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Updated 19:48 May 8th, 2011
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Again uploading a x64 build for windows Vista and 7 x64 editions. This time is the Bmesh Branch, since as far as i can see, everyone is uploading x86 builds of it.


The only warning i can give you, is that this build was compilled using an unsupported toolchain (MSVC express 2010 SP1, at home, since i don't have access anymore to a MSVC 2008 standard compiller), so is possible that unexpected things happen. I've tested some builds with MSVC 2010 for some time, and i find them quite stable, but as usual with unsupported toolchains, Your Milleage May Vary.


This build has disabled the Player, Game Engine, and everything that normal x64 builds have disabled.


Happy blending.



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08:42 May 10th, 2011
- the Edge Length and Face Area doesn't display anything what so ever
-and the option Face Angles simply doesn't exist anymore
I'm talking about Display from Transform Bar ( N key ) : Mesh Display- Numerics.
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