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Updated 02:14 August 9th, 2013
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GSoC 2011



Tomato Branch


As of Revision 56265 reconstruction variance criteria for GRIC-based keyframe selection.




As of Revision 50503 Color Management: finish pipeline changes.

Blender 2.64: Color Management

As of Revision 48506 OpenColorIO libs for Windows.


::-  Green Screen Keying   -::

Blender 2.63 release candidates available - Ready for testing :) 

Blender Foundations 2011 Google Summer of Code Projects.

Now with all the trunk intergrations. These Tomatos are ripe for the pickin'

Congrats Sergey :)

Motion Tracking Wiki

GSoC 2011: Tomato Branch

Tomato Branch

Camera Tracker Integration:

Sergey Sharybin will design interfaces and other tools for integrating the camera tracking library libmv for 2D and 3D matchmoving, camera tracking, and camera stabilization. Ton Roosendaal will be mentoring.



Camera Tracker library improvements:

Matthias Fauconneau will work on additional features for the libmv library so that it can fully meet Blenders camera tracking needs. Julien Michot, one of the main developers of libmv will be mentoring.




New -->Plane Tracking tracking And Compositor Nodes

New plane tracker and compositor node
By: Keir Mierle & Sergey Sharybin
Plane Track. A new way to do a 4 corner pin in Blender.
By Sebastian König

Camera tracking integration:


Here are some images and videos from nazgul:


Camera tracking integration - Step 2

Camera tracking integration - Step 3

Camera tracking integration - Step 4 - trailer

Camera tracking integration - Step 4



Tomato tracking test - By: Sebastian König

4 corner pin tracking - By: Sebastian König

Tutorial: Four corner pin tracking with Blender - By: Sebastian König

First native Blender 3d track and "scene" ever! - By: Sebastian König

Eye-Candy. A little less crappy tracking test with Blender - By: Sebastian König

The Candyride. More tracking fun. - By: Sebastian König

Demo of tracking workflow in Blender - By: Sebastian König

Blendercookie.com Tutorial - By: Sebastian König


Blendercookie.com Using the Camera Tracker – Round 3 - By: Sebastian König  

Blendercookie.com-Blender: Overview of Object Tracking in Tomato Branch - By: Sebastian König  *NEW*

The footage used in this video is available from here: hollywoodcamerawork.us/trackingplates.html


Setup Scene for Tracking in Blender - By: François Tarlier

RotoTracking with Blender 2.5 (rotoscopy using tracking Data) - By: François Tarlier

Easy 2D stabilization footage with Blender 2.5 (tutorial) - By: François Tarlier



Dynamic Paint wave simulator and Tomato Branch's Camera tracking, Miikah uses GSoC 2011 Salad Branch. 

By: Miika Hämäläinen



Invasion of the Robots - By: Conz3D

Invasion of the robots thread on blenderartist.org





Tomato Test by: Sebastian König


Images from Nazqul


Qt libmv Reconstruction Tool



Not enough flavors for your taste buds?

Try the All You Can Eat Salad Bar.


Built with MSVC 2008 + CMake on x64 Win7   
Blender 2.68.2 + GSoC-2011 Tomato.Win7.x64-59030



Congrats to all in the GSoC.

Happy Blending...




29 Comments so far. Leave yours.
20:12 October 22nd, 2012
hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a 32-bit windows version for this tomato branch. ive been searching everywhere and just cant seem to find one
02:18 September 8th, 2012
Thank you for all the Tomato (and trunk) builds. I've been using them in production for over a year. Until Tomato again gets merged into trunk I rely on these builds. So please keep 'em coming. Thanks again.
08:12 August 13th, 2012
hey, im the only person in graphicall that builds blender for mac osx 32 bit, and I can't upload because the upload button won't appear. please let me know whats going on - mumia555@gmail.com
06:52 November 20th, 2011
26 . tungerz (builder)
Hiyas tek5828,
Everything is in the trunk builds now, Any recent builds will have camara tracking, Cycles, Ocean sim, and Dynamic paint :)
I did notice that nazgul still doing trunk merges into tomato, to keep it fresh and up to date :) So who knows whats down the road :)
00:34 November 18th, 2011
Hey tungerz was wondering if there was going to be any more changes to this build? or all the new trackers stuff would be in a different one?
09:53 November 6th, 2011
24 . tungerz (builder)
Hiyas tek5828,
I asked nazgul about it and he agrees, it is annoying, he is going to discuss it with ideasman on best approach to fit blender design better.
Will add more on this later.
22:50 November 5th, 2011
Hey tungz,

Is there any way to only use SAD. Because If i place a marker, change it to sad, any other markers placed from then on are KLT and I have to manually change each one to SAD.
19:04 October 23rd, 2011
YESS THANKYOU!! SO MUCH, the "use settings from previous version." SO HELPFULL!
01:56 October 12th, 2011
Great work! Tomato was and is really on my wishlist. Finnaly I can create fx on movies! Thank you!

I wonder if it would be possible to use real time video streams as video input for the game engine. Combining cameras would be nice too.
07:59 September 26th, 2011
One thing Nazgul or tung, latest edit says

"Revision: 40564
Log Message:
Camera tracking integration

Renamed "Kayframe {1, 2}" to "Keyframe {A, B}""

You should also change the error note for when there is not enough tracks from "At least 10 tracks on both of keyframes are needed for reconstruction"
to, "10 active tracks are needed on keyframe B from A"

or worded better, just trying to state that the tracks on Keyframe A HAVE to be the same tracks on B, not new tracks to replace old dead ones later on.

