Updated 11:54 May 22nd, 2011
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This is an experimental win64 build with CPU/CUDA support.


Make sure you have up to date drivers or you won't see the 'GPU' Device!

Tested with NVIDIA drivers 270.61


Have Fun!



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10:49 August 25th, 2011
I'm trying to build a win64 of cycles but I'm stuck with the OpenImageIO x64 libs.. I managed to build the boost x64 and I'm just going crazy with the OIIO...
Any help?
04:40 July 30th, 2011
for me all right, havn't tried uv texture and bumb map and so on, but i have an issue, cant render in gpu mode @ higher than 50% res for 1280x720, otherwise graphic driver crash and blender crash or the other way around. otherwise lower than 50% @ 1820x720 work awsomly! actually is 50% faster than just cpu.

my pc spec: seven 64bit intel dual duo p8400 @ 2.24 and nvidia gt9600m with latest driver and cuda, open cl and so on enabled.

looking forward to this render engine! really promising! my point of view.
17:44 July 17th, 2011
i have an nvidia quadro 600 and it seems to have problems working with blender, its not that its can't render the scene its just everything crawls to a halt and for some reason its more responsive with just the cpu rendering the scene i have the latest drivers installed and still no improvement. Any ideas?
14:08 June 8th, 2011
Xercesblue your builds are and work great. I was wondering if you´re planning to release any updates with the latest commits?
09:06 May 31st, 2011
When I exit Rendered view to Solid view and make any change in materials, When I re-enter the rendered view It crashes on Updating Shaders.
06:04 May 25th, 2011
Also from me: Thank you for this build.

But i have a question: i can't find any build where i can use UV textures. Any image texture that i place on an object is rendered pitch black.

Can you look into this? (Or tell me what i do wrong?)


05:01 May 25th, 2011
Thank you for providing these build. I hope you can update it from time to time.
23:39 May 20th, 2011

XercesBlue, can you compile a more actual x64 build? Thank you in advance. :)
03:35 May 19th, 2011
May I ask, how to build Win64 Cycles?
08:20 May 14th, 2011
Thank you, for the compilation, working fine with quad 9300 and gtx260.
03:38 May 14th, 2011
I did tests on the performance CPU and GPU
I realized that when you use GPU cycles is less than 35% processor use
And when using the CPU, processor using 90% -95%
Why not use processor cycles within 90% with GPU?

Thanks for the cycles.

Look at the video: http://youtu.be/1UfZMSIsUDc?hd=1

01:40 May 14th, 2011
Works in CPU mode but in GPU I see plane and monkeys shape together all black like it was disconnected from any node...I have proper Cuda GPU and Cuda toolkit 4 installed.
Linux version works perfectly in both CPU/GPU mode
19:27 May 13th, 2011
working good in CPU mode. Lenses radius is also working in Viewport. Way to go.
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