching. But that is a major redesign of viewer nodes and images, not a quick fix for bcon4 ...

Commit by blendix :: r56270
Fix #35008: compositing nodes viewer border (ctrl + B) not working correct inside node groups.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56269
allow to scale and rotate from edge/vertex slide.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56268
fix for crash changing transform modes rotate/edge-slide/grab. setCustomPoints() assumed allocated member was big
enough which wasnt the case when switching from rotate.

Commit by blendix :: r56267
Fix #35063: GLSL texture node Value output was not outputting alpha.

Commit by blendix :: r56266
Fix material node editor not working when Blender Game is selected as render engine.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56264
use more rna-constant name for bevel clamping.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56263
fix relating to r56260, when in vertex paint mode the mesh would have tessfaces allocated, which prevented baking
from updating vertex colors.
baking now clears tessfaces.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56260
fix glitch where vertex baking wouldn't always refresh the mesh.

Commit by howardt :: r56259
Fix bug #34611: bevel overlap limit
The previous fix limited overlap, but is sometimes
too conservative, and artists want way to turn off
the limiting, so added 'Allow Overlap' option to

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56258
fix [#34657] Smoothing will not be updated in object mode, when hiding faces in edit mode and changing shape.
remove the option to skip hidden faces in BM_mesh_normals_update, use openmp to speedup recalculation for high
poly meshes.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56257
fix for mistake in own recent commit r56249 with rna_EffectorWeight_path

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56256
simple optimizations for bvhtree_from_mesh_faces() for editmesh, was quite inefficient (unneeded loops, not breaking
out of face loop early).
also correct own oversight - use TRANSFORM_DIST_MAX_RAY rather then when checking for max value in snapDerivedMesh.

Commit by kjym3 :: r56255
Fix for broken Material color/alpha/thickness modifiers.
Reverted part of the trunk revision 56234 (RNA attribute consistency edits).

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56254
alternate fix for [#24887] - r33294.
Casting a ray onto an editmesh was building a derivedMesh, raytree, then freeing for every ray-cast.
Noticed while using ruler+snapping in editmode.
Instead of attempting to align the MFace and edit-mesh tessfaces, just use editmesh for ray-casting.

Commit by kjym3 :: r56253
Fix for full-sample anti-aliasing (FSAA) not working with Freestyle.
Reverted the trunk revision 56136 and part of revision 56127 concerning the local Main
for Freestyle and temporary scene generation for stroke rendering.
The function do_merge_fullsample() in pipeline.c has access to the Scene of each Render,
so that the temporary Scene generated by Freestyle has to be kept for FSAA even after
stroke rendering has been done.  By the same token, the local Main has been moved from
the BlenderStrokeRenderer class to Render.  It is noted that free_all_freestyle_renders()
in pipeline.c is intended to get the temporary Scene of each Render released specifically
taking account of the FSAA case.

Commit by nazgul :: r56251
Apparently this files had native eol set in svn props,
but in fact were using windows-like eol.
Sthis screwed up meld and branch diffs here.
Shall be no functional changes.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56250
use string escaping when renaming animation paths - BKE_animdata_fix_paths_rename()

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56249
fix [#34958] keyframe many items would fail if there was a (") in the text.

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56247
Another little fix for #35010. Added better labeling for node groups, so it's possible to see which node group
type the sockets in the node tree view belong to. Otherwise would be virtually impossible to use it.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56246
remove negated string macros from BLI_utildefines.h, were unused and can just use !STREQ(...)

Commit by nazgul :: r56245
Strip unneeded folders and files from numpy

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56244
fix [#34894] Ruler/Protractor: While it's active, one can open the file browser for file saving + Crash

Commit by nazgul :: r56243
Buildbot tweaks
Add numpy installation to blender player configuration,
this is so because player is building first and it installs
python, which prevented numpy installation from blender

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56242
fix [#35055] Crash in Edit Source feature for multilevel menus
dont show the option when operating on a menu since its not supported.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56241
fix for issues with ruler
- disabling ruler snap wasn't setting the points depth back to its previous value before snapping.
- adding a new ruler uses the depth of the previous active ruler (fallback to view center as before)
- deleting the ruler now sets the prev/next ruler active.

