» Blender 2.59 + Yafaray + External
Updated 17:27 September 4th, 2011

Hey all! This is my first upload of a build, but not my first build. The build is the trunk svn + all of the contrib addons and Yafaray.


The reason I include Yafaray is that it is the one external render engine which I use extensively, and there are not many builds here which include it.


This build was built on a LinuxMint11 box.

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06:36 September 18th, 2011
2 . Sonic4Spuds (builder)
Thanks giorgioadolfo, I will be looking into those extensions or options whatever they are. I am going to be uploading an installer for debian base soon and yafaray stand alone builds.

10:47 September 8th, 2011
Thank you very much for this build. Could you try to compile a version with the SSS shader and the Irradiance Cache? That would be really nice.
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