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Updated 14:29 November 6th, 2011
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This is the Cycles Branch, built on a Windows 7 system with cmake and Visual Studio 2008.

Build with CUDA and OpenCL, enjoy!


User Documentation for Cycles


Requirements for GPU Rendering:


-nVidia: any CUDA capable GPU with at least driver 270.*


OPENCL: (unfinished, you only get white clay renders)

-nVidia: CUDA capable card with at least driver 280.* (not working on some older cards due to wrong OpenCL version string (will be fixed later)

-ATI: any OpenCL 1.1 capable card (5xxx series or later...) with catalyst 11.8 or later

Recent changes:

Cycles: procedural texture nodes reorganization. 
This will break existing files using them, but rather do it now that I have the chance still.

* Wood and Marble merged into a single Wave texture
* Clouds + Distorted Noise merged into new Noise node
* Blend renamed to Gradient
* Stucci removed, was mostly useful for old bump
* Noise removed, will come back later, didn't actually work yet
* Depth setting is now Detail socket, which accepts float values
* Scale socket instead of Size socket
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00:57 November 5th, 2011
thank you dingto for your builds. one thing though. snapping does not take effect on all objects inside edit mode. it only snaps on the objects outside edit mode. one solution is to separate objects so that it snaps. it is also same as the blender 2.60a. but anyway cycles rules!!!
04:25 October 29th, 2011
After restarting the computer the CUDA rendering works fine :)
OpenCL works aswell but it only gives a grayscale render.
16:54 October 28th, 2011
I have a problem with both CUDA and OpenCL. I know that my graphics card has CUDA enabled since Ive been using the Octane Renderer with GPU and CUDA enabled. The Graphics card I use is a Nvidia Geforce GT 440 and its updated (today).
In the command log I get the following errors with CUDA and OpenCL:
CUDA error: No CUDA-capable device available
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuCtxSetCurrent(cuContext)
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuMemAlloc(&device_pointer, mem.memory_siz
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuCtxSetCurrent(NULL)
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuCtxSetCurrent(cuContext)
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuMemsetD8(cuda_device_ptr(mem.device_poin
ter), 0, mem.memory_size())
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuCtxSetCurrent(NULL)
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuCtxSetCurrent(cuContext)
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuMemAlloc(&device_pointer, mem.memory_siz
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuCtxSetCurrent(NULL)
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuCtxSetCurrent(cuContext)
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuMemcpyHtoD(cuda_device_ptr(mem.device_po
inter), (void*)mem.data_pointer, mem.memory_size())
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuCtxSetCurrent(NULL)
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuCtxSetCurrent(cuContext)
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuGraphicsGLRegisterBuffer(&pmem.cuPBOreso
CUDA error: Driver not initialized in cuCtxSetCurrent(NULL)

And for OpenCL:
OpenCL error (-1001): Unknown
OpenCL error (-34): Invalid context
OpenCL error (-34): Invalid context
OpenCL error (-36): Invalid command queue
OpenCL error (-34): Invalid context
OpenCL: failed to initialize device.
08:44 October 26th, 2011
Hi there.
First: this is great! Thanks for the build.
Yet I have the same issue (same error) as Hurleyman when swithing to openCL GPU.

Windows7 Ultimate x64
i7 quadcore with hyperthreading, 6gb RAM
And I just bought a Sapphire Radeon HD6770 since my old ati 3600 couldn´t cope with opencl.

Hoping for a sollution!
14:52 October 19th, 2011
@ Fishlike & hiks
Thanks for the solution! Taking spaces out of the path name solved part of my problem.

CPU works, but when I switch to OpenCL GPU I get a new error:
"OpenCL build failed:
calclCompile failedError: Creating kernel kernel_ocl_path_trace failed!"

I just got the latest drivers.

I'm running Win7 64-bit
lots of RAM
6 core CPU
pair of ATI Radeon 5670s in CrossFire
14:02 October 13th, 2011
i have a AMD A8 APU with a Raedon 6620M. Blender crashes upon setting rendering from CPU to GPU.
also input and output nodes can't be added for compositting (i dont think this is something i am doing wrong but i may be wrong)
EXR photos cant be seen as background texture image while in render view unless i look at the scene from the camera and HDR photos wont work as background texture images (for me and my HDR photos)
19:20 October 11th, 2011
I'm hanging out for Open CL too! There is some info here if anyone wants to read about the development of cycles.
15:00 September 22nd, 2011
Oh God, thank you, I'm on it for 2 hours ! It works now.
Sorry but your builds are so stables sometimes I forget they're experimentals .
Go for the new one !
14:28 September 22nd, 2011
44 . DingTo (builder)
@franck.desert: Change to Blender Internal Engine and disable/enable color management. Should be fixed in the future.
14:11 September 22nd, 2011
I'm so happy this type of tools is comming so fast to blender and I would like to thanks all those who are coding this great soft for years.
I tried cycles with this build and it's relatively stable, incomplete for sure but stable !

