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Updated 03:32 June 29th, 2018

Updated 28-June-2018

Grease Pencil 2.8 Branch. 

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22:59 July 13th, 2018
Hi, where can I leave official feedback for builds? I'm really excited about Grease Pencil as a traditional digital animation solution.

I tried out this latest branch and found that moving the Brushes to the properties panel slowed the workflow down a lot as it's a long move away to get to the panel, especially when using a tablet and you can't just flick the mouse quickly. A floating panel would be ideal I think.

It would also be great to have specific shortcuts for Draw mode that let you move around the timeline faster. Having to lift a hand to flip through drawings really breaks concentration. It would also be amazing if there were a shortcut for switching between the last brush and last eraser used, rather than accessing a pie menu, which currently is 2 button presses and then a click or gesture.

That's just my 2 cents for now. You guys are doing a great job with this branch :D
14:43 July 9th, 2018
12:27 July 8th, 2018
Ohhhw`hhhh. Hi, Thyats` grryayt, but` how` tyu reset ` usyer` intyerfayse byack` tyo standyart`, huh, sorryf` fyor my bad` yeynglyash =)
23:42 July 6th, 2018
found this helpful.Dont hit D and draw,you wont see anything
12:02 July 3rd, 2018
The GP is on the add menu.when i draw ,the lines are not visible unless i click on the layer name.Anyone seen that?
07:28 June 29th, 2018
My bad i'ts a 32 bit version. I'm dumb :D
07:06 June 29th, 2018
Just download it. It crashes for me. Tried run as admin and set to windows 8 compatibility. Didn't do anything. Hope someone can help
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