» SmallLuxGPU 2.0devel Preview
Updated 02:30 May 28th, 2011
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SmallLuxGPU 2.0devel Preview


Compiled from latest sources on slg2_startup branch.


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03:13 May 28th, 2011
2 . Dade (builder)
It should work with Blender and the included Python exporter and/or older exporter versions. However the Blender exporter has not yet been updated and still includes few rendering modes removed from SLG2 (i.e. hybrid, sppm, pathgpu1).
SLG2 includes only PathOCL (alias PathGPU2, 100% OpenCL) rendering mode and you can use only PathGPU2 related options in the exporter.
02:50 May 28th, 2011
did you test it with blender?
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