The biggest problem I have :
In Render preview mode (in the viewport), I got the image I want (I mean visually material and lights are OK) but as I launch a rendering process (in a New window, from Image button, specifying dimensions), the image calcuted is always much darker than in the preview port ...
I really don't understand why I got a difference between the twice ... Same render engine nope ?
Any Idea please ?
10:37 September 19th, 2011
42 . DingTo (builder)
Yes, just wait a bit until OpenCL matures. :) Thank you for testing and reporting back.
09:33 September 19th, 2011
Thank you DingTo!

I always get the kernel error... In the System console appears the same message as Aggressor's one: " OpenCL: C version 1.1 or later required, found 1.0 " ....
I've the latest drivers from ATI ( 11.8 ) and a Mobility Radeon HD 4550 .... Should I just wait untill Cycles get stable?
08:10 September 13th, 2011
No, your english is great (better than mine maybe). I understood what you want to say but I didn't find any spaces and thought spaces aren't allowed in windows paths but there was a space in the user name. Therefore moving cycles to the destop didn't worked.
I moved it in the folder for programms and it works now. Thank you hiks.
13:51 September 12th, 2011
Sorry, maybe my english isn't perfect :)
I had this kind of an error when I placed cycles in a path that had a space somewhere (like in "c:\Blender[SPACE]Foundation\cycles")
13:38 September 12th, 2011
What do you mean with erasing spaces? I moved in to anotherdirectory. Didn't help. Strange...
Maybe I'm to stupid ^^
Also tried Revision 40168. Same problem
12:50 September 12th, 2011
Try erasing spaces in your path to cycles or move it into other directory.
10:53 September 12th, 2011
I get immediately a black render with this build (and every before)
I use a AMD 6850HD with Catalyst 11.8
Console says:
Compiling OpenCL kernel ...
OpenCL build failed:
Invalid option:PATH-TO-BUILD-FOLDER/2.59/scrips/addons/cycles/kernel (expected - at the beginning)
Danke Thomas für deine Arbeit an einem OpenCL build ;)
17:10 September 10th, 2011
Hi DingTo, I thank you for the replay...
So the print is 'OpenCL build failed:
Error in processing command line: Don't understand command line argument "H"!'
But do not worry to much if It's only me. I'm well aware that we just trying WIP software and to be able to use CPU/CUDA is more than I can wish for ;)
Anyway thanks again!
12:21 September 9th, 2011
34 . DingTo (builder)
Hey perbone,
thanks for the kind words! :)

Can you check the console? (Enable it via Help > Toggle System Console).
If it prints that you only have OpenCL 1.0 then it's a known issue.

As fas as I know, all nVidia cards which are CUDA capable are OpenCL 1.1 compatible, although the nvidia device info returns 1.0. (for whatever reason) on some older cards.
Is on the ToDo list to fix it.

Best regards,
20:28 September 8th, 2011
Hi DingTo,
Thanks for the build, I appreciate it very much!
Just a side note, I think currently Cycles fail for older nVidia as well for the new ones 'cause I have a Quadro 1000m and it delivers just a black canvas.
Full spec of my gear: Lenovo w520 i7 2720QM (Sand Bridge) 16GB Win7 64 (The CPU-only Intel OpenCL does not work as well but than for now I think it is expected this way...)
Thank you for your invaluable help for this community.
Paulo Perbone
16:07 September 8th, 2011
32 . DingTo (builder)
@delta: Please read my notes ;-)
It's a know problem that OpenCL does not work on older nVidia cards!
15:40 September 8th, 2011
nvidia 250gts...when turn to opencl I've got 'Failed loading render kernel'
15:15 September 8th, 2011
30 . DingTo (builder)
@justposted: Probably a bug, will report it. :)
It works though here with my nVidia card. (OpenCL)
15:06 September 8th, 2011
Very excited to find an OpenCL build of Cycles. Wasn't expecting that so soon. Many thanks on that front.

Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to render using OpenCL on the latest build (posted about an hour ago). It just goes straight to a black render window. Works fine in CPU mode. OpenCL seems to be working, as SmallLuxGPU works as it should.

Console says: OpenCL build failed: Invalid option: - (expected an option name). Do you think that is a problem with the build or a problem with my set-up?

Win 7/64, ATI 5770 running 11.8 video/OpenCL drivers

Thanks in advance.
18:03 September 4th, 2011
OpenCL works perfect now using that link, thanks DingTo.
17:45 September 4th, 2011
27 . DingTo (builder)
None taken, don't worry. :)
Well, I think Brecht just removed it because it fits better inside the compositor. Optimizing the User Interface is another topic, but we won't forget that. :)
Thanks for using my builds!
10:41 September 4th, 2011
Sorry, DingTo, bad word choice on my part. No offense intended.
Out of curiosity, was the film thing the first step in the redesign to minimize the headers and scrollers thing in preference for more reliance on nodes?
I think it's cool that Cycles is evolving so quickly. And I like that it forces people like me to learn to use nodes. I'm just starting to, but they are exciting. It looks like you can do anything with them. ILM, look out!
03:47 September 4th, 2011
25 . DingTo (builder)
The people who have issues with OpenCL on nVidia cards, please download this build and replace the blender.exe with the one from here http://temp.dingto.org/blender.7z, I fixed the detection there, but will wait for Brecht to review this, maybe it's the wrong solution. :)
02:37 September 4th, 2011
@agus: I had the same problem. Load the blender factory settings and it should work (File -> LoadFactorySettings)
But no OpenCL (Nvidia GTS240, 280.26 drivers, Windows 7 64-bit), just CUDA.
00:00 September 4th, 2011
Hi DingTo! thanks for the build!