Commit by blendix :: r56240
Fix #35058: Mesh > Edge/Face > Bevel would do vertex bevel if that was used in
the operator the previous time. However for these menus it makes more sense to
always use edge/face bevel and to leave vertex bevel for Mesh > Vertex > Bevel.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56239
minor changes to get numpy working with locally bundled python.
- enable site-packages for bundled python distrobution, py3.2 had a problem where it would try to parse headers
we didnt include, but its resolved now.
- workaround for glitch I was having on arch-linux where lib64 would be be used for the bundled python directory
when it was just a symlink.

Commit by psy-fi :: r56238
Fix missing feature: fit mask stencil to aspect.

Commit by psy-fi :: r56237
Fix issue reported by Campbell: Move texture existence check out of loop
and exit ovelay display early. Avoids possible garbage value reading.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56236
edit to r56235, min/max are common abbreviations used in rna.

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56235
Added registerable size properties for node types in RNA. This allows pynodes to define min/max and default width
for nodes. Height is also registerable, but will be ignored for the standard node layout doable with pynodes atm
(height is calculated automatically based on sockets and extra buttons). It might be usable in the future, for
now just added for completeness.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56234
rna attribute consistency edits, use common prefix for booleans.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56233
style cleanup

Commit by aligorith :: r56232
Bugfix [#34869] Switching actions does not trigger animation refresh
Changing actions via RNA (or apparently from the Action Editor browse menu too)
didn't perform all the necessary updates/tagging/recalc needed to have the
results of the new action get immediately applied in the 3D view. This caused
problems for exporters, as the first frames exported would be incorrect (though
this could probably be worked around by manually stepping the current frame
forward one frame then back again).

Commit by psy-fi :: r56231
Allow hiding separate hiding of overlays on stroke.

Commit by psy-fi :: r56230
Add stencil control for mask overlay. Key combinations are the same as
regular stencil but use Alt as well, so Alt-Rclick is translation, Alt-
clamping to avoid scaling of stencil to zero.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56229
fix for UI annoyance with popups (such as new image popup) opening their menus to the right of the button.

Commit by psy-fi :: r56228
Overlay fixes:
* Clobbering enum
* Cursor overlay not dependent on mapping (again!)
* Brush overlay not updating when size is tweaked

Commit by blendix :: r56227
Fix #35056: crash running bpy.ops.transform.rotate() in background mode.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56226
fix [#34706] Projection precision is zoom dependent
ED_view3d_project_float functions were rounding the results.

Commit by blendix :: r56225
Fix part of #34882: mesh active face not drawing stippled with the mirror modifier.

Commit by psy-fi :: r56224
Fix silly mistake, cursor overlay does not depend on any brush texture

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56223
fix/workaround [#34983] bpy.ops.mesh.primitive_torus_add() ignores rotation-parameter

Commit by psy-fi :: r56222
Overlay refactor:
Allow separate control for tex/mask/cursor overlay. This commit implements
separate overlays for mask textures and cursor curves. The user can turn on
and off separate parts of the overlay by using the appropriate widgets.
The cursor overlay widgets are located at the tool selection panel
Also fixed alpha masks not getting correctly masked and mask texture mapping
not having the correct update callback

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56221
from bug report [#34984] bmesh.ops.recalc_face_normals() ignores use_flip=True
the name `use_flip` is misleading, option in fact tags faces that have been flipped, rename to `use_face_tag`

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56220
fix [#35007] clipping border error
add clip option to ED_view3d_win_to_ray(), ED_view3d_win_to_segment()

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56219
add clip_segment_v3_plane_n() to clip a line segment to planes (as used for view clipping).
use in ED_view3d_win_to_segment_clip() and fix error, was clipping by only 4 planes rather then 6.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56218
code cleanup: remove duplicate function _det_m3(), clip_line_plane was copying a vector for no reason.

