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Updated 21:44 February 21st, 2012
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This is a windows 32 build from (http://www.partha.com/) uploaded with the permission of Partha.  You can find 64 bit versions as well on his site.  To run, extract and run gimprun.exe.

Noteable new features:


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05:38 December 28th, 2011
Hi all,

The latest version 2.7.5 is now available on my website (www.partha.com).

Please let me know if you have any issues with this version.

11:05 July 18th, 2011
thx very much!!!

somehow 2.6.11 stopped working onto win7

keep us updated!!!
best regards!
11:39 June 15th, 2011
5 . liquidape (builder)
@dfelinto Your're welcome - It was a good chunk of time trying to find builds ( and building gimp is pretty rough on windows) so I figured I would try and publicize the ones I found - seems to be working

@wahooney - I believe (though don't quote me) that the theme is defined by gtk. So, basically the theme is supposed to match the OS that you are on. I agree that it looks kinda junky atm in windows. Gimp is really hurting for devs, and I think they are really really short on graphic design type people, so you are seeing a lot of 'programmer art'
19:42 June 14th, 2011
Oh, this is great, the first time I've got a working 64bit version. Thank you!
01:56 June 14th, 2011
It's really cool that we FINALLY have a new 2.7.x build, but why is it so ugly? I've tried changing the theme, but all that does is make things smaller :P
22:18 June 13th, 2011
thankyou very much! gimp now seems much more professional :D
15:31 June 13th, 2011
Thanks so much. I went to Partha's site and downloaded the 64 bits. It works great!
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