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external addons from sourceforge scripts library

Simply place the file addons extern in 2.63\scripts folder & it works.

tested Blender rev 47833


External Addons: Included in Sourceforge repository.

Addons List:

Add_Mesh_Cad_Objects  > BA Forum Link  by meta-androcto + credit: based on Window, Balcony & Sove by SAYproductions

Add_Mesh_Edge_Profiles  > BA Forum Link by meta-androcto

Add_Mesh_Objects > Collection of extra object addons  by meta-androcto + credit:

"Ogive", "author": "Julien Duroure" >  Wiki Link

"Teapot+", "author": "Anthony D'Agostino" (Add Mesh Yoda) > BA Forum Link

"NACA Airfoil" "author": "David Wehr" > BA Forum Link

Add_Petunia > fun way to add Macouno's famous Petinia Model! by meta-androcto 

Add_Scene_Elements  > BA Forum Link  by meta-androcto + credit: part based on addon by Eric Toven (3point lighting set) 

Blender26_meshio > pmd. mqo miku miku dance > by ourstrue Site Link

Compositing Presets > Wiki Link 

io_import_mesh_afm_ascii by Zeffii > BA Forum Link > Zeffii's site

io_import_minecraft by acro > BA Forum Link > acro's site

io_import_scene_ifc > Site IFC Open Shell  note: in this build you need to extract _IfcImport.7zip to use.

matlib (BI Version) > Matlib by Alfonso Serra with Blender Internal materials.

matlib (Cycles version) > Matlib by Alfonso Serra with Cycles materials.

mitsuba render > addon for Mitsuba render engine note: check site for updates.

Object destruction by Scorpion81 > BA Forum Thread >  Master Branch on GitHub 

3delight render by Matt Ebb > Addon site > 3delight renderer 

Render Music by Fweeb > BA Forum Link > Wiki Link 

Suicidator City Gen by Piiichan > BA Forum Link > Official Site

3d Pix Addon by Liero >  BA Forum Link

3d Pix animation by Liero > BA Forum Link

add_fc_noise_script by Liero

add_nurbs cave by sdfgeoff > BA Forum Link

add surface plane/cone/star/wedge by Folkert de Vries > BA Forum Link 

Add_Vert > add single vert or empty object origin to edit mode. by meta-androcto

aggregate_mesh by Liero

armature to mesh by Liero > BA Forum Link now also in Mextrude Plus addon in contrib

Blam camera calibration toolkit by Per Gantelius BA Forum Link > Official Site

Bounce by Kgeogeo > BA Forum Link 

Breakpoint addon > BA Forum Link > Official site 

Connect Particles by Liero, now also in Btraces addon in contrib

Context Sensitive Menu by demohero > BA Forum Link > Official Site 

edge_fillet by zmj100 > BA Forum Link look for edge fillet & other bmesh tools update by zmj100

edge_slide by zmj100

extrude_along_path by zmj100

face_inset_fillet by zmj100 

file_browser_search by Jakub Zolcik > BA Forum Link > Wiki Link 

ghosting addon by Liero 

grow radius addon by liero > BA Forum Link now also in Btraces addon in contrib

help_browse_svn by meta-androcto 

io_smd_tools by Tom Edwards, EasyPickins > Official Site 

layer_manager by Anfeo > BA Forum Link > Official Site 

lichtwerk_MeshTransfer by Philipp Oeser > BA Forum Link 

mesh_bevel_witold by Witold Jaworski > Official Site 

mesh_death_guppy by paleajed > Official Site

mesh_edge_grow by paleajed > Official Site 

mesh_edge_tune by paleajed > Official Site 

mesh_fan_connect by paleajed > Official_Site 

mesh_fast_loop by Metalliandy > BA Forum Thread 

mesh_fibre by paleajed > Official Site 

mesh_fillet _plus by zmj100, palajed > Official Site 

mesh_index_select by Liero

mesh_lap_relax by paleajed > Official Site 

mesh_par_edge by paleajed > Official Site 

mesh_quadder by paleajed > Official Site 

mesh_selection_topokit by dustractor > BA Forum Link > Official Site  

mesh_straighten_plus by paleajed > Official Site

mesh_lint by rking > Wiki Link > Master Branch on GitHub 

mesh_multiextrude by Liero > BA Forum Thread now also in Mextrude Plus addon in contrib

mesh_polyredux bt paleajed > Official Site

mirror arbitrary by zmj100

object_advanced_align_tools0_7 by Lell, Anfeo > BA Forum Link

object_align by zmj100

object_align_to_active_object by chromoly

object_creaprim by paleajed > Official Site 

object_fast_origin by paleajed > Official Site 

object_multi_rename by Maximilian Eham

object_rename by Oscurart > Blog

orphan_cleanup by Phil Cote > Official Site 

oscurart_copy_mirror_consrtraints by Oscurart > Blog

oscurart_io_txt_rawmeshes by Oscurart > Blog

oscurart_object_to_weightmap by Oscurart > Blog

oscurart_random_vertices by Oscurart > Blog

paint_grease_particles by paleajed > Official Site 

parent_to_empty by Liero

parent_to_mesh by Liero

parent_mesh_experimental by Liero

PFluidTools021-Speed by bashi > BA Forum Link 

Quick_prefs by Sean Olson

ramunas_unicode_helper > Official Site

small_Lux_gpu > Link

rig_face_bone_tool by khuuyj 

sebastian_stereoscopic_camera_1_6_7 by Sebastian Schneider

sequencer_eco by Carlos Padial

sequencer_extra_actions by Turi Scandurra

sequencer_extra_actions_proxy by Carlos Padial

sequencer_jumptocut  by Carlos Padial

sire_o by zmj100

slow_parent by Liero

space_view3d_armature_data by Trentin Frederick (proxe)

space_view3d_rotview by paleajed > Official Site 

space_view3d_snap_parent_only by Buerbaum Martin (Pontiac)

space_view3d_stored_views by nfloyd > Wiki Link 

space_view3d_sun_position by Michael Martin > Wiki Link

space_view3d_toggle_views by Evgen Zaitsev

space_view3d_transpref by paleajed > Official Site 

sure_uvwbox5 by Alexander Milovsky

system_cycles_material_text_node by Silvio Falcinelli > Official Site > BA Forum Link

time_offset by Liero

trace_objects by Liero > now also in Btraces addon in contrib

trace_particles by Liero > now also in Btraces addon in contrib

treadtiler by Ido > GitHub Master > Extensions Page 

Unbake_fcurve by Liero







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16:48 June 27th, 2012
2 . meta-androcto (builder)
yes, this collection is 32/64 bit independent, also os independent
05:32 June 26th, 2012
thank you for this compilation! I have a question and wonder if this is 32/64 bit independent?

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