Commit by mont29 :: r56217
Yet another Stupid Stub Fix™!

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56216
fix for scaling on individual center in mesh editmode when the object has non-unit matrix. (own error when adding
support for axismtx in editmode)

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56215
Nicer registration mechanism for node categories. The lists of node categories and items are now stored in a
dictionary with an identifier key, so they can be registered and unregistered individually. The Add menu is now
persistent and gets extended with a draw function for each of the registered node category lists.
This allows pynodes to define their own list of node categories and items and register it at runtime without
interfering with the standard nodes.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56214
fix own mistake updating edge slide, even edge-slide was broken

Commit by blendix :: r56212
Fix part of #34746: crash importing certain collada files with armatures. It still
imports the armature wrong though.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56211
tweak to vertex slide drawing, reduce line alpha, could cover vertex and make it hard to see whats happening.

Commit by blendix :: r56210
Fix #35051: when viewing a complex node setup in the material properties, the
properties were continuously redrawing, which slowed down everything else.
The problem was integer overflow, with a short only capable of storing values
up to 32767. Note that sockets are collapsed by default since the previous
release, and that's it's not very useful to edit such complex node setups in
the properties editor, it's mainly meant for simple setups or group nodes to
present just a few sockets.

Commit by nazgul :: r56209
Fix #34350: Maya Keyboard map preset problems
Two main things:
- Made a python operator for selection in a viewport
  which will de-select everything if nothing is under
  the mouse.
  To do so needed to modify VIEW3D_OT_select, so invoke
  sets mouse location which is later used by exec
  This way it's possible to select stuff from python
  defined operator.
  Not best-ever solution since ideally exec() shall not
  do OpenGL stuff, but we've got this issue in some
  other operators. We'll solve this later.
- Used a keymap from Gianmichele Mariani as a reference,
  updated his keymap to latest changes in operators.
  We shall match Maya keymap much better now, thanks
  for the keymap dude!

Commit by blendix :: r56208
Attempt to fix #35041 and #34725: cycles crash with OSL and both a 3D viewport
and preview running at the same time.
It seems there's something in OSL/LLVM that's not thread safe, but I couldn't
figure out what exactly. Now all renders share the same OSL ShadingSystem which
should avoid the problem.

Commit by blendix :: r56207
Fix #35054: adjust tooltip for Render Border option in 3D view panel to say
it has an effect outside of the camera view.

Commit by aligorith :: r56206
Bugfix [#34836] Crash when driver variable has path == 'data'
Most of the places which relied on RNA_path_resolve() did so believing that if
it returned true, that it had found a valid property, and that the returned
pointer+property combination would be what the path referred to. However, it
turns out that if the property at the end of the path turns out to be a
"pointer" property (e.g. "data" for Object.data), this would automatically
become the pointer part, while the prop part would be set to null. Hence, if a
user accidentally (or otherwise) specifies a path for the single-property driver
variable type like this, then Blender would crash.
This commit introduces two convenience functions - RNA_path_resolve_property()
and RNA_path_resolve_property_full() - which mirror/wrap the existing
RNA_path_resolve() functions. The only difference though is that these include a
check to ensure that what was found from resolving the path was in fact a
property (they only return true iff this is the case), and make it explicitly
clear in the name that this is what they will do so that there's no further
confusion. It is possible to do without these wrapper functions by doing these
checks inline, but the few cases that had been patched already were pretty
hideous looking specimens. Using these just make it clearer and simpler for all.
I've also beefed up the docs on these a bit, and changed these to using bools.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56205
missed setting loop edges in previous commit.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56204
fix [#35026] Curve build modifier

Commit by nazgul :: r56203
Footage information panel
Displays such information as current frame dimension,
frame number within image sequence/movie and in case
of image sequence input displays current file name of
a frame.
Not entirely happy with such approach, but was requested
a lot by artists.

