» Blender 2.8 - Mantaflow Branch - 13/11/2018
Updated 15:07 November 12th, 2018
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Implementation of Mantaflow with Blender 2.8.
New feature to separate simulations and domains by collections
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04:40 December 10th, 2018
Would it be possibel to get a new build with Blender 2.8 Beta?
06:05 December 6th, 2018
This build seems to be working reasonably well for me, setting up the sim, caching it, making sure viewport 'overlays' is on, and I can get all particles and mesh to be visible. It also crashes less than the 2.79 version of mantaflow build.

One question I did have was, is there any way to get Cycles with CUDA GPUs working? I can't export the fluid sim to older versions of blender besides using an Alembic cache which (as far as I know) preserve the 'particle age' for particles generated from the fluid sim.
15:08 November 12th, 2018
To all of you with problems with the playback, the problem was the cahce folder that was autoconfigured, right now the problem should be solved.

19:15 September 20th, 2018
...tried to load sample scenes from GitHub but still the same. press that PLAY button on the timeline and NOTHING happens - why? Before I tried to follow the tutorial on YT so make the domain, than obstacle and finally flow and active the addon like in tutorial so 1st flow, 2nd obstacle and 3rd domain (which turns from bounds to solid as in video) save the project afterwards and click play ... no result.
19:06 September 20th, 2018
NOT working for me either...
12:33 August 17th, 2018
Why doesn't border collisions work right?
when I activate them, the fluid sim goes crazy weird in liquid sim.
10:01 August 16th, 2018
found an issue with fluid sim. if you have OpenSubdiv Compute set to OpenMP, you will get strange results with the fluid flow.
probably already known. GLSL Transform Feedback works ok.
09:59 August 9th, 2018
try to save the blend file first if nothing show's up ;)
13:06 August 4th, 2018
Even After baking nothing is showing up... sometimes particles show's up.. but only tracer particles.. without any mesh
13:00 August 4th, 2018
Hey, When a play the fluid does not show up. there is no bake line in the timeline also..?
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