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Updated 03:46 August 11th, 2011
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This is the patched version of Blender 2.5 with V-Ray patch and exporter.
Built with the autobuild-script as described here



 Big Thanks to Sebastian K. and to bdancer


Open COLLADA and OPENMP = True


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06:44 August 11th, 2011
Hi, all! Great build. All works fine! Аффтар жжот!
I examined how to add motion blur to image. The problem is that MB adds only if animation rendering.
What to do if I need single image perfectly blurred?
06:32 August 4th, 2011
Great release!! thank you.
Now how to set up a basic scene with blender and vray??
03:08 August 4th, 2011
V-Ray works. Blender too.
But I can't enable motion blur in my shot. Options are set (in camera and lights). But nothing happens :(
00:08 August 4th, 2011
3 . emt (builder)
You guys are too good :) - Thank you ;)
18:12 August 3rd, 2011
Works great, thank you. I love using Vray together with the new camera composition guides in Blender :D
14:12 August 3rd, 2011
Great work on this build emt! Thank you very much for putting these together, I have been seeing you put up new builds really frequently, and this one seems to be working perfectly :)

It's great to be using vray and a much newer build of Blender, thank you again!
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