» Blender 2.79 - CUDA 10 (for Turing GPUs)
Updated 14:51 October 3rd, 2018
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Current master branch (commit 9a674a74) compiled with CUDA 10 and kernels for compute capability 7.5 (aka, Nvidia RTX 20xx cards).

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16:23 December 5th, 2018
Are you saying 2.8 is now compatible with RTX now, without making any changes?
14:30 December 5th, 2018
Nevermind. As of this writing, my RTX works with the current build of 2.8.
14:13 December 5th, 2018
Any word on a workaround for 2.8 beta?
05:42 December 2nd, 2018
I created a Windows build of 2.79 a few days ago that works great with my 2080Ti. But still waiting on permission to upload.

I built the *SM_75.cubin files after copying them from linux builds like this didn't work. I don't know what changed, or why I couldn't get that method to work. So I followed tips on how to compile Blender source myself on Win64, found how to force the CUDA Binaries to to compile, too. I was even able to copy my build in to the Blender Benchmark app and get results (55.5 sec for BMW, 192.7 sec for classroom). I'll run the full suite later.

Soon as I get permissions granted here, I'll up my CUDA10 build.
10:04 November 19th, 2018
Can someone please upload older build of windows Blender 2.79 from October?
I only found 2.8 which works great but is it pain to use it only for render.
09:26 November 7th, 2018
Ditto for me. I was using the libs from this with Windows. :)
17:36 November 5th, 2018
I was using the kernels from this build with the latest buildbot builds for awhile with no problem, but it seems like they've fallen out of compatibility with some of the latest changes. Can we get a new build against the latest?
10:40 October 26th, 2018
This may help

10:38 October 26th, 2018
10:37 October 26th, 2018
16:07 October 16th, 2018
Or can you leave a windows version up?
16:00 October 16th, 2018
(copy that from the linux version into the windows version, should work fine.) how do i do that?
19:08 October 3rd, 2018
Works perfectly, thanks so much.
18:17 October 3rd, 2018
to use this with windows - Download a buildbot version of blender for windows and this file aswell..

in the scripts/addons/cycles folder there should be a libs folder... copy that from the linux version into the windows version, should work fine.
15:16 October 3rd, 2018
Hey, Do you know if there is a windows version anywhere?

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