13:00 September 7th, 2011
I love that there is distortion factored in. I used values from a demo version of Syntheyes, using a syntheyes chart. It gave me a value of -.0085 (not exactly a Zeiss Prime). Is that something I can just plug into the distortion value K1?
12:49 September 7th, 2011
This is so strong! To have these features in Blender is amazing. What a great work flow. So many features, so a strong release, so much more powerful and intuitive than using a third party application. Great great things.
I'm having problems using the reconstruction and getting square things square (windows on a second floor), but there is a lot I have to learn about the workflow, so I hesitate to ask for help on this. I also have some pretty extreme distortion on my zoom lens for the project I'm doing.
Here's the main thing. This is amazing work. Thank you. Thank you.
12:10 September 7th, 2011
I can confirm the problem of tek5828. I'm running this build on an regular (= legal) Windows 7 64 bit Professional and the detect features (for sure) and the tracking (very likely) are extremely slow compared to earlier builds (July - Early Augusts).

Also the number of detected features decreased a lot, therefore I have to manually add tracks and run detect features on multiple frames which is a pain when each feature detection needs about 5 min.

Also I've the feeling that the reconstruction is worse than before even though I admit this could be a result of the bad tracking result
07:22 September 1st, 2011
16 . tungerz (builder)
Hi tek5828,
I missed alot of builds and have to catch up on all of the logs but hope to soon, hope that this build works for ya :)
Cool effect on the window sils :) Great work!
02:55 August 22nd, 2011
Hey Tungerz, just a quick problem, not sure if this is the right place for it,
but I'm using Windows 7 64bit Ultimate,

your previous r38578 worked well on my machine, downloaded this one today (r39568) and when selecting "detect features" after importing a video (.mov), the program hangs for awhile (1-5 minutes) while in the old version was pretty much instantaneous.

Just thought you might have an answer, thanks for your efforts!


p.s. another new video (jets landing on my window cil!)

11:23 August 6th, 2011
14 . tungerz (builder)
Hi Tek5828,
Great job :) awesome tracking, cant wait to see more of your work :)
Happy Blending and Tracking :)
03:12 August 6th, 2011
IT IS AWESOME, just soo good. BUT- when i first used it I thought there was a bug, it would only track 40 frames, through experimentation I found out it needs to be super smooth, so if possible use a mount for your camera (something to hold on)

anyway, finally after weeks of practice I got it to track a long enough section, here it is

19:47 July 23rd, 2011
12 . tungerz (builder)
Hi Swesen,
Nazgul fixed this bug, I didn't have time to build before work.
It should be fixed in my build tomorrow.
20:58 July 22nd, 2011
It seems like I can't see the bundles when in camera view.
04:33 July 13th, 2011
could someone please build a 32 bit version, i am dieing to test these new features!
13:41 July 10th, 2011
Thanks a lot! I'm downloading it right now and can't wait to test it.... I tried it, and it doesn't run, I'm afraid. It's a "not a Win 32 application" error. Thanks anyway for your effort. I just want to track one little thing now, maybe I'll just do it manualy. After two weeks I will have more work that requires tracking. Maybe a 32 build of Tomato Branch will be done by that date. Thanks again tungerz, It's not easy to find people actually willing to help. Oh, I forgot, I'm on one of Blender forums :). There are plenty of helpful guys in this community :).
12:28 July 9th, 2011
Hmmm... the last 32 bit revision of Tomato Branch is 38038 :/ It doesn't seem to work.
01:17 July 9th, 2011
That's great. Thanks for the link. I'm gonna actually use Tomato Branch in my production video today. I will post the results somewhere, as soon as I can (that means as soon as my producer will allow me to post something ;).
13:18 July 8th, 2011
6 . tungerz (builder)
Yes they do have to be set on the first frame, still early development, down the road there may be multible frame entries :)

Ahh cool I see what your saying that would be awesome dual vidz tracked in scenes. demohero has x32 builds here... http://www.graphicall.org/demohero all different flavors for you to try.
10:08 July 8th, 2011
Hi tungerz,
No, I didn't mean rotoscoping. I mean motion capture. I think it would be possible. Imagine a ball moving in 3d space. You could capture it's movement with several cameras, and then track it with the same library used for developing Tomato Branch. The key difference here is to use several video "inputs" and connect markers between those inputs. For example you have 2 video inputs (two cameras = two videos) - one for X and Y axis and one for Z axis. Then you track the ball movement on each video. It's probalby even possible now if you do it step by step (one video first, and the other after). But if you could tell blender, that you are tracking the same object on two videos, it would be somehow easier.

And a little off topic thing: could someone build the Tomato Branch for Win32 please? I'm still on 32 bit Win XP and I cannot play with TB :/.
09:23 July 8th, 2011
Hi tungerz,
it seems that the markers have to set on the first frame, i tried to insert a marker in the moddle of the movie^^.
07:08 July 8th, 2011
3 . tungerz (builder)
Hi SeriousM,
I remember seeing in one of the tutorials linked above that you may have to scale the marker up or it could lose track. and it also seems that there is also another work around to, in another vid.

Like rotoscoping? François Tarlier used this technique in a video bove.
07:01 July 8th, 2011
Hi there guys! Just a quick idea for future development. It looks, like you could expand your camera tracking to motion capture. Maybe if you would record the movie from several cameras it would be possible to add the same markers on different video files (connect markers somehow) and track movement of an actor?
02:55 July 8th, 2011
For some reason my markers got disabled every time i try to track. This occurs even with easy-to-track markers.
Feeling talkative?
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