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Updated 07:53 November 17th, 2011
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Compiled for 10.6 and up

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07:39 November 22nd, 2011
17 . Don Quixote (builder)
Good News! Now blender.org has started posting nightly builds of blender here: http://builder.blender.org/
10:47 November 17th, 2011
Thanks a lot for posting your builds, much appreciated ! :)

Weird thing is that Cuda doesn't work here (it says "Failed loading render kernel"...), on Lion 10.7.2 (hackintosh with a GTX560) while TKROO's builds are working perfectly fine.
Other than that, it's cool to have new builds so often for Mac OS X, it makes a big change from the beginning of Graphicall when we were often left with "old" builds while other systems got a new one on a daily basis ! :D
09:54 November 17th, 2011
Thanks Don, your the man! I hate to be a bother, but now many of the video render outputs are missing, such as H.264 (which i use daily).
07:49 November 17th, 2011
14 . Don Quixote (builder)
@Bjornio, thanks for letting me know. I added compiler option to include ocean sim now.
@gun4hire, I have added an option for collada. I believe it's in now though I did not test it.
The build is getting uploaded right now. Once you revision changes to 41945. You can download. It'll be in a few minutes.
22:46 November 16th, 2011
Applied an Ocean Sim modifier to a plane. Does nothing and brings up the modifier with the words inside it saying "Built without OceanSim modifier" so I guess it wasn't included? Thanks!
13:28 November 14th, 2011
Instant Crash - Leopard 10.5.8 iMac 2.8 GHz DuoCore 2GB memory - am running cycles on a 2.59 version works OK
11:10 November 14th, 2011
also, is there a reason this build is marked as experimental? It says trunk in the title of the build but the icons next to it indicate that it is experimental.
11:04 November 14th, 2011
hey Don Quixote, thanks for the builds. Do you think you could build with the collada (.dae) import/exporter? It does not seem to be included
22:49 November 13th, 2011
dmg don't work... [ on mac os x 10.6.8].
12:51 November 13th, 2011
Stupid me! Just understood my incredible mistake! Sorry about that guys! x°D
12:36 November 13th, 2011
Hey there... Noob question here...

This is the second time I try a 'Blender + Cycles' build... Last time, there was a 'Rendered Mode' option that has disappeared in this version... Or at least I can find it anymore! :/ Any ideas?!

This is not a CPU vs GPU issue, because I don't own a CUDA compatible graphics card, and I can only run Cycles in CPU mode...

Here's a capture of where it used to be:

06:02 November 13th, 2011
Hi All,

Same remark as for the 41769 : cycles seems not working with GPU (black rendered image), since it works well with CPU.

Do i miss something ? (my config : macpro 2011 lion 10.7.2, AMD radeon HD 6750m)

08:26 August 22nd, 2011
5 . Don Quixote (builder)
@eversimo, I am not sure how to compile blender using scons. I use cmake. I followed the blender wiki. It worked out without me reinventing the wheel. I found somebody's shell scripts for updating svn repository, compilation and creating dmg files. Modified them for my paths and they just work. The shell commands executed per one each blender branch are:
make -j4
make install
and after that I run a script to create dmg file from the blender.app

@wafa, I will try compiling onion. If it goes smooth I will upload.
07:12 August 22nd, 2011

I just want to ask if You could build onion branch osx blender. I heard that the sculpt tools are great.

05:52 August 22nd, 2011
What I need to do to build blender again?
I'm on a Mac Pro and I build Blender through scons for myself but... python version was changed to 3.2... then I updated python through mac port but when I try to build it I get this error in terminal:

Mac24:blender Mac24$ python scons/scons.py BF_BITNESS=64 -j12
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "scons/scons.py", line 66, in
if os.environ.has_key("SCONS_LIB_DIR"):
AttributeError: '_Environ' object has no attribute 'has_key'

Can you help me?
07:48 August 15th, 2011
2 . Don Quixote (builder)
@tmcintosh, the 3DConnexion driver is not included in this build.
14:32 August 11th, 2011
Tried using this on 10.5.8 and could not get the SpaceNavigator to work. Are there any special things to do to turn the feature on? The new beta 10 driver from 3DConnexion is installed. I also tried the 2.58 build, and it did not work either, but the left button did launch the SpaceNavigator menu within Blender. Any thoughts? Thanks...
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