Commit by psy-fi :: r56202
Support more mapping modes for alpha masks. Tiled, stencil and random

Commit by nazgul :: r56201
Fix #35037: Compositor: MultilayerEXR + undo loses image. Crash when selecting in Image Editor
Issue was cause dby ima->ibufs being stored in a ma on
undo/redo and ima->rr not. In case of multilayer image
ibufs hares pointer with render result, so current
undo/redo policy lead to a dead pointer stored in ibuf.
Made it so ima->rr also stores in the map and restores
on redo/undo keeping all the pointers fine.

Commit by nazgul :: r56200
Fix #35039: two other issues with curve caps
- Skip filling caps if spline is cyclic
- Use hard limit of 1024 for curve resolution

Commit by nazgul :: r56199
Update Ceres to current upstream version
This brings a fixes for threading issue in BLAS
making BA step more robust (there were some in-detemrinacy
caused by this threading issue).
Also brings some optimizations, which does not directly
affect on blender.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56198
fix for error in own recent changes to vertex weight drawing in editmode.
where disabling show_weight, the colors would still draw.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56197
revision r56196 adding uv select more/less used 4 nested 'for' loops,
rewrite to use only 2.
also use generic, reusable functions for selection flushing so each operator doesn't need to implement its own.
and merge more-less operation into the same function, just call the selection flush function with select/deselect arg.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56196
remove unneeded null checks from commit r56194, also minor style cleanup.

Commit by sergof :: r56195
rigidbody: Add function to perform convex sweep test
This is a experimental collision detection function, so the API might
change in the future.
Note: The simulation needs to be stepped before this function can be
used, otherwise the rigid body world might not be valid.
Patch [#34989] Bullet Convex sweep test API
by Vilem Novak (pildanovak), thanks!

Commit by lockal :: r56194
Add Select More (ctrl np+) and Select Less (ctrl np-) to UV editor
These tools allow to extend or shrink uv selection like in edit mode, but also take selection mode, sync mode and
sticky mode into account.

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56193
Fix for NULL pointer bug, reported by Jens Verwiebe in IRC. ED_node_tag_update_id tries to get a node tree from
the active id pointer, but this only works for standard node types, not for pynodes.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56192
fix [#35043] Camera view breaks with multiple scenes and the "view center camera" action.

Commit by mont29 :: r56191
Fix for add nodes search box showing nasty "UUUUUUUU"-like entries with some python builds...
Workaround for an issue with python: strings generated by py scripts should also exist in python as long as they
are used in C. Else C code may access freed memory.
Simply store the generated list of items in the class, for now. :/

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56190
missed this previous commit (r56188), using normalized angle function.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56189
utility function volume_tetrahedron(), for mathutils and BLI math.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56188
code cleanup: avoid unneeded normalizations when joining tris -> quads, also correct assert with

Commit by kjym3 :: r56187
Minor code clean-up & removal of unused code segments.

Commit by kjym3 :: r56186
Fix for a crash due to uninitialized local Main (introduced in revision 56127).

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56185
Removed the group_tree_idname property from node types. This was a bit of a hack to associate node group types to
specific tree types for node group operators. Since the node group operators now work independent from this property
(see r56183) that property is no longer needed and just pollutes the bNodeType struct.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56184
revert own change from 56177, game bounds can be useful to see in editmode,
also use gcc attributes for smallhash header and some style edits to recent commit.

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56183
Fix #34846, Node->Ungroup menu entry is broken. The standard node group operators now don't require the node_type
string property any more. They are limited to the Shader, Compositing and Texture node tree types and will pass
through for other (pynodes) tree types. Associated node group types are hardcoded.
The original rationale for adding the node_type property was to allow node group operators work generically on any
node group type automatically. The problem is that detecting the appropriate node group type and node tree type to
use for a group depends on using a node base type. Due to the fact that RNA does not allow multiple inheritance
(mixin classes) this is impossible to achieve if node types also have to use a base type such as ShaderNode,
CompositingNode or TextureNode.
The idea is now to just "make it work" by limiting the node group operators to the standard tree types. For future
pynodes we can implement these operators nicely in Python, which will allow pynodes to use mixin base classes or
derive their own operator types and re-use the same keymapping.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56182
skip checks in statvis_calc_thickness(). also remove paranoid NULL checks in smallhash.c

