» Blender Cycles r36469 OSX (no-CUDA)
Updated 15:23 May 3rd, 2011
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Tested it as working. Not many changes. I've heard some speed improvements (not confirmed) and script updates.

Please comment with any problems you may have and I'll address them to the best of my abilities. Next build will be Cuda. Or rather I'm going to attempt to have Cuda support.

If you get blank renders then you'll need to start blender like this (or see below):

export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/oiio/dist/macosx/lib/ ./path/to/bin/blender.app/Contents/MacOS/blender

(don't forget to replace /path/to with the actual path to the folders!) 

Or just copy the included libOpenImageIO.dylib to /usr/lib and then start Blender as usual.

Additionally you'll currently need the required dependencies to run the build. Download MacPorts. You'll also need xcode installed to run Macports. Once you've done that in the terminal type the following:

   sudo port install openexr boost cmake hdf5 tiff jpeg

Wait for them to download and build.

I didn't include the libOpenImageIO.dylib this time. I assume most will already have it. If you don't I'll upload the file somewhere later and you can get it from there.

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07:01 May 6th, 2011
riftmaster - thank you, was your instruction in NIchod comment before? If yes so sorry for my blindness
13:41 May 4th, 2011
Hi mond, install Macports then run this command from the terminal: sudo port install openexr boost hdf5 tiff jpeg

09:41 May 4th, 2011
thanks for builds
But I copied "libOpenImageIO.dylib" to /usr/lib and then start Blender as usual - and nothing, just same black (blank) 3D view or render with cycle.
Any Tips, Thank you very much.
16:09 May 3rd, 2011
2 . Nichod (builder)
Not much of anything. I think some script changes. My reason for not messing with the dependencies is unless his method is easy, I'd prefer to wait until the official libs are updated to reduce the dependencies. I don't want to hack things unnecessarily and maybe break something or make it difficult to build in the future.

Plus from what I've read his build is actually slower for rendering than my old one. Again that could be for a variety of reasons.

I welcome you comment and of course if its reasonable to build without the dependencies I will :)
15:36 May 3rd, 2011
afaik there's no difference comapared to the older builds? Jens managed to post a build that didn't require tons of unwieldy dependancies just to run - maybe ask him how. Would be nice with a CUDA-enabled build next time. cheers
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