» Blender 2.61 Cycles / OS X (32 Bit)
Updated 00:35 January 11th, 2012
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Blender 2.60 for OS X 32 bit architecture

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18:48 November 21st, 2011
(I meant 10.5.x for non-64 intels)
18:56 November 17th, 2011
Thanks so much! This one's solid. Will you make a 2.60.4 with Cycles for those of us on OS X 10.6.X Intels? (so not 64-bit) That'd be great.
11:02 July 21st, 2011
i love you man, i was looking for 2.58 build for macos tiger and this one works great
06:27 July 16th, 2011
Hi Tkroo,
Do you still support the 64-bit versions of this build?
http://www.graphicall.org/400 seems to be stuck at 38190.
17:01 July 14th, 2011
Tkroo could you please also provide a 32-bit Salad ?
16:49 July 14th, 2011
Thanx tkroo,
i missed your bulds :)
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