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56181
fix [#35025] Mesh Debug samples strange behavior

Commit by alexk :: r56180
Forgot disable else and it became: else /* */ break;
Caused a crash on Windows on alt-key when a tablet was plug in.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56179
code cleanup: minor improvements to scripts.
- make wm-property operators use INTERNAL option.
- make console use str.expandtabs() rather then replacing tab->spaces.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56178
code cleanup: simplify python rigidbody operators.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56177
fix for glitch in object drawing, color of texspace was last used editmode draw color.
also disable BGE bounds drawing when outside of object mode.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56176
code cleanup: remove unused var from drawobject 'warning_recursive'. also remove unused colors from 'colortab'.

Commit by nazgul :: r56175
Bring back support of FFmpeg >= 0.7
After planar codecs support minimal FFmpeg was
bumped to 0.10 which was not so much nice because
it was only released only later last year.
Didn't find a way to make compatibility code local
in ffmpeg_compat, so there're some ifdefs in
audaspace and writeffmpeg.
Not entirely happy, but having a bit of ifdefs in
code better than lots of real PITA for platform

Commit by mont29 :: r56174
Restore usage of difflib's quick_ratio()... Don't actually know what happens here, my tests with timeit showed it
much slower than ratio(), but real-life says the contrary...

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56173
style cleanup: edge slide

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56172
uv project from camera now sets defaults so the image maps to the camera bounds,
also rename newly added `Mesh Debug` -> `Mesh Analysis`

Commit by mont29 :: r56171
Usual Stupid Blenderplayer Stub Fix™! :P

Commit by ton :: r56170
UI drawing fix:
Wrongly replaced a "&" with "|" for a define. That made node headers in node editor
draw too dark. Also made header for default node not use alpha.
In general this drawing is not very good - it gets too transparent and dark.
Needs nicer AA function in interface, will be done later.

Commit by gaiaclary :: r56169
Added minimal support for progressbar in python

Commit by nazgul :: r56168
Fix #34818: Sculpting Mode only rotates around geometry origin (bring bug back)
Made it so average coordinate of previous stroke is used as
a viewport rotation center when Rotate Around Selection is
enabled in user preferences.

Commit by mont29 :: r56167
More fix (cleanup) to r56063: remove call to RNA_create_pointer, it has already been called by uiButGetOperatorPtrRNA()
if needed.
(I thought it would also copy idproperties, but as it does not...).

Commit by mont29 :: r56166
Py API doc generation: add bpy.app.translations module, and fix a few errors found while building the doc. Thanks
to Campbell for review.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56165
fix for crash in r56063, was just missing an ID property copy (which menu does)

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56164
fix for bug where edge slide could set mouse start/end points to the same value - so you couldnt move the edge
loop at all,
now check that the screenspace projection of the start/end points have some length and fallback to fixed offset
if none do.
also rename confusingly named vars.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56163
fix for incorrect edge slide interpolation at loop endpoings with ngons.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56162
fix [#35009] Edge/Vertex Slide issue using G-G.
add support for edge slide on boundary edge loops as well as loops with mixed in boundary faces.

Commit by lukastoenne :: r56161
Fix for bug reported by Dalai Felinto on IRC, crash in blenderplayer after r56055. The ntreeUpdateTree function
uses G.main, which is not defined in blenderplayer (NULL). Using G.main is in itself an ugly hack required for
the node verification. Just added a sanity check for now.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56160
code cleanup: edge slide, avoid building BVH tree, more logical var names.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56159
fix for incorrect edge loop slide direction when one of the loop sides was lost walking around the loop.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56158
code cleanup: remove unused vars in edge slide, only store the initial vertex coords rather then a copy of the
whole vertex, name edge slide directions a/b rather then up/dowb.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56157
simple optimization, replace BM_face_other_edge_loop() with BM_loop_other_edge_loop() in situations where the loop
is known this avoids a lookup.