But it doesn't work, the engine selector at the top bar isn't there, and it is setup with the clasic blender internal render.
22:23 September 3rd, 2011
To clarify the problem further, the console tells me that it's looking for OpenCL 1.1 and it believes I only have 1.0. I have the latest drivers, they were even clean installed when I installed them. Do you have any idea about the problem yet, DingTo? I was really looking forward to testing out OpenCL rendering.
11:18 September 3rd, 2011
I have noticed that OpenCL won't work if there is a space somewhere in the blender.exe path (mine was in "...\Blender Foundation\..."
It gives the "Invalid option: " error. Maybe that will help someone...

11:14 September 3rd, 2011
20 . DingTo (builder)
Sorry to all Radeon 4x users but according to the AMD pages, there is only OpenCL 1.0 support for this series. Source: http://developer.amd.com/sdks/AMDAPPSDK/pages/DriverCompatibility.aspx
10:08 September 3rd, 2011
Hello DingTo, OpenCL doesn't work with mine either. I'm using an Nvidia 250GTS with the latest 280.26 drivers, Windows 7 64-bit. Failed loading render kernel. This must require something other than the 280.26 drivers, otherwise I don't see why people with the exact same drivers have differing degrees of success. :(
23:33 September 2nd, 2011

Yep, i have the same. Got 4850 with latest drivers 11.8 (Win 7 x64) and with this build i got that no OpenCL1.1 in system.. Previous build 39856 gaves me errors with kernels ..
16:13 September 2nd, 2011
17 . DingTo (builder)
@Aggressor: Yes a check was added to make sure people have OpenCL 1.1, but the 280.26 driver should work and it has OpenCL 1.1. Does someone have the same issue?
15:05 September 2nd, 2011
Thanks for the new build!
In 39879 I can't use OpenCL anymore. It says "OpenCL: C version 1.1 or later required, found 1.0". I have GTS250 with 280.26 drivers and previous build that was here less than one hour ago rendered diffuse renders with OpenCL.
05:57 September 2nd, 2011
Works with 11.8 Catalyst driver with a Radeon HD 5400
04:19 September 2nd, 2011
14 . DingTo (builder)
1: I did not pull anything, I always compile the SVN without changes.
2: It will come back, but probably inside the compositor.
04:12 September 2nd, 2011
Hey Ding-To, why did you pull the feature that lets you select different types of film (like Kodachrome, or FujiSLRRRRRRR)? You can get some really gorgeous renders using those options and I think that it would be extremely useful in conjunction with something like Tomato.
Is this a temporary thing, or is this just the way it is now?
02:32 September 2nd, 2011
Nevermind. It Works!!
11.8 Catalyst driver with a XFX 6870
02:24 September 2nd, 2011
I seem to have some trouble with rendering with GPU.
My gfx card: XFX 6870 1 GB @AMD Catalyst 11.8

still changing the setting though
02:06 September 2nd, 2011
I've heard about saving bug before, but never experienced it myself. Saving in .png without problem.

Tested OpenCL mode, it works just as described. Maybe it's because shaders are incomplete, but performance is much faster than CUDA. Preparing a scene for rendering is, on the contrary, much slower (above 3 seconds for default cube, for example). Thanks for the build as always!
06:53 September 1st, 2011
dear Aggressor, I have exactly same configuration and Cycles works also great apart from saving the final render output;) I've found some interruption in paths so it's good to reassign render output paths via User Preferences and also in my case I can only save images now as BMP format. Looks like times of little chaos and disruption in Cycles world;) With BMP fortunately not for me:)
14:06 August 31st, 2011
Thanks for the build, works great on Win7x64 and GTS250! Gaussian filter is what I needed the most.
06:27 August 31st, 2011
from this build 39781 something sucks as exporting via static/dynamic BVH is much slower then in former builds and what is most annoying after finishing render the result cannot be saved!:( only EXR want's to be saved but then Blender hang...
07:56 August 22nd, 2011
6 . DingTo (builder)
I can't make x64 builds yet. And there are no precompiled libs for some of the Cycles dependencies in SVN, so this will need some more time.
07:51 August 22nd, 2011
Thanks for the update, DingTo. I'm loving this stuff.
Will there be a build of win64 with CUDA?
11:40 August 21st, 2011
Tested in Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and it works. I'd love to see a 64bit native version with CUDA.
09:43 August 21st, 2011
Thanks for the build my friend.
Happy Cycling ô¿ô

08:42 August 11th, 2011
Thanks! It works!
13:48 July 4th, 2011
please resume releasing cycles for windows + CUDA
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