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Updated 00:41 January 11th, 2012
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Blender 2.60 for OS X 64 bit architecture

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06:44 January 12th, 2012
regarding my last comment, the issue appears to be gone with r43282
08:19 January 9th, 2012
Hi tkroo,
as of this build (r43228) i can only get black and white renders. Download this file and try and render it to see what i mean:
this did not happen in your last build (r43198)
computer specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz, 4 gigs of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 512 MB, Snow Leopard, 64bit
thanks again for the builds!
20:33 January 8th, 2012
Hello. I have 2 problem during he last 2 days. I can not uppload my blendfiles with PastAll. Is there any problem with PastAll.

Every time I download Blender Cycle(Cuda) OSX 64 bit I got messages GPU and Cudas dont work on my brand new iMac i5 Intel OSX 10.6.8 64 bits 12GB
I need to do somthing I have missing. Do you know
Thanks in advanc
06:38 January 1st, 2012
Thanks Atom for helping. Sorry for late reply.
11:14 December 28th, 2011
The unarchiver worked, but the build did not.

Do your builds work on OSX 10.5.8?
07:22 December 28th, 2011
Spender. Try The Unarchiver. Open source archive extraction tool for mac. I personally use it and haven't had any issues with it.


tkroo and others archive the blend file to reduce strain on the Graphicall server. The smaller the files the more bandwidth they save, which keeps the site running smoothly and ad free.
02:15 December 28th, 2011
I to, have big problem to unzip your stuff. Why unzip??? I never use unzips before becase I dont need one. Before today I upgrade diectly in to my Blender 2.61. 64 bits.
Can you explane how to get your upgrades in to my brand new iMac Intel 10.6.8 64 bits I try plenty of times with all unzipers. i dont get the question " "Open up with Blender 2.61" Can I get back the old metodes to upgrade directly in to my Blender.
Thank you.
19:49 December 23rd, 2011
17 . tkroo (builder)
eversimo, glad you figured it out. I Recently started using cmake instead of scons for builds. Feel free to contribute your builds to Graphicall. cheers!
04:06 December 23rd, 2011
Forget about it...
I found a way to fix scons.
The problem was the path for gcc-4.2, in lion (or Xcode 4) the gcc-4.2 was modified... the name and the place!
I think the name is "llmv-gcc-4.2"... I can't remember...
I just changed the paths and the names in the user-config.py and it run's OK!
I'm able to build in Lion now! I noticed that building with this gcc I get the OMP working for fluid, smoke... It use's all threads...
11:58 December 22nd, 2011
Hi, tkroo!
I'm in trouble again... perhaps you can help me :)
I'm on os x 10.7.2 with Xcode 4 that I downloaded for free form AppStore.
When I try to build blender using scons, it get an error just in the beginning... saying that the gcc 4.2 was not found...
Can you give me some tips on this?
05:57 December 16th, 2011
Build 42667 will not unzip. I tried 2x.
I have had no problems with any other of the other 7zip builds.
18:45 December 15th, 2011
13 . tkroo (builder)
Atom, Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm using 7zip format at the request of Graphicall.org in an effort to reduce bandwidth useage.
"STOP! please help us with our bandwidth, use heavy compression algorithms like 7-zip at max level, always strip your binaries (blender and blenderplayer), for mingw builds theres a strip.exe utility for that. "
10:16 December 14th, 2011
Is there any way you can post your builds WITHOUT .7Z format?

In a corporate work environment machines are often locked down and I can not install new software just to unzip a Blender build without getting the TECH department involved.

A standard ZIP would be great.
20:30 December 12th, 2011
Good to see you back, tkroo. Thanks for all your builds. Have a Merry Christmas!
04:48 October 19th, 2011
Tkroo, I have crash blender when I try to delete an object in Outliner.

sorry for my english
16:36 September 27th, 2011
could you update? :)

14:39 September 27th, 2011
Hello Tkroo

First I want thank for all your work delivering regular builds. I have a little problem with the recent builds, the animation in a file I have been working on cant play forward, it plays backwards. If I try to play it forward the playhead just jumps to the first frame. The framerate is visible as if the animation is playing, but nothing moves. I have tried the same file with the 2.59 version from blender.org and it works fine, but not in more recent builds. Is this a known problem? Do you have any idea why this happens?
08:15 September 10th, 2011
Sorry, there's not a bug, just checked "clayrender" sorry to bother you
23:58 September 9th, 2011
OS X 10.7.1 i7 8Go/1Go video
Since 40043 and 40073 i can't texturing with luxrender in blender and in rendering windows of luxrender (0,9dev)
i have the latest luxblend in mercurial
THX for your work.
13:40 September 2nd, 2011
i can't get my spacenavigator 3d mouse to work with your builds.
with the "official" 2.59 build from blender.org, the 3d mouse is working fine.
02:59 August 29th, 2011
Great to see that regular updates of this build have resumed after a summer vacations.
Thanks a lot for your efforts, tkroo!
17:24 August 17th, 2011
As always, thanks for your efforts!
05:03 August 2nd, 2011
OSX 10.5.8
when blender starts i have following errors in console:

SystemFlippers: didn't consume all data for long ID 0 (pBase = 0x1035d9610, p = 0x1035d9614, pEnd = 0x1035d9618)
SystemFlippers: didn't consume all data for long ID 0 (pBase = 0x113e90be0, p = 0x113e90be4, pEnd = 0x113e90be8)

but everything seems working so maybe its not important

THX for your builds.
18:05 July 6th, 2011
Thanks tkroo, much appreciated.
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