Commit by campbellbarton :: r56156
style cleanup

Commit by dfelinto :: r56155
BGE: Extend Framing Mode + Camera sensor
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04:54 June 2nd, 2012
@fish : thank .. now your blender build running well on my new ubuntu 12.04
11:08 May 17th, 2012
15 . Fish (builder)
too much changed between narwhal and ocelot :-(
as i changed the build systems from meerkat to ocelot the builds dont run anymore on narwhal and meerkat and i did not find a solution (yet)
i just forgot to update the description text...

so apart from upgrading there is not much you can do at the moment ;-(
05:05 May 14th, 2012
my OS Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)
thank.. fish.

your recent build(2.63) did not work for me error :
libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15' not found (required by ./blender)

but your old build(2.62) work fine : )

i am your big fan : )
02:29 May 13th, 2012
13 . Fish (builder)
which OS is that?
03:41 May 3rd, 2012
error :
libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15' not found (required by ./blender)
02:55 March 16th, 2012
11 .
In rev 44900 i have a problem. When I unwrap model and next go to texture paint mode the grid from UV/Image Editor window disappear.
This is build bug or compiling ?
Thanks for Your builds they are Great.
01:43 January 22nd, 2012
10 . Fish (builder)
i always compile and include all kernels :-P
ls 2.61/scripts/addons/cycles/lib/
kernel_sm_10.cubin kernel_sm_11.cubin kernel_sm_12.cubin kernel_sm_13.cubin kernel_sm_20.cubin kernel_sm_21.cubin
10:20 January 21st, 2012
Hey, would you please precompile the cuda kernels? For a while I wondered why some graphicall worked with my gpu (Nvidia GTX 240) and some will crash the computer due to excessive memory usage. Turns out the kernels can be precompiled. I don't know why exactly, but somehow some people on graphicall can precompile these kernels without actually crashing their machines... but - understandably as it takes a lot of time - they stopped doing so.
It would be really nice if you could include precompiled Kernels,
01:30 November 25th, 2011
8 . Fish (builder)
thx :-)

blend.polis has a IRC channel on freenode as well

I am almost always there :-)
11:56 November 24th, 2011
Hello Fish

This Build seems to do quite well, my nvidia is now working with cuda *freu* Yesterday my system updated some nvidia stuff, that is why I tried again. Maybe my Bug report on their site helped? Congrats for your builds. is there a section on blendpolis how to do so? German would help with a quite technical issue like this..
01:44 November 15th, 2011
Ehi, you did it, I think. No more crashes since r 41825. :)

P.S.: the zip says "r41825", not "r41785" as written at the top.
06:08 November 11th, 2011
5 . Fish (builder)
no problem :-)

I am searching for days/weeks already for the cause of the crash ...tried all kinds of oiio/boost versions...still no luck :-(
02:00 November 10th, 2011
Hey Fish, thanks a lot for all your builds, I used them extensively; apart from the Cycles build, dunno why but only with your builds I always (and still with this one) got an instant crash as I try to render in Cycles uvmapped and textured objects. This doesn't happen with builds from other people.
This is not intended to be offensive, on the contrary it was to say thanks to you and to make you aware that there is probably something wrong (libraries maybe?) in your compiling pipeline, I suppose...
11:06 July 13th, 2011
2.58 r38341:
64bit uploaded as 32bit and 32bit uploaded as 64bit.
12:06 May 2nd, 2011
2 . Fish (builder)
tested on Ubuntu 11.04 :-)

sudo apt-get install libopenal1 openexr libavformat52 libavutil50 libswscale0 libavdevice52 libfftw3-3
or install those packages via synaptic and it should work
00:43 April 29th, 2011
1 . Fish (builder)
if blender doesnt start on "clicking" the executable (if you dont start it from a terminal)
some libraries/packages might be missing

sudo apt-get install libopenal1 openexr libavformat52 libswscale0 libavdevice52 libfftw3-3
in a terminal or locating those packages in synaptic and installing them should get it working :-)
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